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Do you know of any band or band saw that is currently on the market? Art can manifest itself in many ways and one of them is in the construction of unique figures and pieces in various materials. But to achieve this, special and quality tools are needed because, as we say here, behind a good finish there is always a good tool.

If your thing is to create pieces and make unique figures in wood or some other type of material, it is essential to have a good band saw. Currently, there is a wide range of brands and models of this type of saws, and today we have made a great effort to summarize and compile those that for us represent the best appointment or band saws on the market. Let’s do it!

1. WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 

WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 

From the range of WEN 3959 2.5-Amp, today we show you the WEN 3959 2.5-Amp, it is important to save and take care of our pocket that is why this bandsaw is the cheapest and the best-selling on the market.

This band saw is ideal for demanding DIYers. It is a static function saw that allows you to carry out different types of cuts, depending on the cutting blade you use you can make them effortlessly in different types of material such as wood, metal, and plastic.

The motor of this saw has a power of 250 watts , it also has a good size work table that can be tilted giving you greater comfort when working the cuts that are more complicated.

You can also adapt the height to your comfort to work more efficiently and safely and to be able to change the thickness of the material you want to cut. In addition, it has a stabilizer of the cutting blade preventing vibration from being very high, providing greater performance and a cleaner and finer cut for a better finish of the piece.

  • Reduced vibration.

  • Silent

  • Economical and efficient.

  • It is not for professional use.

  • Does not include chip aspirator.

2. Shop Fox W1715 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

Shop Fox W1715 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

We have reached number 2 in our ranking of the best band or band saws, this time we present the Shop Fox W1715 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw electric band saw , it is one of the saws with the best price-quality on the current market.

For those carpentry enthusiasts or for those who work it professionally, this saw is an ideal tool since it is capable of making cuts with fairly good precision, and if you are looking to make curved or more complicated cuts this saw is perfect. Its motor is 300 watts and the cutting height is 100 mm with a maximum depth of cut of 195 mm .Its base is robust and offers a fairly good grip, in addition, its table can be tilted up to 45 ° for comfort and versatility.

It has a precision guide with a reading magnifying glass that gives your vision greater visibility to be able to make much more precise and perfect cuts. The guide can be used both on the right and on the left of the machine. Undoubtedly versatility is what defines this machine. The precision guides have 3 rollers that ensure the precision of the cut above and below the table and flywheels, they are balanced and rectified made with rubber coating.

  • Silent

  • It takes up little space and is quite light.

  • Easy to transport

  • The cutting blade is snug against the support table.

  • Some users have indicated that the parallel fence tends to move and prevents cutting parallel to the saw.

3. Rikon Bandsaw

Rikon Bandsaw

We have reached one of our favorites in the ranking, of the best band or band saws, the Rikon Bandsaw, this machine will undoubtedly give you the quality you are looking for and its price is accessible.

The motor power of this saw is 350 watts, but it is not very noisy. Its table is somewhat small so it is recommended to work with small pieces, the cutting depth of this saw is 80 mm. On the other hand, the saw table includes various guides that will be very useful to carry out your cuts with greater precision.

In addition, the table can be tilted up to 45 ° so you can make the most difficult cuts. This saw also has an escape hole in the table through which the material residues that you release while cutting fall, allowing you to keep your work area clean and giving you better visibility while you are cutting the pieces.

  • Good power.

  • Silent

  • Reduced vibration.

  • Users indicate that adjusting the table to 0 ° does not lie perfectly flat, but tends to tilt a bit.

  • The quality of the cutting blades that the machine brings is not very good.

4. Milwaukee 6242-6 Compact Corded Band Saw

Milwaukee 6242-6 Compact Corded Band Saw

If what you are looking for is a saw that is exclusively for cutting metal, then you have come to the right place, because in our ranking of the best band or band saws we bring you the Milwaukee 6242-6 Compact Corded Band Saw specialized for making metal cuts.

Its motor has a power of 850 watts and has two electronic switching speeds ranging from 60 to 80 rpm (revolutions per minute) with which you can carry out any type of cut you want in metal. In addition, its 1330 mm tape gives you a cutting capacity of up to 105 mm.

The versatility of this machine is what stands out the most in it since it allows you to make very good cuts since its base can be tilted from 0 ° to 45 ° . It is a fairly advanced machine that does not require much maintenance since it has an automatic lubrication system that facilitates its care, however, it also has a filter change kit for cleaning the cutting blade.

  • You can carry it comfortably thanks to its arch locking device.

  • The blade tensioner is very practical and easy to use.

  • Cutting does not require lubrication.

  • Anti-start security system.

  • Not recommended for professional use, it is more of a DIY or home use saw.

  • Not recommended for cutting wood.

5. Gryphon C-40 Band Saw

Gryphon C-40 Band Saw

We have reached the end of our ranking to know the best band or band saws on the market, finally, it is the turn of the Gryphon C-40 Band Saw brand . This professional band saw is complete and versatile.

This machine has a power of 900 watts and its cutting capacity is up to 165 mm. The precision of the cut is quite high and is ideal for curved cuts in wood and even miter cuts and those cuts that are a little more complicated.

It is a fairly stable machine and we are sure that you will be able to work comfortably with it .

It has an LED guide light to illuminate the work area to give you a better vision and you can make your cuts with better precision. It has a dust collection drawer and its cutting blade is easy to change, you don’t need extra tools since you can replace it using the lever. Two of its legs have wheels that make it easy for you to move from one place to another.

  • Silent

  • It can be easily moved thanks to the wheels built into two of its legs.

  • Your table is stable.

  • Reduced vibration.

  • Its price may be a bit high for some.

What is a band saw for metals or wood?

What does band saw mean? Many people ask this question. The band saw or also called endless or band saw is an electric tool that consists of a toothed strip (blades or saw blade) that moves continuously on rotating wheels allowing curved, straight and angled cuts .

Found in many workshops and homes around the world, it is a very popular tool within the world of saws . They are very good for any type of wood or metal, as well as other materials. However, this type of saw is specially made to give the wood a curved and irregular shape.

What band saw to buy?

Here, at Ser Un Handyman , the number one rule before acquiring a saw is to be very clear about the use that you are going to give it . It is very important to be clear about that since from there you will know which is the saw that suits your needs and possibilities.

If you are a hobbyist or a carpentry professional or you like DIY and you love to make figures in different types of material, then you can opt for a band saw or band that is for domestic use , since these saws fulfill the functions basic , a moderately powerful engine and good finishes. Also, for the type of work you are going to do (which is probably pretty basic), it will be ideal for you.

In the market there is a wide range of band saws for home use that will surely adapt to your needs. Review our comparison list and choose the one that best suits your possibilities.

But, if on the contrary you are a professional and you are looking for a saw that is capable of withstanding long hours of intense work, then what you need is a band saw that is for professional use.

Of course, these professional-use saws are a bit more expensive than home-use ones, but for those looking for quality and durability, it’s a very good investment. Band saws for professional use are a bit more robust, the motor power is much higher than those for home use and they withstand shocks and falls more, in addition to giving you greater stability and perfect finishes.

Cheap Band Saws

There are band saws , which you can find at a good price , or perhaps they are on promotion, sale or discount . Just because a band saw is cheap does not mean it is of poor quality. These saws have features that will meet your expectations . Let’s see a catalog of them.

Parts of a band saw or band?

Band or band saws are made up of 7 pieces that are fundamental, which we are going to list below:

Tape or blade: It is the one in charge of making the cuts. It is a blade made of some type of hard metal and they have been welded in special machines, they have teeth that work towards the sides and their length varies depending on each machine and the material to be cut.

Motor: It is the one that allows to move the flywheels of the saw. Power may vary by machine.

Flywheels: They have two flywheels, the main one is the one who receives the impulse from the engine and the secondary flywheel is dragged by the cutting blade. Both are balanced in the same plane which can be horizontally or vertically, on which the cutting blade is placed.

Guides: They are the ones that guide and align the belt when it is working, the objective of these guides is not to twist the blade or cause it to suffer cracks that can cause fractures.

Hydraulic pumps: They are responsible for supplying the necessary force to both automatic and semi-automatic saws to condition the presses and the cutting head.

Cooling pumps: it is in charge of pumping the cooling liquid so that it cools and lubricates the belt while it is cutting.

Presses: They are the ones who exert pressure on the pieces that you are going to cut so that the cuts are precise.

How to use a band saw?

Band saws, the truth is that they are very easy to use , but if you are new to this, here are some tips to take into account to learn how to use your band saw.

First of all, you must check that your cutting blade is sharp enough, distributed and that it does not have any damage or deterioration , make sure that your cutting blade is not excessively hot and you can tell this by its color. Normally when the cutting blade or blade is overheated, its color turns purple and it acquires it after it has cooled down.

Once you make sure that your cutting blade is in perfect condition, you must adjust its tension according to the factory instructions that your band saw brings.

Make sure the blade is snug enough so it doesn’t slip or drift when cutting. Also, do not adjust it too tightly, because if it is too tight it can damage the blade.

Try to hold the material you are working with with both hands so that the body is away from the level of the bandsaw.

Don’t force the material to cut , let the machine do the work and smoothly slide the part firmly steadily until the cut is finished.

Start cutting until you get full cutting speed.

If you want to cut large pieces, it is recommended that you use the solid guide and when completing the cuts using the clamping means.

You should change and stop the tape regularly , in this way you can preserve the mechanical characteristics of the tape material.

If the bandsaw gets hot you should stop it, distribute it once it has cooled down and sharpen it, you should also check if it is flat. To prevent it from getting hot, you must sharpen it and respect the cutting conditions. Don’t overload your machine , give it regular rest.

If the tape is cracked, you must remove it. When your job is done, loosen the blade .

Where to buy a band saw?

oday there are a wide variety of online stores where you can buy a band saw , but if you want to know our opinion, we always recommend buying from Amazon.

There are many reasons why we recommend Amazon , but we will give you the main ones to do so:

  • They have a wide variety of endless band saws , you can spend days looking at all the models they offer. So comparing prices and brands will not be a problem because you can do it without any effort.
  • The competition is varied in terms of prices so you can always find offers, promotions and discounts that always fall like a glove.
  • You have the opportunity to read the opinions and ratings of customers who have previously purchased the product.
  • The service is quite good and their return policy has been, so far, a very good option. If you have any problem or inconvenience, you can make your claim without problems and receive an immediate response.

In Ser Un Handyman you can choose between the best band or tape saws for your job. Wait no more and select the most suitable for you.

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