Generally, corded electric chainsaws have a high satisfaction rate because they are considerably cheap. As a beginner, you will appreciate how easy it is to operate. You will discover that they are also lightweight, quieter, exhaust-free, and require low maintenance.

Although their cutting power increases at a higher amperage, they are less potent than most gas powdered chainsaws. Another downside is that they are immobile due to limited cord length. However, you can resolve this by opting for a long-corded chainsaw suitable for your workspace. More so, they are practically useless during a power outage.

Hence if portability is not your priority, corded electric chainsaws are your best fit.

Our Corded Electric Chainsaw top pick

Worx WG304.1 Chainsaw

Best Electric Corded Chainsaw

This is the best entry-level chainsaw for beginners because it is very easy to use.

Power type: Corded electric

Bar Length: 18 inches

Noise: Quiet

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