Best Circular Saws

If you are looking to buy a Best Circular Saws but do not know which one to decide on because you have looked at many forums, social networks or have even talked with your friends and they do not know how to advise you well. I fully understand you, that’s why in Handyman we are going to explain which would be the best for you.

I have prepared for you a comparative table in a summary mode where you can see which are the best hand circular saws, below it, you will have an explanation of each of them.

If you don’t want to waste time, from Ser Un Handyman we consider that the best hand circular saw you can buy with a good value for money after many analyzes, is the Tacklife 1500 w hand circular saw, which is comfortable, with a guide. laser, simple to use, and very versatile.

If you are one of the hobbyists of working at home and have practical gifts to carry out and carry out carpentry work, then a circular saw is perfect for someone who loves and enjoys this activity.

Circular saws are one of the most common hand tools used by craftsmen, farmers, carpenters, and homeowners who love to DIY.
The basic premise is to provide a versatile and affordable saw that is lightweight and can be used to cut a variety of materials.

All circular saws make straight cuts and many include the ability to make bevel cuts, but in this article, you will be able to guide yourself through the best circular saws and get an idea of ​​which one is the best fit for your needs.

Circular saws were one of the first power tools that were invented just over 40 years ago. These circular hand saws are made up, for those unaware, of a circular saw blade that can cut through wood, brick, plastic and metal.

Different blades are built to cut each type of material and can be interchanged with the saw, some easier to change than others. Therefore, in this guide to the best circular saws, we will provide you with the necessary data to know the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

If you are a homeowner or just want to make repairs to your home or a friend’s, you will need a circular saw in your work equipment so as not to be incomplete. This is one of the basic tools that will help you cut wood, metal, and even brick with the proper blade.

In this list of circular saws, there is a great diversity in terms of cost. As well as different tools in which you do not need to have a great deal of knowledge to know how to use them.

A handheld circular saw is as essential on your work equipment as is a good drill. Anyone who plans to do any type of work around the house needs these types of tools to have a considerably complete kit. Circular saws come in two main styles. The first one with a worm mechanism and in other cases with a side or top handle.

The side or top pull mechanism is the most common because it is lightweight and slightly more affordable. Higher quality, commercial-grade saws often have the worm mechanism with them.

The worm drive has a blade that lines up directly with the motor. It is generally heavier than the one that handles the lateral or sidewinder mechanism as it is also known but offers a clean line of sight while cutting.

The side or top mechanism has an in-line motor that sits on the left side of the blade. The motor then rests on the material during the cut, making it very easy to operate. The motor sits at an angle of view to the blade and provides precision cuts without having to hold the weight on your hands.

Saws can vary both in price depending on the quality and characteristics desired. Those that are low-end tend to have less power and less reliable engines.

If, on the other hand, you are going to use it fairly regularly then it is preferable to look for better quality circular saws that are worth it despite the difference in prices. Those saws with a higher quality offer a higher level of safety to their users.

A high-quality saw should have 15 amps on the motor, minimum. You can also take into account the revolutions per minute as it will help you determine the power that the blade reaches for the cut.

A fundamental aspect that you have to take into account when choosing is to know what material is used in the base and in the shoe. Aluminium and magnesium are considered the best because they are less prone to bending and warping even if dropped.

When the shoe bends, it makes it difficult to make a straight cut. Steel is found in less expensive models but has a tendency to bend.

Some circular saws make straight and bevel cuts. If there is a bevel feature you should cut at least 45 degrees, as this is one of the most common angles used. Circular saw higher grades may be required for roofing and other specialized cutting projects.

Another pretty important factor is seeing the depth of the blade. This will determine the size of the wood that you will be able to cut. Make sure the tool is easy to adjust so it only takes you enough time to set the proper depth before each cut.

High-quality circular saws use levers to make adjustments because they are quick, easy, and safe. Table saws provide larger blades for deeper cuts. Most circular saws have a 7 1/4 inch blade.

The brakes help the blade to stop quickly. The higher-end models have electric brakes that will be able to change the electrical flow as soon as the trigger is released. The current generated by the tool stops the blade faster than a magnetic brake.

Many of the best circular saws featured below come with LED lights that are ideal for those who work indoors in certain areas or who simply have a hard time seeing.

Those circular saw tools that have LED or laser light will not be visible if you are working in an area with great lighting, so this is simply an extra feature and not of much importance.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a circular saw is the handle and grip. If the handle is not comfortable, it will make use more difficult for long periods of time.

The weight and balance of the unit will affect the degree of comfort when using the saw. Vibration is also a factor in both comfort and accuracy.

Best Circular Saws – Review

1. Bosch GKS 190 Professional – Best Circular Saws

Bosch GKS 190 Professional - Best Circular Saws

From the Bosch range, we will show you the Bosch GKS 190 Professional circular saw, the best-selling on the market due to its efficiency and practicality, and just by looking at it, you will realize that it is a machine beauty.

It has a powerful 1400 watt motor that will allow you to make fast-forward cuts in both soft and hardwood and other materials. In addition, the blade has a depth of cut of up to 70mm and a tilting capacity of 56 °.

Its base plate has been designed with die-cut aluminium and has an oscillating protector also designed with die-cast aluminium, which allows it to withstand strong blows.

It also has an air blower tube to keep the workspace clean and free of debris.

The blade change is carried out with the help of a WAF 5 Allen key that comes with the product, it also has a suction adapter and a parallel stop. Sophisticated and ergonomic design, with higher performance in the economy class, comfortable and practical.

  • It is the category of economic circular saws with the highest performance.

  • Optimized chip guide.

  • Compact design

  • The base is not perfectly at 90 °.

  • He does not bring a briefcase to carry it.

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2. Makita 7 1/4 Inch – Best Overall

Makita 7 1/4 Inch - Best Overall

Now it’s the turn of the Makita 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw. The motor of this saw has been manufactured with pure copper, its power reaches 1500 watts. On the other hand, the cutting speed it offers is 5800 RPM (revolutions per minute), making cuts much faster, more powerful, and more precise.

It features a laser light guide to help you cut straighter and more accurately. It also has a power cable of approximately 20.9 x 17.9 x 13.9 inches, which will allow you to work and move more comfortably.

It is perfect for making cuts in wood plates but is also ideal for working on aluminium alloy, bamboo and for cutting pipes.

This best quality circular saw on the market not only comes with 1 blade but also comes with 2 blades, one with 24 teeth ideal for wood and another with 40 teeth perfect for cutting soft metal, plywood and tiles. In addition, it has an alloy protector made of aluminium for greater durability.

On the other hand, it incorporates an air blower to keep the cutting area free of material residues and it also has an adaptable vacuum cleaner so that while you are cutting you can keep the work area clean. Modern, comfortable, and innovative design, with aluminium protector and laser guide.

  • The cutting angle and depth are adjustable.

  • Double lock switch for added security.

  • Its grip is ergonomic which makes it comfortable and practical when working.

  • Its weight is 5.12 kg which can be very heavy for some.

  • It does not have a rear blade to avoid the rebound effect.

  • You may get something out of order from the factory.

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3. DEWALT DCS570B – Best Value

DEWALT DCS570B - Best Value

The MeDEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw handheld circular saw is the cheapest on the market and although it has a fairly simple design, its power and speed are quite good, which provides greater efficiency and precision when cutting thanks to its 1500 watt motor made of pure copper which is also equivalent to 1800 watts.

It has laser light that acts as a guide rule to make more precise and straight cuts. The cutting depth of this saw is 65mm at a 90 ° angle and 45mm at a 45 ° angle.

Changing the blade is not a problem with this saw as it comes with its own removal tool to make the job easier. In addition, it comes with an extra 40 tooth cutting blade, ideal for cutting different types of material such as soft metal and plywood, while the 24 tooth blade is perfect for cutting wood.

It has a double lock switch that provides greater security and facilitates work. In addition, to make it even safer,

it has a protective cover made of lightweight aluminium that guarantees a longer life for your saw. With an ergonomic handle, it has a comfortable and quite practical grip when using it.

  • Sawdust output.

  • Small size, comfortable and handy.

  • The safety switch must be pressed to start work.

  • Greater efficiency and precision.

  • The laser guide only works with the internal batteries that the saw has integrated.

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4. SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 – Premium Choice

SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 - Premium Choice

We love DIY and creating new things in wood that is why the EinhellSKILSAW 10-1/4-Inch SAWSQUATCH Circular Saw is one of my favourites for its power and versatility when working since it is portable, that is, easy to carry and easy to use. work with her.

The blades of this saw are made of hard and resistant metal to carry out precise cuts of transversal and longitudinal form. The base of the saw is galvanized for durability.

In addition, the power that this machine has is 1400 watts and the cutting speed is 4700 RPM (revolutions per minute) with which you can achieve efficient and precise cuts.

On the other hand, its design, although it is simple, is quite ergonomic, its handle is bridge type and it moulds adequately to the hand offering comfort and easy handling. It also has an opening wedge that prevents the blade from jamming, providing greater security, taking care of those who handle it and the material that is being worked.

This saw is undoubtedly one of the best because the quality it offers is highlighted by many of the users who have acquired it and that is why we have placed it in the ranking of the best circular saws this year. Ergonomic design, versatile, small size but with great power and performance.

  • Small size but with good power.

  • Bridge-type handles are adaptable to any hand of any person.

  • It has a connection to a waste vacuum cleaner.

  • It is not suitable for heavy and intense work.

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5. CRAFTSMAN CMES510 – Compact Circular Saw

CRAFTSMAN CMES510 - Compact Circular Saw

As good DIY addicts, we are always attentive to the trends of new tools and trying things until we find the ideal product that meets all the requirements we are looking for, that is why today we present the CRAFTSMAN CMES510 Circular Saw a circular saw, one of the most powerful and highest performances on the market.

Its motor reaches a capacity of 1200 watts and a cutting speed of 5200 rpm (revolutions per minute), the precision of the cut is quite efficient and the depth of the blade is 66 mm at an angle of 55 Degrees.

This small saw is capable of cutting different types of material such as hardwood, metal, and plastic.

The quality and finish that this mini saw provides are really good. It has a double insulation system to protect you from electric shock while you work. In addition, it has a blade guard that prevents sparks and chips and the best thing is that

it has an adaptable vacuum cleaner that you can connect to maintain cleanliness and provide a better vision. The best mini hand circular saw with a sophisticated design, elegant, light, and easy to use.

  • Engine power is pretty good.

  • Blade change is easy with the help of the Allen key.

  • It can be a bit expensive.

  • The aluminium base can be injured.

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6. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 – Best value circular saw

SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 - Best value circular saw

Great one-handed circular saw, powerful enough for DIY tasks, and a great helper that boasts wide versatility in many cutting-to-length jobs in wood.

Depth sawing and saw rake angle can be adjusted without tools, and the carbide blade allows cuts with and through the grain. It has a separator that prevents the blade from jamming, which offers additional safety for people and materials.

The large, ergonomic handle of the one-handed SKILSAW 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Circular Saw serves to comfortably hold the guide of the cut you want to make. The soft-start function ensures a smooth and safe working start. Precise cuts are ensured by the parallel stop. This model running at 5,300 Rpms

In addition to all the aforementioned, a connection is provided for direct dust extraction that allows you to work in an organized way and without so much residue. Not to forget the strong galvanized sole of this magnificent tool, it offers excellent gliding properties for sawing.

  • Safe stopping thanks to the large handle.

  • Depth adjustment without tools.

  • Dust extractor.

  • Long-lasting galvanized sole.

  • Soft start function.

  • Lightest magnesium 120 volts

  • The disc it brings by default is of low quality.

  • In certain tasks, the disc can rock from side to side.

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7. Makita 5007 – Best budget circular saw

 Makita 5007 - Best budget circular saw

This excellent Makita brand circular saw has multiple ergonomic handles that allow you to have greater control of your work, as well as quite a remarkable comfort.

Its super protective aluminium cover allows you to have the maximum security necessary when making your cuts accurately and reliably. Its saw blade is specially designed to cut quite precisely. On the other hand, it has a cleaning box to store the waste derived from the cut.

This becomes one of the best circular saws due to its great high-quality technology that allows it to offer a perfect combination of cutting speed and precision.

Its Softgrip grip and its weight allow it to be quite manageable to guide it comfortably throughout the cutting area.

  • Easy to change the saw blade.

  • Adjusts the depth of cut.

  • It allows cuts at 45 °.

  • Compact design

  • Somewhat heavy for certain unaccustomed users.

  • Cutting starts a little rough.

  • You could bring a blade with more teeth to increase the quality of the cut.

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8. DEWALT DWS535B – Best electric circular saw

DEWALT DWS535B - Best electric circular saw

A circular saw is considered a great and powerful hand tool that offers to cut to a depth of 66 mm in wooden surfaces thanks to its powerful 1,600-watt motor.

It is listed as a circular saw for semi-professional use. Like the DEWALT DWS780, it also has a cleaning system that allows it to store a large number of chips and dust that is invariably produced during cutting.

With the Allen key that comes with the tool, you can change blades quickly and easily.

It has a function called CutControl that basically consists of being able to make freehand cuts, with the ability to operate the tool with precision when working.

The CutControl allows you to follow the cutting line precisely when making both types of cuts: mitre and standard.

  • Ergonomic design and Softgrip grip.

  • Quick clamping lever to adjust the two types of cut.

  • Very fast change of saw blades.

  • Equipped with the fastest saw blade on the market.

  • The saw blade that comes with the product is not of such good quality.

  • It usually has problems with certain types of thicker woods.

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9. Einhell TECS Power X – Best cordless circular saw

Einhell TECS Power X - Best corded circular saw

This mini circular saw is a powerful, robust machine with commanding cutting performance that offers the best service to DIYers in a wide range of applications.

The motor is a sharp performer and can cut at speeds up to 4200 RPM with an a12.2 x 6.89 x 3.94 inches depth of cut, ensuring you have enough speed and agility for many DIY tasks.

The mini circular saw comes with 6 versatile blades including 2 diamond discs, 2 HSS saw blades and 2 HW saw blades to start your DIY jobs out of the box.

It has an ergonomic and non-slip soft grip that is quite nice and safe to keep your control.

The advantages of owning the Einhell Mini Circular Saw include the continuously adjustable depth of cut that makes it easy to readjust cutting heights while working.

Thanks to the laser guide of this circular saw, it ensures users can cut accurately and without much mess.

  • It has a guide tool to make cuts parallel to an edge.

  • Soft grip.

  • Lock button for tool change.

  • Strong tool holder case.

  • If you force too much into solid wood or very thick thicknesses, it can be completely damaged.

  • Recommended mainly for undemanding jobs (home use-DIY).

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10. BOSCH GCM12SD – Best circular saws

BOSCH GCM12SD - Best circular saws

The BOSCH Power Tools GCM12SD has become one of the best circular saws due to its powerful 600 watt motor especially for ripping at a depth of cut of up to 40 millimetres of wood.

Its exact depth-of-cut setting and exact mitre settings allow you better control when working. In particular, it is a low-weight tool that offers excellent ergonomics for the perfect orientation of the saw.

It has the safety switch lock function to be able to operate on both sides, which prevents the machine from making an inadvertent connection.CleanSystem system consisting of a dust extraction port for dust-free work.

It has the highest quality saw blades on the market for cutting wood.

  • Adjust both depth and precision for mitre cuts.

  • Bring an hour of circular saw, the best on the market.

  • It does not have a laser pointer.

  • Sawdust tends to spread everywhere despite its CleanSystem.

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11. BOSCH CM10GD – Compact Mitre Saw

BOSCH CM10GD - Skil Circular Saw

With 120 watts of power, it is one of the most powerful motorized circular saws in its class for fast-cutting progress in hard and softwood.

This circular saw from Bosch is perfect for practical work of all kinds in industry and trades. It has a 32 x 26.5 x 20.5 inches depth of cut range and 56 ° bevel capability to cover almost any job situation.

Turbo blower for totally dust-free work in front of the cutting line. It has a robust enclosed aluminium protective pendulum to offer greater safety to the user carrying the tool.

  • The tool comes with a saw blade and its case.

  • Compact and lightweight.

  • Excellent performance in longitudinal, cross and mitre cuts in wood and similar materials, mainly in free handling

  • It does not have a rear fin to work on wet wood, so you must work with caution in this type of work.

  • Certain details in the angle marker.

12. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 – Corded circular saw

SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 - Corded circular saw

The perfect tool for effortlessly cutting flexible material surfaces up to 6mm thick. It has a lithium battery with a cut optimization of up to 30%.

The self-sharpening blade on this cordless universal knife from Bosch offers impressive performance when cutting all types of materials. This mini circular saw has the CutControl function that allows you to have control of the path of your cut to make it with total precision.

Thanks to its compact design and extremely low weight, it is quite comfortable to be handled in simple household tasks, in which you need to make cuts with precision.

The Bosch Xeo offers an excellent view of the cutting line and can cut through a variety of materials, from thin decorative fabrics to packaging and carpets up to 6 mm thick.

  • CutControl function to orient cut with precision.

  • Lithium-Ion battery

  • It does not self-discharge.

  • Integrated charge indicator.

  • Compact design

  • Proper but slow cut.

  • It can break down if it is subjected to high-effort work.

13. CRAFTSMAN V20 – Best cheap circular saw

CRAFTSMAN V20 - Best cheap circular saw

The CRAFTSMAN V20 model is a fairly powerful circular saw, perfect for carrying out DIY work reliably, it is also quite versatile as it helps in numerous cutting-to-length jobs in wood.

The angle of the depth of cut and the inclination of the saw can be adjusted without tools, and with the carbide blade, you can cut with and through the grain.

The divider prevents the blade from jamming and therefore offers additional safety for both people and materials. Precise cuts are ensured by the parallel stop. A connection is also provided for direct dust extraction, for a more flawless job.

Last but not least, you cannot forget the strong galvanized soleplate, which offers excellent gliding properties for precise and continuous sawing.

  • Depth of cut adjustment without tools.

  • Metal saw blade for both transverse and longitudinal cuts.

  • It has a parallel stop for dimensionally exact cuts.

  • Dust suction connection.

  • The angle marker must be calibrated very well to avoid a bad adjustment.

  • You cannot cut at an exact 45 ° because of your design.

14. MILWAUKEE’S 2830 – Lightweight circular saw

MILWAUKEE'S 2830 - Lightweight circular saw

This model has a dry cutter and has a special saw blade that has a size of 305 mm of steel. Its circular saw blade allows it to ensure clean cuts to metals in professional applications.

This tool is ideal for plumbers and installers who require circular saw tools for a precise cut in pipes, square profiles, or angle profiles to length. Professional contractors can complete a job without any hassle in minimal time, making use of the amazing MILWAUKEE’S 2830-2 circular saw from MILWAUKEE’S.

This tool is specially formed by a steel circular saw blade that guarantees a precise and spark-free work in metalwork, which guarantees you a clearer view of the cutting line at all times.

This circular saw also minimizes discolouration and burr build-up, which commonly occurs when using a standard cutting grinder.

Driven by a 2000 Watt motor, the MILWAUKEE’S 2830-20 Circular Saw has a cutting speed of up to 1500 RPM, thus ensuring a fast and efficient work rate in all applications.

The user is also in full control of the entire sawing process, thanks to an integrated laser for pinpoint precision.

  • Accurate results thanks to minimal fading and low levels of burr formation.

  • An integrated laser that allows the exact orientation of the cut.

  • 100% spark-free for a safe working environment.

  • Quite a heavy tool for those who are not used to it.

15. Worx Nitro WX520L.9 – Best skill saw

Worx Nitro WX520L.9 - Best skill saw

This is one of the most powerful tools of Worx because its advances to provide the highest quality to the customer have been improving over the years.

The Worx Nitro WX520L.9 comes with great power and a greater depth of cut for thicker materials.

This non-traditional circular saw is one of the most versatile saws, which can cut through wood, metal, tile, plaster, stone, brick and other types of materials with complete ease, while its compact size allows you to cut easily with one hand.

It can cut materials that traditional circular saws cannot, including tile, stone, and brick.

Without a doubt, it also cuts wood, metal and plasterboard with ease thanks to its surprising power, it is ideal for plunge cuts.

This famous circular saw comes with 3 types of blades: the first one with a diamond tip (for tiles, ceramic and brick), a cutting blade for wood and 1 saw blade for general purposes (ideal for plastic and metal ).

  • It has a laser pointer for greater cutting precision.

  • Cuts a wide variety of materials.

  • Compact design

  • Three types of blades.

  • Anti-dust connection.

  • It can be operated with one hand.

  • Between the baseplate and the blade are not formed 90 °.

  • A bit awkward for left-handed people.

16. Ryobi One P505 – Power Tools Saw

Ryobi One P505 - Power Tools Saw

This circular saw is ideal for making long straight cuts. Cut the wood to the desired size, it can be used on kitchen countertops, floors or to make quick and precise crosscuts in wood.

This incredible circular saw is equipped with a 165 mm saw blade with carbide teeth, which offers excellent performance and high quality of cut.

It can cut up to 80 meters of 13mm plywood per charge when paired with a high capacity + 4.0Ah lithium battery.

The rotating dust port helps keep the line clear and allows you to work in a dust-free environment by connecting to an empty container that stores all debris.

It comes with a slim 165mm cutting blade with high-performance angled carbide teeth that deliver high quality of cut.

As one of the most powerful tool manufacturers in the world, Ryobi is dedicated to providing quality and reliability, and they never stop doing so with its Ryobi One P505 cordless circular saw.

This circular saw is perfect for those DIYers who want to work efficiently. With its powerful 18V motor it offers 4,700 RPM to easily cut most wood materials.

  • It has a laser pointer for greater cutting precision.

  • Cuts a wide variety of materials.

  • Cordless circular saw.

  • It has a dust extractor.

  • It does not have a laser pointer.

  • Not suitable for large chunks.

17. Makita XSS02Z – Good circular saw

Makita XSS02Z - Good circular saw

This cutting tool is ideal for restoration, it is supplied with an anti-kickback riving knife.Its double insulation is perfect for greater security. It has a fairly soft start for greater control when starting the task that you are going to carry out.

The machine is equipped with a safety clutch and electronic brake. Supplied with anti-shock knife, ideal for restoration.

The product comes with an Allen key and guide ruler, as well as a carbide-tipped saw blade.It is a circular saw suitable for carpentry, shop assembly and construction both in the workshop and at home.

  • Double safety insulation.

  • Electronic brake.

  • Progressive Start.

  • It does not have at the moment.

18. Einhell TE-CS Power X – Best lightweight circular saw

Einhell TE-CS Power X - Best lightweight circular saw

This is a top-of-the-line portable circular saw that, in the hands of an expert, masterfully handles a wide variety of the most demanding cutting jobs.

The depth of cut and the angle of inclination of the saw can be adjusted without the need for any tools. Thanks to its ergonomic oversized handle grip, this saw fits perfectly in the user’s hand and allows comfortable and safe guidance.

Its solid base plate made of aluminium with excellent sliding qualities guarantees a clean, precise and continuous sawing.

The motor of this 1,500 W power circular saw has valuable reserves to power the 24 teeth of the high quality 190 mm carbide saw blade capable of working even in the toughest conditions.

Thanks to the spindle lock, the change of the saw blade are done in the blink of an eye, and the Allen key necessary for this is located in the housing, always at hand for any change.

A powerful LED light ensures optimal illumination of the cutting area. The perfectly adjusted guideline guarantees the exact indication of the cutting line in the 0º and 45º positions. It also facilitates exact sawing along the groove by reproducing the width of the sawing cut.

The spreader wedge adapts to the depth of the cut and offers additional protection for the user and materials. The parallel stop allows you to make cuts to your size.

  • Carbide saw blade.

  • LED light to illuminate the cutting area.

  • Soft handle for easy work.

  • Locking system for easy saw blade change.

  • It comes without a carrying case, only in its box.

19. BOSCH CM8S 8 – Professional circular saw

BOSCH CM8S 8 - Professional circular saw

It is the smallest professional universal saw from Bosch and one of the best circular saws on this list. Its design is the most compact in its class for the perfect handling and versatile applications in wood.

Excellent ergonomics and comfortable weight of only 1.4 kg. It has a small grip circumference for maximum comfort. It has a charge level indicator that can be used at any time to find out how much power is left in the battery.

Exceptional view of the cutting line thanks to its bright LED light. The sturdy aluminium base plate is perfect for delivering precise cuts. Your extraction adapter is compatible with the latest dust extraction system offered by Bosch: the CleanSystem.

  • The most compact design in its class for the perfect handling and versatile applications in wood.

  • Excellent ergonomics. Battery indicator.

  • Cordless circular saw.

  • Your saw blades could be a bit stronger.

  • Does not include batteries or a charger.

20. Bosch CSW41 – Best dewalt circular saw

Bosch CSW41 - Best dewalt circular saw

With the purchase of the tool, you are given a parallel guide and an adapter to adapt the optimized guide rail thanks to the Bosch guide rail system. It has a dust adapter that offers debris extraction when working.

Due to its compactness and small size, this tool is fully manageable with one hand and as comfortable as you can imagine, making it a pleasure to cut wood.

The battery gives excellent performance. The included saw blade makes fairly clean cuts in wood. And best of all, it is a compact tool that does not make as much noise, compared to any other saw.

  • Fairly light circular saw.

  • Includes L-Boxx to store the saw and cutting guide.

  • Bring aluminium guides.

  • Does not include batteries.

  • The direction of the cut sometimes splinters the wood.

  • The included cutting guide accessory is a low-quality piece of metal.

Best Circular Saw – Buyer Guide

Before buying your hand circular saw you have to take into account a series of factors or characteristics that are key when purchasing it, such as performance, functions, prices, among others.

Now, we already know that the main thing in a saw is the motor with its power and the cutting speed that the machine has, then there is the cutting disc and finally the external structure of this.

Motor power

if you are going to cut thick materials, I recommend a machine with good power

Cutting speed

When cutting material, be it wood, metal, or plastic, you must use the appropriate speed. It is important that you choose a model that has different levels of speed.

Cutting disc

Each cutting disc is designed to cut different materials, so it is important to choose the right one.

Diameter of the disc

it is the one that will determine the depth of the cut and depending on the separation of the teeth of the disc, it will work better for a certain type of material.

Disc teeth

If a disc has many teeth, then that is a good sign because the finishes will be better. For example, 24 tooth blades are ideal for cutting wood, while 40 tooth blades are for soft metals.

Quality of the materials

These will be of higher quality in the professionals since they are designed for professional use.


I recommend that they have an aluminium or magnesium base rather than sheet metal since the former are lighter.


Better if it is ergonomic and rubberized for less fatigue.

Cable length

if you choose a machine with a cable, the longer the better.


it is good to have a briefcase to transport the same tool, the cheap ones usually come without this briefcase.


The less our machine weighs, the easier it will be to use. A magnesium or aluminium base will save you a lot of weight


The fewer vibrations a hand circular saw emits the better for your health. Look at the datasheet, they are expressed in m / s² (meters per second squared)


Each one has a sound level which is measured in decibels.

Depth of cut

it is important to know what depth of cut offers each of these tools.
Do not forget to pay attention to the details and accessories, your comfort is important, so look for one that is easy to handle and manipulate and that also has cutting guides, automatic stop, blade protectors and deposits to absorb dust.

In addition to the aforementioned, do not forget that you must be clear about the use that you are going to give it , sometimes to save a few cents we choose the first option without first taking a look at the others and then we hit the jackpot.

Best Hand Circular Saw – FAQ’s

What is a circular saw?

The hand circular saw is a machine for making longitudinal and bevel cuts in a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, aluminium, metal among others. It is equipped with an electric motor that turns a circular blade at high speed.

In both carpentry and DIY, this tool is widely used. The appropriate circular blade must be selected, in terms of its hardness and the shape of its teeth.

The circular saws are useful for jobs that take a long time and are very demanding. Thanks to the wide variety of discs that exist, jobs that involve fast and long cuts can be done.

Parts of an electric hand circular saw

  • Handle: it is the part of the saw where we exert its grip which must be firm.
  • Power switch: this is used to start the operation of the machine.
  • Lock switch: used to lock the electric motor at certain revolutions for better work.
  • Saw disk: it is in charge of cutting the previously selected material.
  • Motor: the heart of the circular machine, without it it would not work.
  • External suction: used to place a vacuum cleaner. With it, sawdust and particles are collected, keeping the work area clean.
  • Depth of cut adjustment: used to regulate the depth of cut.
  • Oscillating protection casing: serves to protect the saw blade for our safety.
  • Parallel cutting guide: so that the cuts do not come out crooked, with it we will achieve perfect cuts
  • Protective shell: covers the saw blade to prevent unexpected accidents.

How to use a hand circular saw?

There is nothing better than a good video on how to use a hand circular saw, whether it is to cut wood, metal or to cut other types of material.
What can be done with a hand circular saw?
The main mission of this type of saw is to make longitudinal cuts to the material selected to cut. That said, you will need a suitable disc type for this, I will recommend the best ones later.

So if you want to cut a board to make a piece of furniture, with this type of saw you will not have any problem.

Uses for which you can use an electric circular saw.

  1. Board cutting
  2. Cut into slats to divide them
  3. You can cut different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, among many others.
  4. And along with etcetera, since it is a very versatile tool

If your hobby is carpentry, whether it is wood or metal or you dedicate yourself professionally to it, without a doubt, this tool will not be missing.

How to choose a hand circular saw? What do you recomend me?

Still don’t know which hand circular saw to choose? Do not worry, we will give you some recommendations and factors to take into account when purchasing a circular saw

Everything will depend on the type of work you want to do, if it is for DIY you can opt for a circular saw that is a little cheaper but that meets the basic functions necessary to carry out your projects; But if, on the other hand, the work you want to do is much more complex and requires a certain intensity, it is best that you buy a circular saw for professional use since they are capable of withstanding more intense workdays.

Before making a decision, you have to know that there are basically four types of circular saws and each one, although they perform practically the same functions, differs in certain things and details that are important to take into account when purchasing your tool.

Circular hand saws
On the one hand, there are hand saws, these are the most recommended in terms of domestic use since they are practical and allow straight cuts to be carried out quickly and safely.

Without a doubt, this is the best option for DIYers. They work with electric motors with a power ranging from 500 watts to 1400 watts. They have a laser light guide that allows you to make much straighter and more precise cuts. They are ideal for small jobs.

Bench or table saws
If you are a professional and you are looking for power and resistance, table or bench saws are the most recommended since they remain fixed and it is the material that must slide through the blade in order to cut.

In these saws, the blade protrudes from the table surface which also acts as a support and guide for making cuts. This type of circular saw is ideal for cutting large pieces of wood.

Circular mitre saws
On the other hand, there are also circular mitre saws, these saws are designed with a structure that allows them to stay elevated from the table and thanks to a crank system it is possible to carry out the oscillating movement of the saw. They are perfect for making cuts in corner finishes, cuts at different angles and edges with high precision.

Mini circular saws
Lastly, the mini circular saws, which are hand-held circular saws, which are small and ideal for fast or hard-to-reach jobs.

Buy hand circular saw What price do they have?

There are different price ranges, in terms of the range, that is, the most basic range of circular saws for wood can be found for a price around $40.

Those circular wood saws that cover the mid-range are approximately between $50 and $70 and, as for the high-end or professional ones, prices can range from $100 onwards.

Everything will depend on the needs and the use that you are going to give your saw, if you are not looking to invest too much in a saw, but you want one that works well for small projects, you can opt for a more economical one that is low end.

If you have a better budget, you can go for a saw option that is a bit more versatile and not very expensive to do slightly larger projects that are not as intense, then a mid-range saw can be a good option.

But, if you are looking for a circular saw that is resistant for long and intense days, and that also has a good amount of features, then the ideal for you would be a handheld circular saw for wood that is for professional use.

Brands of hand circular saws

There are different brands in this type of tool, the best for DIY are the following since they offer them cheaper for our pocket, among them are Einhell, Black and Decker, Ryobi, Worx, or Bosch green.

Other brands that have a bit more quality for the professional level but also have models for hobbyists are Bosch Professional, Dewalt, Makita, Virutex, Hitachi, Metabo, Hilti, Festool.

Regarding Chinese brands, there are two that give very good results which are: Tilswall or Teccpo, the rest I do not recommend.

Opinions on hand circular saws for cutting wood

The opinions that we find on the Internet about the circular hand saws, mentioned above, are quite positive and most say that the value for money of all these is quite good.

Many believe that most of these saws are quite easy to use and have good power and performance, disc changes are usually very simple either with or without tools, replacing these has not been a problem for users who have purchased these saws, and they also indicate that maintenance is not complicated at all.

Most of these saws have laser guiding lights, a feature that many users appreciate as it helps them make more precise cuts.

Obviously, there are negative comments, which is normal, but in general, most of the opinions are quite positive.

Types of blades for a hand circular saw

It could be said that the disc in circular saws is one of the essential parts of them since they allow us to cut different materials. It is necessary that you choose a saw blade depending on the surface that you are going to cut because otherwise you could have problems with the cut and in turn damage the surface to be cut.

The blades on a handheld circular saw are constructed of a variety of materials and there is a wide range of tooth sizes and types that affect a particular choice.

We are going to give you some notions to choose the best blade for circular saws.

  • Cutting hard materials such as metals requires slow speeds and blades with many small teeth.
  • To cut chipboard and MDF and prevent chipping, you need blades with many teeth and a small diameter.
  • For transverse cuts, blades of intermediate diameter and number of teeth are used with which a better finish is obtained in the cut.

Another factor to take into account when selecting the disc to use is the number of teeth it has. Choosing the blade with the perfect number of teeth is essential to make a perfect cut and to extend the useful life of the tool. As a general rule we can say the following:

  • To more number of teeth, its useful life will be smaller, cleaner, more uniform and smooth will be the cut.
  • The larger the size of the teeth and the lower their number, their useful life will be longer, the cut will be coarser, but it can be done at a higher speed.

Where to buy a handheld circular saw for wood?

Many physical and online stores offer this type of tool but we advise buying in the Amazon online store because, in addition to offering a wide range of products, you will have the opportunity to compare prices, brands, benefits, and others thanks to the opinions given. by users.

The years have given Amazon the necessary experience to provide security and reliability to those who want to purchase products online from its platform.

In addition, on Amazon, you can find the best prices and the best brands of Circular Saws. The service is really good and it has a pretty good return policy if you are not satisfied with the purchased product.

Final Considerations

Any of the circular saws that you have decided on after reading our guide will come equipped with several basic features.

Many of these were classified by the diameter of their blade. The blades can vary between 5.5 inches to 7.25 inches.

The blade guard is a crucial safety feature on any circular saw. When the saw is not being used, the guard covers and protects the blade (and also your fingers) from any kind of damage.

The shoe is a base piece intended to keep the saw in constant pressure against wood or other material while sawing.

Circular saws have a depth adjustment that allows you to move the shoe so it can accommodate different thicknesses in your materials.

The bevel adjustment these saws have allows the tool to tilt the shoe so you can make bevel cuts at the desired angle.

All circular saws are capable of making three basic cuts on wood or other materials. The first of these is a cross-cut which simply means the ability to make straight saw cuts through aboard.

Rip cuts move across the board. Bevel cuts refer to angled cuts that require a little more creativity and adjustment than you give to the saw setup.

Each of these tools has its differences when making each type of cut.

The most common type of circular saw that you can find in our guide is the online circular saw, as it is one of the most common worldwide.

These saws have a more traditional look with the motor sitting on the same axis as the blade. A shaft connects the blade and the motor in order to run it precisely. This type of saw can perform most of the tasks required of a circular saw, making them easier to manoeuvre.

Worm gear circular saws are slightly heavier and more cumbersome because their motor sits at a right angle to the saw blade.

This characteristic makes these types of saws tools to carry out those resistant jobs that require a lot of power and strength.

The type of circular saw that best suits you will depend on the way you plan to use the circular saw.

Deciding whether you want to go for a cordless or corded saw will largely depend on where you plan to use your saw and what type of job you are using it for.

An obvious advantage of cordless saws is their convenience. If you find yourself working in a confined space, the cordless circular saw could be your best option, due to the greater reach it has and its convenience when transporting it.

If you plan to use a cordless saw for your next project, try to make it in wood materials. Some can cut other materials, but the extra power required to cut can drain the battery quickly and take longer than necessary. Which could also be detrimental to the tool.

Corded circular saws are more powerful because they don’t have to rely on a limited battery. They’re great options for those heavy-duty woodcutting jobs. The biggest drawback to a corded circular saw is that you may have to purchase a compatible extension cord.

Before purchasing any type of circular saw, you should check the capacity of the blade. Blade capacity is the maximum depth the blade can cut. This characteristic is indicated by the size of the sheet.

Keep in mind, the larger the blade, the deeper the cut will be. If you have thick pieces that need to be cut, then you should go with a larger saw blade. However, if precision and control are a priority, smaller blades are the best option.

Of the 20 circular saws, most of them have automatic brakes. When the user releases the trigger, the electric brakes reverse the momentum and can stop the blade in almost two seconds. If you have a circular saw that has this feature, it greatly improves safety.

If you are one of those who want to play it safe when making a cut, then laser guide saws are especially useful because they use a beam of light to show the line of cut.

Other important features, depending on your intended use, include spindle locks, bevel capacity, and bevel stops. These are characteristics that improve the precision and quality of cuts, as well as the ease of use of the tool.

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