Shindaiwa Chainsaws Reviews

Have you heard good comments about a particular Shindaiwa chainsaw, or have you already tried this brand’s tools? The Shindaiwa brand is one of the largest chainsaw manufacturers in Japan and its tools stand out for their quality, reliability, and professional design. In addition, in its catalog you can find a wide variety of models for pruning, cutting firewood, felling, and forestry work.

For this reason, in this comparison, you have a selection of the best Shindaiwa chainsaws with a detailed explanation of each model to help you find the tool that best suits what you are looking for.

1. Shindaiwa 358TS

Shindaiwa 358TS

First of all we have the lightest pruning chainsaw from the Shindaiwa brand that has become one of the best sellers. And it is that thanks to a weight of only 2.3 kg it is one of the most manageable and comfortable tools to use.

It is an ultralight gasoline model specially designed for pruning tasks and it has an unbeatable weight/power ratio. In addition, thanks to its new low-emission engine you will save a considerable amount of fuel.

Regarding its technical characteristics, the Shindaiwa 358TS chainsaw has a nominal power of 1.11 kW (1.51 hp), a displacement of 25 cm³, and has a 25 cm long bar that is perfect for pruning branches.

It should also be noted that it has a CDI electronic ignition system, gasoline primer, Soft Start easy starting system, adjustable automatic lubrication and G-Force air filter.

Finally, with the aim of reducing fatigue, the Shindaiwa 251 ws chainsaw is designed with a sophisticated anti-vibration system, upper chain tensioner, and double anchor inertial chain brake to ensure safety on the job.

  • The lightest – It is the brand’s lightest pruning chainsaw, weighing only 2.3 kg.

  • Good pruning performance – It has a power of 1.11 kW, a displacement of 25 cm³ and a 25 cm long bar.

  • Efficient Engine – It is equipped with a new, more powerful engine that emits less emissions with easy starting.

  • Well equipped – It has an electronic ignition system, anti-vibration system, chain brake and automatic greasing.

  • Specific for pruning – It is a specific chainsaw for pruning tasks.

2. Shindaiwa 600sx

Shindaiwa 600sx

Along with the first model, the Shindaiwa 600sx pruning chainsaw is one of the most prominent of the brand. It combines great power with a very compact and lightweight design that also makes it an ideal chainsaw for all kinds of pruning tasks.

In this case, this machine weighs 3 kg and therefore has a slightly higher weight than the previous one, although both Shindaiwa chainsaws are very light and handy. And it is that both models have quite similar characteristics and the differences are minimal.

Going into a little more detail, the Shindaiwa 600sx chainsaw has a power of 1.07 kW (1.46 hp), a displacement of 26.9 cm³, and a 25 cm long carving type bar. In addition, as usual for the brand, it has EUST5 emissions certification.

This model also has a CDI electronic ignition system, gasoline primer, Soft Start easy starting system, and a G-Force air filter with forced air intake circuit with dust collector and anti-vibration system .

It should also be noted that the Shindaiwa 600sx is equipped with an inertia chain brake and that in this case, the chain tensioner is lateral. Finally, the chain pitch is 1/4 ″ – 0.050 ″ and has an automatic lubrication system and is supplied with a sheath for the bar.

  • Perfect for pruning – It is one of the most outstanding Shindaiwa pruning chainsaws of the brand.

  • Light and handy – It has an engine that offers a great power-to-weight ratio and is a fairly light machine.

  • Carving bar – It has a power of 1.07 kW, a displacement of 26.9 cm³, and comes with a 25 cm carving bar.

  • Great equipment – Equipped with the electronic ignition system, easy start, G-Force air filter, anti-vibration system,

  • chain brake, side chain tensioner, and automatic lubrication system.

  • The 251 is more powerful – compared to the 600sx chainsaw it has slightly less power and its weight is higher.

3. Shindaiwa 305S

Shindaiwa 305S

In third place, we have this versatile chainsaw that combines a great value for money and that stands out for being one of the cheapest of the Shindaiwa brand.

Unlike the first two models that are specific for pruning, the Shindaiwa 305S chainsaw is a great option for all types of terrain, farms and gardens in which different tasks are carried out. It offers a greater displacement and its bar is also longer .

In this case, this chainsaw has a power of 1.11 kW, a displacement of 30.5 cm³, and a 35 cm bar perfect for branches and logs with medium diameters. For this reason, its weight is somewhat higher and this model weighs 4 kg.

Regarding the rest of the data and technical characteristics, like the vast majority of Shindaiwa chainsaws, it has a CDI electronic ignition system, gasoline primer and Soft Start that allows easy and simple starting. It is also equipped with an automatic choke return, anti-vibration system, double anchor inertia chain brake, side chain tensioner to avoid any mishap, and adjustable automatic greasing.

  • Very versatile model – It is a very versatile chainsaw perfect for farms and gardens.

  • Engine with good displacement – Your engine has a larger displacement compared to the two pruning models.

  • 35cm sword – It has a power of 1.11 kW, a displacement of 30.5 cm³ and its sword is 35 cm in length.

  • Perfectly equipped – With electronic ignition system, primer, easy start, air filter, anti-vibration system, double

  • anchor inertia brake, side chain tensioner and automatic lubrication.

  • Big felling – Does not have the necessary power for big felling and forestry work.

4. Shindaiwa 591

Shindaiwa 591

Do you need a powerful chainsaw for demanding jobs and pruning or the felling of large trees? Power, displacement, and a long sword. These three characteristics define this fantastic machine.

Unlike all the models you have seen so far, the powerful Shindaiwa 501SX chainsaw is designed and recommended for professional use in agriculture and forestry.

As you can see, its performance is much higher since the Shindaiwa 501SX chainsaw has a power of 2.57 kW (3.5 hp), a displacement of 50.2 cm³ and a 45 cm long Sugihara bar .

Obviously its weight is greater, but despite its 4.7 kg thanks to its compact design and its rounded handle it can be worked comfortably at all angles . It should be noted its powerful engine with CDI electronic ignition system and its semi-automatic decompression valve that allows quick and easy starting.

Regarding the rest of the equipment, it does not present great changes with the rest of the brand’s models since it has a G-Force air filter, anti-vibration system to reduce fatigue, double anchor inertia chain brake, side chain tensioner and automatic and adjustable greasing system.

  • Powerful and with a large bar – It is the most powerful chainsaw of the brand and has a large bar.

  • For demanding jobs – Due to its benefits it is recommended for forestry work and professional use in agriculture.

  • Very good performance – It has a power of 2.57 kW, a displacement of 50.2 cm³ and a Sugihara sword of 45 cm in length.

  • Great equipment – It is equipped with electronic ignition system, semi-automatic decompression valve for easy starting, G-Force air filter, double anchor chain brake, side chain tensioner and automatic lubrication.

  • The price is somewhat higher – Being the most powerful chainsaw, with greater displacement and bar, its price is higher than the rest of the models.

5. shindaiwa 340S

shindaiwa 340S

Fifth, the Shindaiwa 390SX chainsaw is a professional model that is also designed for professional work in agricultural land and forest areas .In this case, it does not have the power, displacement or bar size of the 501SX chainsaw and therefore it is an intermediate alternative for those who do not need a tool with such high performance.

Reviewing its datasheet, this model has a nominal power of 1.9 kW (2.58 hp), a displacement of 38.4 cm³ and its sword has a length of 38 cm. In addition, its weight is 4.5 kg and it is a heavier machine than the ones you have seen so far.

Unlike the previous model, the starting system is the classic Soft Start and the chain tensioner is front. Regarding the rest of the characteristics, the Shindaiwa 340s forestry chainsaw does not present new features since it is equipped with a CDI electronic ignition system and an anti-vibration system. Finally, it also has a double anchor chain brake, stop spikes, automatic and adjustable greasing system, and a sheath for the sword is included in the pack.

  • Strong and versatile – It is a chainsaw with good power and a great power-to-weight ratio.

  • For professional use – It is designed for forestry work and professional use in agriculture, gardening, etc.

  • Good performance – It has a power of 1.9 kW, a displacement of 38.4 cm³ and a 38 cm long bar.

  • Somewhat inferior to the 501SX – It is not as powerful as the previous model and its sword is also smaller.

Shindaiwa Chainsaw Reviews – Buying guide

The Shindaiwa chainsaw catalog is quite extensive although it is not comparable with that of the major brands that dominate the market.

Depending on your needs, you will have to choose between pruning chainsaws, more versatile models, specific tools for pruning at height, or much more powerful machines for forestry work.


When purchasing a chainsaw and in general any type of tool that has a considerable price, you must take into account certain aspects to ensure that you make a good purchase .

  • Before starting, it is essential that you set a budget and that you do not get out of it.
  • Secondly, you also have to be clear if you are looking for a pruning tool, telescopic, or a more powerful model to cut firewood or small fellings.
  • Check out the top and best-selling Shindaiwa chainsaws as long as they fit your budget.
    Compare their characteristics, benefits, and technical data as well as looking at their technical sheets to be clear about their differences.
  • Once you have a small selection, check the comments, reviews, and ratings that other users have left.
  • Take a look at various online platforms or brick-and-mortar stores for significant price differences. In the event that you are looking for Shindaiwa chainsaws in Spain, both on Amazon and in other similar stores you can find several models.
  • Finally, try to take advantage of a good offer to save some money on your purchase.

Shindaiwa Chainsaws: Opinions of Other Buyers

In addition to all the information you can find about Shindaiwa accessories, spare parts and chainsaws, it is highly recommended that you read and review the comments and reviews left by other users who have purchased your chainsaw.

Both in Amazon and in other similar online sales platforms you can find good opinions that will help you confirm your good feelings and in some cases other less favorable ones that will make you decide to look for another model.

Together with the opinion of each user, you will see the average rating of the Shindaiwa chainsaw that interests you, making your search much easier and making your choice easier.

What is the price of Shindaiwa chainsaws?

The Japanese brand is not exactly one of the cheapest on the market. And it is that their machines stand out precisely for the quality of their materials and professional designs.

For this reason, the prices of Shindaiwa chainsaws rarely fall below three hundred euros except with a special offer .

In addition, if you opt for a multipurpose model or a more powerful one for forestry work, the price increases and can even multiply. In any case, it is also recommended that you take a look at their website.

Because it is a professional brand with a fairly high average price, one of the alternatives is to go for a used, reconditioned or second-hand Shindaiwa chainsaw .

One of the most common recommendations is that if you decide on a used chainsaw is that you purchase it through an online platform or physical store that guarantees a certain period of guarantee, exchange or return.

In this way, it is possible to find a good model that is in good condition and that is much cheaper without the problems that can arise in sales between individuals or on the websites of buying and selling objects.

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