Best Greencut Chainsaws

Without a doubt, the Greencut chainsaw brand has made a niche for itself in the market thanks to the good performance offered by its tools and especially at the competitive price at which they are sold.

Although its catalog of chainsaws is not as extensive as that of other brands, its gasoline models lead the ranking of the best sellers . And it is that it has both a specific machine for pruning and other more versatile and powerful chainsaws for cutting firewood, felling, etc.

In this guide, you have a detailed analysis of the best Greencut chainsaws to make it much easier for you to find the ideal tool . Discover the advantages and opinions of each Greencut chainsaw!

1. Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw – Best Greencut Chainsaws

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

One of the most prominent models is the Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw as it is a powerful tool capable of performing the vast majority of tree pruning and felling tasks.

This Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw has 62cc and 3.8cv so it is very powerful and also its bar is 50 cm , making it ideal for cutting large diameter logs. Something to keep in mind is that its weight is obviously greater than that of other models and reaches 5.65 kg.

It also has a two-stroke engine with great cooling due to the built-in magnetic flywheel and a reliable Easy Start system capable of cold starts without problems .

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw also has Silent Blocks anti-vibration system and an ergonomic handlebar that facilitates work and safety components such as the throttle lock and the chain brake. Another important feature is that the air filter, spark plug and carburetor are easily accessible. As a final point, the chain is equipped with Tru Sharp technology that is capable of avoiding any type of blockage while working.

  • Versatile Chainsaw – Makes a good chainsaw for pruning and tree felling tasks.

  • Good power and sword – 20 ″ Greencut Chainsaw (50 cm in length), with a power of 3.8cv and a displacement of 62cc.
  • Two-Stroke Engine – Has a 2-stroke gasoline engine with great cooling and Easy Star start for cold starts.
  • Great equipment – It has an adjustable automatic oil pump, anti-vibration system, ergonomic handlebar, safety lock, chain brake, side tensioner, etc.
  • Intermediate model – It is an intermediate option since the brand has two even more powerful chainsaws.

2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

The third tool analyzed is the DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw, which has similar characteristics to the previous model, although it is more powerful .It is also a gasoline chainsaw designed for small forestry jobs and tree felling and maintenance tasks.

Among its technical data , its 3.9hp of power stands out, which together with a displacement of 68 cc and its 55cm bar make it a great tool . A small disadvantage is its weight since in this case it reaches 7.5 kg.

Regarding the equipment there are no major differences with the previous models. Its engine is two-stroke with Easy Start and has the Silent Block anti-vibration system to provide greater stability to the user. As is customary for the brand , it is also equipped with a side chain tensioner, safety lock on the throttle, stopper claw, ergonomic handlebar and chain with Tru Sharp technology to avoid blocking.

  • Great power – It is one of the most powerful and efficient chainsaws, ideal for individuals who carry out pruning and felling work.

  • Optimal performance – 68 cc displacement, 3.9 hp power and a 55 cm long bar.
  • Easy start – Powerful two-stroke engine with very good cooling and Easy Start cold start.
  • Top equipment – With Silent Block anti-vibration system, side chain tensioner, Tru Sharp technology to avoid blockages, ergonomic handlebar and adjustable automatic oil pump.
  • Somewhat heavy – Its weight is higher than previous models due to the size of its sword.

3. Greenworks Pro 80V 16″

Greenworks Pro 80V 16

In this case, the third model is the Greenworks Pro 80V 16″ chainsaw that stands out for its great lightness. It is very handy and has great precision since it is the smallest tool of the brand. For this reason, it is perfect for any pruning and fine cutting work.

The main technical data of this Greenworks Pro 80V 16″ chainsaw are its 2-stroke engine that has a displacement of 25.4cc, a power of 1.4cv and has a 25 cm bar . In addition, as we have already mentioned,

its weight is the lightest of all with just 3.5 kg.

Its equipment includes its adjustable oil pump capable of automatically greasing the chain and the Silent Blocks anti-vibration system that minimizes the effort that must be made while handling the tool.

It also features an ergonomic handlebar, throttle lock, and a kickback-free chain brake to increase chain safety . Finally, it should be noted that there are a couple of variants of the model . One is the Greencut GS2500 12 ″ chainsaw which has a longer bar and similar features. And the other is the Greencut Carving 10 ″ chainsaw that has a different bar.

  • Light and handy – It is the best chainsaw for pruning as it is very light, precise and handy.

  • Perfect for pruning – Its displacement is 25.4 cc, it has a power of 1.4 hp and its blade is 25 cm in length.
  • Easy Start – This Greencut chainsaw features a highly efficient two-stroke engine and Easy Start starting system.
  • Good equipment – Equipped with the automatic oil pump, side tensioner, anti-vibration system and locking throttle.
  • Specific for pruning – The brand has more powerful and versatile models to carry out other types of work.

Best Greencut Chainsaw – Buying Guide

As I have already told you at the beginning of this guide, in comparison with other brands, the Greencut chainsaw catalog is not as extensive but it has several machines with very good performance where its gasoline models stand out .

In addition, at the bottom of the page you will find all kinds of spare parts, accessories and a couple of videos showing the operation of each chainsaw.


In order to make it easier for you to find a good model, in the following sections you have a series of recommendations that will help you in your search.

The most common purchase recommendations are quite simple and can make the difference between getting your chainsaw right or having to return it and keep looking.

  • In the first place, it is important that you collect all the information you can about the models that best fit within your possibilities. Make a budget so you don’t get out of it and check the chainsaws available.
  • Then compare the performance of each model, its technical data and the most important characteristics. It is interesting that you make a list with the pros and cons of each one and above all that you are clear about the use you are going to give it.
  • Read the opinions of other users and see the valuation that each chainsaw has in stores like Amazon. In this way you will be able to get a much more complete idea of ​​the models and you will have an overview.
  • Check the price of chainsaws in various stores both physical and online. Keep in mind that on many occasions the retail prices are not the same in one establishment as in another.
  • Try to take advantage of an offer or discount to buy it at a lower price. It is always interesting that you are aware of the possible sales that are coming out to save some money on your purchase.
  • Take advantage of the offers to buy a Greencut chainsaw at the best price!
  • In many cases it is best to wait for a good offer to come out to buy a cheap Greencut chainsaw and save some money.

Often there are promotions with interesting discounts without having to wait for a sale period to arrive.

In the following list you can see the best deals on Greencut chainsaws that there are today . This list is updated daily and automatically so you will always be aware of new offers.

Video: How to Choose a Greencut Chainsaw

Have you ever wondered what Greencut chainsaws look like? In addition to being guided by the comments and evaluations of other people, you can also draw your own conclusions in the following videos.

Your Greencut chainsaw won’t start? Do you want to know how to assemble your Greencut chainsaw? To find answers to these questions, it is best to download the manual for your Greencut chainsaw or ask the technical service directly or in a related forum.

In addition, if you want to know where the Greencut chainsaws or any kind of questions are manufactured with the mark, we recommend you visit his page web.

Greencut Chainsaws: Opinions of Other Buyers

In general, the opinions about Greencut tools are quite good as can be seen in the comments and reviews that users who have already bought one of the brand’s chainsaws on Amazon are adding.

You can also take a look at the opinions that appear in the videos that the brand itself has uploaded to YouTube and that you can see below.

And what is your opinion on the Greencut GS 2500, GS 6200, GS6800 or GS7500 chainsaws?

How much are Greencut Chainsaws priced?

It is common for Greencut chainsaws to have different prices depending on the online store, the distributed ones, or the derived shipping costs.

In any case, the most common is that the price of a Greencut chainsaw ranges between 90 and 200 euros since it is a fairly inexpensive brand .

As a note, at the moment in stores like Amazon it is not possible to find neither the Greencut GS9200 nor the GS7200 chainsaw.

Top sales: discover the Best Selling Greencut Chainsaws

After looking at the most outstanding models, do you want to know which chainsaws are the most sold? In this section, you can see a gallery with the Greencut chainsaws that lead the sales rank today

Are you looking for a used Greencut Chainsaw? In the event that you have not found some models of Greencut chainsaws on Amazon, a different option than trying to find a used Greencut chainsaw that is worthwhile on pages such as Milanuncios, Ebay or similar.

Since they are quite low in price, it is usually much better to buy new Greencut chainsaws to ensure that they have a guarantee of several years.

Spare parts for Greencut Chainsaws

Do you need a bar for your Greencut chainsaw? Thinking of changing the chain on your Greencut chainsaw? One of the most important aspects when choosing a chainsaw brand is the ability to find parts and spare parts for any breakdown.

In this regard, the brand is not one of the best and your options to find a carburetor, a spark plug, a clutch or any part for your Greencut chainsaw go through contacting their technical service or by betting on other brands.

Anyway, the good news is that in conventional stores like Amazon you can find spare parts and accessories for Greencut chainsaws, generally from other brands that offer compatible spare parts .

Until now the brand has focused on its gasoline chainsaws and practically does not sell or market other types of tools. The GS40Li-Ion model is the only one that we can categorize within the electric Greencut chainsaws.

Finally, if you take a look at their website you will see that no Greencut telescopic chainsaw appears either and only the previously analyzed models are sold on Amazon.

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