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If you need the Best professional chainsaw because your job requires it, look no further, you are in the right place. If you are looking for a chainsaw with enough power for felling trees, you are also in the right place.

A pruning chainsaw and a large chainsaw can be professional chainsaws, as it all lies in the strength of these machines. Next, you have a varied list with information on each one , I also provide you in this category all the details that you should take into account when choosing a professional chainsaw.

1. Husqvarna T435 – Best professional chainsaw

Husqvarna T435

Husqvarna T435 , which is considered a professional chainsaw despite being a pruning chainsaw, but nevertheless,

thanks to a series of components made with the best material, and systems for excellent performance, this chainsaw is quite resistant, therefore It consists of professional pruning and intensive use tool.

That said, the engine in this Husqvarna has 35.2 cm³ of displacement, for disassembly and limb cutting. For its part, the cutting component that corresponds to the sword has a length of 35 cm,

it is small, but since its use is limited to only simple pruning, or rather to cut branches whose diameter does not exceed 30 cm, and power cut easily.

As it is a chainsaw whose energy source is fuel , the presence of emissions is very common , although sometimes it is a nuisance. However, to reduce these emissions and contribute to environmental standards , it has an xtorq engine that consumes less fuel and consequently the emissions also decrease.

In other details, it also has a pump , which is adjustable and automatic . It will take care of keeping the chain properly lubricated . A small size does not detract from the efficiency of this pruning machine. Very light.

  • It is possible to place a rope as it has a point for it. This is useful for working at heights.

  • Quickly releases into filter, for replacement and cleaning.

  • The chain tensioning is fast and by means of a screw.

  • It is not suitable for felling trees or for cutting thick logs.

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2. Parker PCS-6200

Parker PCS-6200

The Parker PCS-6200 model encompasses the characteristics of a high-powered, professional chainsaw. In this way, it has a 2-stroke engine, so it needs gasoline for its function. But what really stands out is the displacement. This corresponds to 62 cm³ that generates 2600 watts , a considerably good power that will allow you to use this mechanical saw in long working hours , since it has adequate resistance for it. Assumes good performance.

But another component that plays an important role in the performance of this Parker machine is the guide bar ; It is then about 20 “which corresponds to 50 cm in length. This being the measurement, it is possible to cut thick and dry logs.

As it is a large tool, it includes such important systems as the anti-vibration , so that you do not feel so fatigued while using the chainsaw. And the chain brake, which is undoubtedly an important detail to maintain safety. Both systems will provide you with peace of mind and comfort with this great chainsaw.

With regard to ergonomics , the front handle that works as an auxiliary is very useful due to the size , and thanks to that it is possible to have greater control of the machine . The other handle corresponds to the rear one, where the switch to vary the speed is located.

Mechanical saw for felling trees. Compact and robust structure.

  • It includes a tool kit and a bag to load the chainsaw without having to disassemble each part of it.

  • Durable during long tasks.

  • You will have 2 chains.

  • The size and weight may make the tool difficult to use.

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3. Einhell GE-LC 18 Li Kit

Einhell GE-LC 18 Li Kit

It is a machine with a small structure, but with facilities to offer, the Einhell GE-LC Li Kit . Its energy is provided by an 18 Volt battery , therefore you will not have to spend on fuel and much less will you need cable extensions, which are annoying when working.

Continuing with details of the battery, you will be able to know the right time to charge , since the chainsaw has an LED indicator , which warns you of the charge level through Led lights. Thus, one hour will be enough for the battery to be fully charged and you can return to your cutting tasks.

On the other hand, with regard to the sword of this Einhell chainsaw , it is quite short, it is only 25 cm , this length does not allow a great depth of cut, but it is completely useful for simple pruning . In addition, something that contributes to this type of use is the weight , since while it is lower, the easier it will be to maintain control and stay longer in certain work without getting married quickly.

So, like a good brand chainsaw, it does not bypass the safety brake . In such a way that if a recoil occurs due to any sudden movement, then it will be activated immediately, braking the chain and keeping you safe and out of any risk that threatens your health.

Don’t worry about the weight, only 2.97 Kg , thanks to it the chainsaw is completely manageable.

Sophisticated and fully manageable tool. An efficient chainsaw in pruning.

  • It does not emit gases or produces large and annoying noises.

  • Battery and charger are included.

  • The small bar does not allow great depth of cut.

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Best professional chainsaw – Buyer Guide

This type of chainsaw is for intensive use , therefore each piece is designed to withstand a high level of use .

Professional chainsaws are often thought to have long bar lengths and a powerful motor , and the truth is, this is completely true . Although it is also true that a short bar chainsaw with a medium power motor is considered a professional chainsaw .

This is largely due to the fact that the main characteristic to belong to this group is not only the large components, but also their durability and resistance to being subjected to long periods of use . That said, you should consider the following when choosing a professional chainsaw.

Power source

Although there are professional electric chainsaws, it is a fact that gasoline chainsaws perform better during long hours and that is why there are more professional gasoline chainsaws than electric chainsaws. Since they provide better performance.


As these are not designed for sporadic use, a power from 1500 watts is needed to perform during frequent work.
Safety system: it is extremely important that all chainsaw have a chain brake. Sometimes the professionals have double for greater security.

Anti-vibration system

As they are powerful chainsaws and in some cases of large size, the vibrations generated are usually greater, that is why they have damping to reduce them, since they are the cause of instability and fatigue in arms and hands. Therefore, the best thing to do when trying to use it very frequently is not to tire quickly and keep control of the chainsaw.

Antifreeze system

Not all have this system. Its function is to allow performance during low temperature seasons. Continue using the chainsaw without the weather affecting performance.


Frequently the chain of a professional chainsaw differs according to the brand and the use, but it is very common that this is a chain of professional standard and not basic. As it allows a better cut, faster, more precise and, the chain has greater durability.


Professional chainsaws can have bars from 35 cm to 60 cm and others are longer. But a chainsaw whose bar is 25 and 30 cm or less is not considered professional.

Best professional chainsaw – FAQ’s

Where to buy a professional chainsaw?

The professionals belong to the high-power or high-end chainsaws , but acquiring one of these would be an expensive purchase , but we recommend Amazon .

Amazon makes a difference with its services and years of experience. Do not worry about the specifications of the chainsaw , on Amazon you can also view them and, that’s not all, you can also interact virtually with different users about the use and how they have done with their chainsaw , so that you are completely sure of the product you want to purchase.

In addition, the payment method, shipping, and return policy is completely flexible and in your favor. Don’t waste time and click on the chainsaw of your choice from the comfort of your home without going through routes.

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