Best Jigsaws

If you are a DIY enthusiast and you want to have the best jigsaws but you don’t know which one to choose because you have read a lot of information on social networks or forums.

Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Here, in Ser Un Handyman we will explain which is the best for you.

Next, I am going to leave you a comparative table in summary mode with the best jigsaws and below it you will have an explanation of them and why we consider them the ideal ones.

If you don’t want to waste time, at Ser Un Handyman we consider that the best jigsaw you can buy in relation to value for money after all our analyzes is the Bosch JS470E jigsaw, which has a good price, easy to use, and comfortable.

1. Bosch JS470E – Best Jigsaws

Bosch JS470E

We start with the Bosh JS470E jigsaw, it has a practical and ergonomic design, it is easy to handle when carrying out any DIY project you want. With a weight of 1.6 kg, it is quite light.

The powerful 500 W motor of this saw will be useful if you want to carry out curved or straight cuts, guaranteeing excellent results. In addition,

using the appropriate blade you will be able to cut depths of up to 65 mm in wood, 10 mm in aluminum, and 4 mm in steel. A real machine!

Are you left-handed or right-handed? It does not matter , the PTS 650 is adaptable for any user, in addition, its Softgrip anti-vibration grip will allow you to work safely and with a clean-cut guide.

It has been the best-selling jigsaw since it is quite efficient and will guarantee you good visibility while you are cutting thanks to the air blowing function that it has incorporated, which serves to remove the residue of the material you are cutting.

You will not have to worry about changing the blade since it is quite simple and safe, you will not need other tools to change it, in a matter of seconds you will have changed the blade without problems. A saw with a compact design and small size, easy and comfortable to use .

  • It is light and easy to handle.

  • Compact and ergonomic design.

  • The vibration is minimal which allows greater control of the cut.

  • Air blowing function for increased visibility.

  • The power is not adjustable.

  • The blade you have does not have the pendulum option for smooth cuts.

2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw


Now we go with the DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw, it is a convenient and safe machine to transport, thanks to its comfortable plastic case. You can carry everything in one place. It is a durable saw and perfect for both large jobs and your small DIY jobs at home.

The particularity of this jigsaw and that we love so much is that it has an LED light and a laser guide, which will allow you to make clean cuts with excellent precision.

It’s amazing! And that’s not all! The Led Light is able to turn on or off as desired , detecting areas with low light or that are completely dark.

The DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw is, without a doubt, the best quality-price jigsaw, as it has a power of 800 W capable of making deep cuts of up to 100 mm in wood and up to 10 mm in metal. It also has a long enough cable so you can work comfortably and without so many restrictions.

Vibration is minimal and it also has an air blower function to keep the work area clean and improve visibility while cutting.

It has 6 variable speed ranges and 4 orbital cutting shapes to suit various types of material. This way, it will be a little easier to be able to build new things. Fantastic design, it has a carrying case and LED light for greater visibility.

  • Good finishes.

  • Good powerful and efficient cutting performance.

  • Includes 6 blades, plus blade change is quick, easy, and safe.

  • It is adaptable to shapes, you can make diagonal, straight, and curved cuts.

  • Its aluminum base is resistant and difficult to deform.

  • It can deviate a bit.

3. Black & Decker Jigsaw

Black Decker jigsaw

The Black Decker jigsaw is fairly basic, but efficient . The visibility of your blade allows you to make more precise cuts.It is the cheapest jigsaw , but it has a number of functions that make it practical and efficient .

Its grip is made of rubber to avoid hurting your hands and that you can work more comfortably.Its vibration is minimal and it also has a counterweight component that allows you to maintain control of the machine and handle it without problems.

While you are cutting, this jig machine blows the material residues that will further improve your visibility , in this way, with this function the cutting line will be kept clean of sawdust .

If you are going to make long cuts, for example in a wooden plank, you can use the lock button that favors the comfort when cutting.

Finally, it is worth noting the ergonomics of this jigsaw that provides good comfort and versatility . A basic model of jigsaw , small, light, easy to handle and inexpensive .

  • It is small and very practical.

  • Thanks to its weight of 1.4kg it is easy to handle.

  • Ideal for home use.

  • Depth of 65 mm in wood, 10 mm in aluminum and 5 in steel.

  • The power is not adjustable.

  • The cuts it makes are pretty basic.

  • Aligning the blade can be difficult.

  • Low power.



The Bosch range, now we ‘ll show you the best professional jig saw , the BOSCH JS470EB. What we like about this saw is its size,

it is quite small but don’t be fooled by its size, the power of this machine is really good .

It is capable of making cuts with a depth of up to 90 mm in wood and 20 mm in aluminum , making very precise cuts with very good finishes.

Unlike the previous ones, this saw has a straight rubber grip but despite that it is quite comfortable and manageable when working.

If you want to make smoother cuts, the BOSCH JS470EB jigsaw has a 4-level pendulum system , so you can adjust it to the material you are working with.

It also has the function of an air blower and also a connection system for vacuuming, which we think is great, because the work is much cleaner still. It is the smallest, most practical and powerful saw for professional use .

  • It has an SDS system for blade change.

  • You can regulate the power.

  • Its base is made of steel, resistant and difficult to deform.

  • Pendulum movement of 4 levels.

  • For some, the straight handle may be uncomfortable.

  • Despite being small, its weight is 2.3kg.



They say that the good is made to wait, now we are going to present you our favorite saw, the BLACK+DECKER BDCJS20C, we love its simple but innovative design, its handle is bridge type, quite comfortable and soft when working

The power of this jigsaw is 600 watts that allows you to make precise cuts either straight or curved, its blade is capable of cutting to a depth of up to 80 mm thick in wood, you can also use it to cut plastic or steel that you have a thickness of up to 10 mm.

It also includes the pendulum movement in 4 levels that adjust perfectly to the type of material you are working on.The speeds of the BLACK+DECKER BDCJS20C are adjustable and together with the additional cutting guide more precise parallel cuts are achieved.

It also has an adapter , where you can place a vacuum cleaner , so in this way you can suck up the chips and sawdust . This way, the work area will be cleaner .Note that the metal base that it has can be adjusted to both parts (right and left) up to 45 degrees to make more precise cuts. A saw with a compact design, small in size, easy and comfortable to use .

  • Accesible price.

  • Good size.

  • It has a vacuum cleaner with an adapter.

  • The blade change system is done with an allen key.

Best JigSaws – Buyer Guide

At the beginning we mentioned that we would help you discover the best jigsawsThat is why now we are going to give you some tips to take into account that will help you choose the best saw.

Let’s talk about power , this is the first thing you should look at when choosing your jigsaw. Generally, these saws are in a range of 400 watts up to 800 watts.

The variation of the speed regulator will depend on the power and capacity of your jigsaw. In general, these machines usually have a variation of 3 to 6 levels of variation that you can adjust depending on the type of work, cut and material you want to use.

Another thing to take into account is the cutting blade and its assembly. Most jig machines have a system to disassemble the blade without using another tool.

But what really matters here is the type of blade or the clamping system of your saw . There are two systems, in T and in U , both systems are very similar, but you must be attentive to this to avoid buying blades that do not adapt to the system with which your jig machine works.

Once you have made sure of the working system of your jigsaw, when you go to buy the cutting blade, take into account the teeth per inch of it , so that they are correctly molded to the thickness of the material you want to cut.

Make sure three to five teeth are always in contact with the material when cutting .

If you’re looking to make more complex or corner cuts , narrower blades are more useful, while thick blades are recommended for straighter cuts.

Regarding vibration , it is important that you verify if it has an anti-vibration system , since the less the machine vibrates, the more control you will have over it and you will be able to work more comfortably.

Some jiggers have a light or laser guide system , which is ideal when cutting because it makes it easier to see . If you don’t have good vision, a light saw or laser guide will be very helpful.

Likewise, the grip, the base, the power supply, the air blowing function, and the vacuum cleaner, are also details that you should pay attention to when purchasing your new jigsaw.

Difference between a professional jigsaw over a domestic one

One of the main differences between a professional jigsaw over a domestic one is that the professional one usually has more power than the domestic one, it also has aluminum reinforcement, while the domestic one is covered with rubber.

Now, from now on you must bear in mind that the quality will always be higher in professional jigsaws, but this does not mean that domestic ones are not good machines.

The point is that domestic jigsaws are much more delicate, since they withstand less falls and shocks, they can also be loosened faster, while those for professional use are better equipped to guarantee their durability since they are used for jobs. heavier and those for domestic use are more for DIY.

Different benefits between the two

Regarding the differences in performance, professional saws will always be more expensive due to their components. That is why you will have to strike a balance when choosing between performance and functionality (household saws) or durability and reliability (professional saws). The professionals being used for harder and more intense tasks is why the materials are of better quality.

Best DIY Jig Saws – FAQ’s

What is a jigsaw or jigsaw?

It is an electric cutting tool that, together with a saw blade, can make straight, curved or beveled cuts and using the appropriate blade can be made in wood, steel, plastic, metal and even ceramic.

What are the parts of a jigsaw?

Jig saws are composed of an electric motor that, depending on the model, its power can vary and also have a series of parts that we are going to list below:

Trigger: It is the button that allows to operate the machine

Trigger lock button: As its name implies, it serves to lock the trigger, in the event that the cut you are making is very long, it facilitates the work.

Speed ​​regulator: Not all jig machines have this function, but most do. This button allows you to regulate the cutting speed, adapting it to the material you are working on.

Guide wheel for cutting blade: This small metal wheel has a groove that keeps the cutting blade stable and vertical, helping to prevent the blade engagement mechanism from being overstressed.

Saw blade : It is a thin sheet of metal with sharp points that is introduced into the machine to make the cuts with oscillating movements from top to bottom. There are several types of blades that are used to make cuts with different finishes and also for each material.

Base or skid: It is the base that supports the saw.

Blowing system: It is a system that helps blow off the material residues that come off when you cut.

Cut protection: This function prevents objects that could obstruct the machine from getting in.

What is the best jigsaw?

If you want to have the best jigsaw among your favorite tools and you are going to put it to good use, I recommend the Bosch PST 650 jigsaw , which in addition to having a high quality, is manufactured by one of the best brands in tools , guaranteeing good performance , read its characteristics below.

What is the price of a jigsaw?

The price of a jigsaw will depend on the model, the capacity and the additional functionalities. These power tools have the possibility of having prices ranging from 30 euros for the simplest models to 200 euros or more for those that are used in professional mode, with which you can use them to carry out jobs that require more power.

What is a jigsaw for?

It is used to cut different materials for construction, using the appropriate cutting blade you can cut wood, metal, plastic and ceramic, to build furniture, make doors, window frames, among others. Undoubtedly, the jigsaw is a very useful and indispensable tool if you are a hobbyist of carpentry or DIY.

How do you use a jigsaw?

First of all, it is important that you draw the cutting line first so that you have a guide and thus your cut will be much more precise. Try to fix the piece well to prevent it from moving when you are cutting.

Keep in mind that the blade works in an upward direction, which means that the cleanest cut is located in the area below, so we recommend placing the piece upside down so that the cut is much better on the right side.

How are the vents on professional and domestic jiggers?

When it comes to service life, the ventilation or cooling of the motor is the main thing to consider.

In professional saws, the ventilation grids are usually much wider while in domestic ones the holes are smaller and this is because professionals are required much more and have been built to withstand intensive daily use, therefore It requires an efficient cooling system to prevent the motor’s armature from burning out.

For their part, the domestic ones tend to have a much less intense use so the amount of air that comes out of the machine does not bother whoever is operating it.

Clearances, motor and cable length
L professional saws as have more accurate mechanical adjustments and slack is less to the domestic saws.

For a professional, a saw with a lot of clearance is not comfortable because their work requires high precision, on the contrary, for the DIY enthusiast this is not a serious problem.

The same happens with the motor , the professional jigsaw must be able to withstand the intensity and to this is added a higher motor power, a collector of armature thin, a winding among others, that are much more durable and resistant.

And finally, the length of the cable, in professional saws is much greater than in domestic ones and if you are a professional we are sure that you will pay close attention to this point, since comfort when working is paramount and a cable long adds more value.

The professional saws have a cable of a length of 3 meters approximately, while the domestic ones reach, hopefully 2 meters .

What is the best professional jigsaw?

The saws Jig professionals are mostly used by professionals to give them one intensive use in their work, meaning that these tools can withstand during working long hours without any breakage or any mishap. The materials of these machines are of higher quality than domestic jig machines and therefore their price is higher. The use of a professional jigsaw is not incompatible with domestic use, but of course, it makes more sense to use it in the professional field. He can recommend a professional jig machine from the Bosch brand, theBosch GST90 E jigsaw, which will not leave you indifferent, read the characteristics of it below.

What brand of jigsaw do you recommend?

Bosch: It is one of the best-known brands, its technology is at the forefront and produces everything from parts and systems for the automotive sector, machinery for agriculture and construction to tools ranging from professional industrial use to domestic or DIY use, among others. The jigsaws produced by this brand are very good. This brand has been characterized by its ergonomic designs, power and high precision to carry out professional-sized jobs.

Einhell: Another brand that we love as it has dedicated itself to developing and producing cutting-edge tools, with innovative and ergonomic designs for those DIYers and gardening enthusiasts. The simplicity and power of the jigsaws they produce are what have characterized this prestigious brand, since their saws are the best choice for those who want to create new things.

Black + Decker : If what you are looking for are good prices, this brand offers you the best options. The quality price is guaranteed. Although it is not one of the oldest brands, it has managed to position itself in the ranking of the best manufacturers of electric tools for the home.

Makita: This renowned brand has stood out for producing high quality electronic and portable tools. In addition, it has a great variety of more than 500 models. The electric jigsaws they produce have been designed with comfortable non-slip grips to provide a better grip and greater working comfort, with good power and precision when cutting.

Black + Decker: this brand has managed to position itself and has become a trend in terms of power tools and household products. It has exceeded the expectations of users, thanks to its performance, quality and low prices ; That is why it is within our ranking of the best jigsaw brands.

Accessories for jigsaws

One of the fundamental accessories for jigsaws are the blades . Keep in mind that the type of cut you want to make will depend on the blade model you choose and the type of material you are working with.

There are blades that are specifically for one type of material such as wood, metal, plastic, or ceramic. But in all cases, the leaves are classified by the number of teeth and the size of these.

In the case of wood , the more teeth the blade has, the cut will be much finer and with a better finish, otherwise it happens with those with fewer teeth, the cuts will be more abrupt.

For metal, in the case of soft metals such as copper or aluminum, only the blades with larger and more spaced teeth are used , the rest of the blades are usually for harder metals such as steel or iron.

To cut plastic you can use the blades that are for metal, those that have small and fine teeth , are ideal for cutting plastic since they will not break it when cutting. There are also specific ones for plastic materials such as PVC.

On the other hand, ceramic blades are usually smooth, that is, they do not have serrations but rather are formed by tungsten carbide particles creating a rough surface that cuts through abrasion.

Another accessory that jig saws have is the lateral guide, which is what allows the cuts to be straight.

It also has the support to fix the jigsaw to the table. This support helps to keep the blade vertical allowing you to make much more precise cuts even at 90 ° angles.

Where to buy a professional or household jigsaw?

The jigsaw is a fundamental and very useful tool, for this reason, you will find it in various shops and web pages.

However, we recommend acquiring it on Amazon since in addition to being one of the best known and most reliable online sales portals , the attention and ease of payment they provide is quite good.

And not to mention the huge range of products they offer you, you will find the best brands of jigsaws and you can make comparisons through the opinions given by users, before purchasing the desired product.

Conclusion between a professional jigsaw and a domestic one

Now, if what you are looking for is greater precision, resistance, and durability, a professional saw is what you need. But if what you want is a machine that meets its basic functions, even knowing that it will be much more delicate and without much precision, the domestic saw is your best option and you will also be saving a little more money.

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