Alpina Chainsaw Reviews

Are you interested in an Alpina chainsaw and want to know its most outstanding models in detail? The Alpina brand is one of the most important in the sector and has an extensive catalog .

Among its most interesting machines are its gasoline chainsaws that combine great power with a compact size . In addition, it has very good electric saws and specific pruning chainsaws that offer great performance.

To make your search easier and that you can find a model that suits your needs, in this comparison you have a detailed analysis of the best Alpina chainsaws with all their characteristics and technical data.

1. Alpina A405 – Best Alpina Chainsaws

Alpina A405

The A405 model is one of the most outstanding Alpina chainsaws thanks to its power and good features that combine with a great quality / price ratio .

Among the most important characteristics of the Alpina A405 chainsaw, we must highlight its 40 cm long bar , its engine capable of offering a 40 cc displacement and it is also equipped with a 91VG 57E chain . It is equipped with an anti-vibration system and is supplied together with a spark plug wrench and a flat screwdriver.

Thanks to its design and technical data, it is a very versatile chainsaw ideal for all types of gardening, small agriculture and even carpentry work . In this case, it is a very good option for frequent work and pruning of wood with a diameter of less than 35 cm .

Another notable aspect is its safety as it has a double action automatic chain brake . In this way, it is possible to perform inertial or manual braking with the A405 chainsaw and it also has an ergonomic double handle and a manual starting system .

In short, it is a chainsaw with a powerful motor, very easy to maintain, and manufactured with robust mechanics.

In this way, maintenance is simple and you will only have to sharpen the chain when you verify that it is necessary. Also, another point in its favor is that it is very light, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive compared to other models.

  • Very versatile – It is one of the most versatile Alpina chainsaws. Perfect for all types of work and pruning of wood up to 35 cm.

  • Good performance – It has a 40 cm long bar and a 40 cc engine.
  • Great equipment – It has an automatic double-action chain brake, manual start system, ergonomic double handle, and anti-vibration system.
  • Value for money – It has a great value for money and for that reason, it is one of the best-selling brands.

  • Intermediate model – The Alpina A455 chainsaw is somewhat more powerful and has a 45 cm bar.

2. Alpina A455

Alpina A455

Do you need power to cut strides or prepare firewood? The Alpina A455 chainsaw is one of the brand’s most powerful machines and compared to the A405 model it has a higher displacement and a 5 cm longer bar .

In this case, the A455 stands out mainly for its 45 cm long sword and its powerful 45 cc engine . It is also equipped with an Oregon chain and has an easy start system to make starting up very easy.

Regarding the rest of its equipment, it has an automatic greasing oil pump and it also has a centrifugal clutch. Thanks to these features, it is a highly recommended option for felling and pruning with woods that are just over 35 cm in diameter .

In this case it has a total of 60 drag links and the chain speed is 21 m / s . As with the lower model, it is supplied together with a spark plug wrench and a flat screwdriver.

As a final note, if you check the opinions of the Alpina A455 chainsaw you will see that there are very good ratings from other users who have already purchased it .

  • One of the most powerful – It is one of the most powerful chainsaws of the brand.

  • With a large sword – It has a 45 cm long sword and a displacement of 45 cc.
  • Good equipment – Easy start-up and equipped with an Oregon chain.
  • For demanding tasks – Perfect for somewhat more demanding tasks and for cutting logs of around 35 cm in diameter.

  • A bit heavy – Being more powerful and having a large sword, its weight is higher compared to other models.

3. Alpina EA 2000 Q

Alpina EA 2000 Q

In case you prefer an electric model, the brand has several chainsaws with great power with which you can forget about refueling, buying gasoline and deep cleaning .

The most outstanding technical characteristics of the Alpina EA 2000 Q chainsaw are its 40 cm long bar and an electric motor with a power of 2000 W. Another of the strengths of this model is the improved performance thanks to the oil pump. built-in automatic .

It also has a 3/8 ″ Oregon chain that ensures great performance and the change or adjustment of tension is possible without tools. It has a 0.9 liter oil tank, quick stop function and oil level indicator .

Regarding the rest of the characteristics, it is important to note that it has safety switches and automatic greasing that increases its performance . In this case, the weight of the tool is 4.6 kg so it is quite manageable.

If you want to bet on a powerful electric chainsaw, this 100% ecological model is ideal for any workshop as it is a zero-emission tool that does not pollute the environment.

Finally, one of the most interesting aspects is its price since it is really economical, so this is one of the best electric Alpina chainsaws of the brand.

  • Electric chainsaw – This is one of the most powerful Alpina electric chainsaws.

  • Optimal power – It has a motor with a power of 2000W and a 40 cm long bar.
  • Good Components – It is equipped with an Oregon bar, automatic oil pump, safety switches, stop function and an oil level indicator.
  • Economic price – It is one of the most economical chainsaws that the brand has.

  • Corded – You will depend on having a power outlet or an extension cord nearby.

4. Alpina EA 1800

Alpina EA 1800

An alternative to the previous model is the Alpina electric chainsaw EA 1800 . The main differences are that it has a lower power and that therefore its price is somewhat cheaper .

As you can tell from the model name, this time the chainsaw has a power of 1800W compared to the 2000W of its older sister. In the same way it has a sword of 35 cm in length that therefore is five centimeters smaller.

What both models do coincide in is the great performance offered by the automatic oil pump and that it also has a 3/8 ″ chain from the Oregon brand .

As a final summary, if you are interested in an electric chainsaw you will have to decide between investing a little more and having more power and a longer bar or saving some money if your needs are not too demanding.

What there is no doubt when you go for an electric model is the benefits of using an emission-free engine and the least amount of vibrations compared to gasoline models. In addition, its maintenance is very easy and fast, which guarantees full performance .

  • Very economical – It is one of the brand’s most economical electric Alpina chainsaws.

  • Good performance – It has a power of 1800W and a sword of 35 cm in length.
  • Oregon Components – Equipped with an Oregon brand automatic oil pump and chain and bar.
  • Emission and maintenance-free – Zero-emission engine and quick and easy maintenance.

  • There are more powerful models – Both its power and the length of the bar are somewhat less than those of the EA 2000 chainsaw.

5. Alpina A2500

Alpina A2500

Are you interested in a small, handy chainsaw for pruning? If your most common tasks are going to be the pruning of branches and small bushes, this model is a perfect option.

Despite its size, the Alpina A2500 pruning chainsaw has an engine with a blast power of 2T and is capable of reaching 12000 rpm with a displacement of 25.4cc . Also interesting is the ease of lateral tightening of the chain and the regulation of the oil pump.

Among its most outstanding characteristics, it should be noted that it has a 25 cm bar and is also equipped with a 3/8 ″ chain . It is a fairly inexpensive chainsaw as it is designed for specific pruning jobs and it is not a purely professional tool.

It is a very handy tool thanks to its short bar and its weight of only 3.2 kg that make this chainsaw one of the lightest of the brand . Keep in mind that adding the sword and the full deposits can reach 4 kg.

Finally, to obtain the best performance it is highly recommended to use a 2.5% mixture for two-stroke engines. In short, it is a tool very similar to the Alpina CJ300 and A305 models and can be used with just one hand .

  • Perfect for pruning – It is one of the best Alpina pruning chainsaws of the brand.

  • Light and handy – It weighs 3.2 kg and is therefore light and easy to handle with just one hand.
  • Good power – It has a 25 cm bar and a 25.4 cc displacement.
  • Easy to use – It is very easy to tighten the chain and it has a very good oil regulating pump.

  • Specific for pruning – It is designed for pruning tasks and is not as versatile as other models.

Best Alpina Chainsaw – Buying Guide

One of the aspects that you should keep in mind is the use that you are going to give your chainsaw. Depending on the tasks that you are going to carry out regularly and the budget you have, one model or another will be better .

As the Alpina chainsaw catalog is quite extensive, in the following sections you have a compilation with various tips and recommendations that will make it easier for you to find your chainsaw.


Before making any major purchases, it is advisable to follow a series of steps to minimize any chance of missing the chainsaw.

  • First, think about the jobs that you are going to do regularly to look at the right type of chainsaw and you should also be clear about the purchase budget you have .
  • Once this is done, collect as much information as possible about the most prominent models of the brand.
  • Compare the technical sheets and review their features to see which ones suit your needs.
  • When you have done a good filter, read the opinions and reviews that other users have left in addition to consulting the evaluation they have .
  • Another important step is to check the sale price in different physical and online stores since it is common for prices to vary from one site to another.
  • Finally, try to take advantage of any offer that may come out to save some money with your purchase.

Alpina Chainsaws: Opinions of other buyers
The vast majority of models have very positive ratings as well as a good number of reviews and comments from users who have already purchased the tools and have already been using them.

One of the main recommendations is that you inform yourself well and read the opinions of the Alpina chainsaw that interests you . Take a few minutes to learn about the strengths of the tool or discover a feature that you may have overlooked.

Think that these types of opinions are going to be the most reliable because they are people like you who were looking for a good chainsaw.

Another fundamental aspect is that you make sure of the performance of the model . It is possible that for other users it is perfect to carry out a specific type of task such as pruning and your needs are more varied. Surely you should look at another model although that chainsaw is ideal for pruning work.

How much are Alpina Chainsaws priced?

The Alpina brand has a varied catalog and has quite affordable tools. In this way, the prices of Alpina chainsaws in Spain can range from just € 80 to more professional models that can exceed € 200.

Everything will depend on your needs and the quality, power, or features you are looking for. If you review their models, you have pruning chainsaws, electric and gasoline tools with greater power for more demanding tasks.

Spare parts for Alpina chainsaws
One of the advantages of betting on recognized brands is that you will always find any type of spare part you need . If you need spare parts for Alpina chainsaws such as a carburetor, a spark plug, a chain or a bar, they are sold both on large platforms such as Amazon and in official stores and distributors .

In addition, both on its own official website and in its technical service you will get the answers you are looking for.

Used Alpina chainsaws

Have you thought about buying a second-hand or used Alpina chainsaw? In these cases, one of the advantages is that the price is significantly lower, although on the other hand, it is difficult to find a good tool that is in good condition.

If you are determined to bet on an old Alpina chainsaw , the best option is to go to stores specialized in this type of tools that have this sales service . In this way you can have a minimum of guarantees that the classic sales websites do not offer.

Finally, you can call the Alpina chainsaw technical service to find out about a physical store that works with them and that is close to where you live.