Ryobi Chainsaws Reviews

The Ryobi Chainsaws Reviews belongs to the TTI group which is one of the largest manufacturers of power tools in the world and stands out for its professional designs at very competitive prices.

And is that if you are looking for an electric chainsaw, Ryobi is synonymous with powerful, quality chainsaws with an affordable price for all pockets.To help you find the right tool, in this comparison guide we have made a selection of the best Ryobi chainsaws that the brand has in its catalog.

1. Ryobi ZRP4361

Ryobi ZRP4361

If you are looking for a Ryobi electric chainsaw, this model is one of the most prominent of the brand for both indoor and outdoor work using an extension cord. Among its technical characteristics, we must highlight its power of 2300W and chain speed of 16 m / s. In addition, it is equipped with a 40 cm long bar from the Oregon brand that guarantees perfect cuts.

Another very interesting aspect is its lightness since weighing less than 5 kg it is a very comfortable and handy tool. And it is also thanks to its anti-vibration system you can work with much less effort.

Regarding the rest of its equipment, it has automatic chain lubrication, a chain guide for continuous cutting, a chain tensioner without tools, and an efficient mechanical chain brake system.

Finally, it should be added that this model includes the chainsaw itself, a chain, a bar, a cover and a bottle of lubricating oil that come in a cardboard box.

  • Great electric model – It is one of the most prominent electric chainsaws and has very good performance.

  • Light and easy to use – It stands out for its chain speed, its lightness, and the possibility of tensioning the chain without having to use tools.

  • Good performance – It has a 40 cm long sword and has a power of 2300 W.

  • Very complete – The chainsaw is supplied together with the chain, bar, a cover, and lubricating oil.

  • Compared to other models of the brand, this Ryobi electric chainsaw is priced above average.

2. Ryobi P547

Ryobi P547

In case you need a light, handy and battery-operated chainsaw, the Ryobi P547 model is perfect for home use and for firewood tasks, small pruning or felling of small diameters.

The first thing to highlight about this chainsaw is its powerful brushless motor that guarantees great autonomy and durability. It is also equipped with a mechanical chain brake, a 30 cm bar from the Oregon brand, and has a chain speed of 10 m / s.

Among its technical characteristics, it is worth mentioning that it has a tool-free chain tensioner, an ergonomic handle for a firm and comfortable grip, an anti-vibration system to reduce efforts and an automatic oil pump.

It is a very light tool with a weight of just 3.2 kg and thanks to its design, the battery is located between the two handles and thus offers a great balance.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Ryobi P547 chainsaw is supplied without a battery or charger. This is very useful for those who already have other cordless tools of the brand since the same accessories can be used as it belongs to the One + cordless tools range .

  • Top Sales – This is the brand’s best-selling cordless chainsaw.

  • Great equipment – It is equipped with a high-performance brushless motor, a 30 cm long bar, mechanical brake, automatic lubrication, etc.

  • Battery Operated – The 18v One + lithium battery is compatible with all tools in the range.

  • It weighs little – It is very light since it only weighs 3.2 kg without battery and its chain speed is 10 m / s.

  • Charger and battery separately – Version 0 is sold without a charger or battery, although as you can see a little below, the RCS18X3050F model includes both accessories

3. Ryobi RY40530

Ryobi RY40530

Third, this model is the most economical alternative to the first electric Ryobi chainsaw that you have seen a little above. Among the reasons for this price, the difference is its lower power and a slightly smaller sword.

And it is that in this case, the RY40530 chainsaw has a power of 1900W, a bar with a blade of 35 cm in length and the speed of the chain is 15 m / s. It is a slightly lighter tool since it weighs 4.7 kg and has similar characteristics.

It has a tool-free chain tensioner, an oil tank with a capacity of 0.15 liters, an anti-vibration system to be able to work with less effort , the classic mechanical chain brake system, and automatic lubrication.

As usual, the chainsaw is supplied with the standard equipment and a bar cover and lubricating oil are also included . In short, you will have to assess if for your most common tasks you need that extra PowerPoint , if you are going to notice the difference between a 35 or 40 cm sword or if you prioritize the price.

  • Economic price – It is one of the most economical electric chainsaws of the brand.

  • Good performance – It has a 35 cm bar, has a power of 1900W and a chain speed of 15 m / s.

  • Very well equipped – It stands out for its anti-vibration system, its mechanical chain brake system and it has automatic lubrication.

  • Quite light – It weighs 4.7 kg, making it a fairly light tool compared to other models.

  • Intermediate model – It does not have the power of the first chainsaw and the size of its bar is also smaller.

4. Ryobi RCS36X3550HI

Ryobi RCS36X3550HI

If you are a demanding person and you are looking for a battery-powered tool that has great power, this chainsaw has superior performance than the OCS1830 model and is the most powerful of the brand.

In this case, this model is powered by a 36V 5.0Ah Max Power Lithium battery that provides higher power compared to 18V chainsaws. In addition, thanks to the 21 m / s chain speed and its 35 cm Oregon bar, it is a chainsaw with great performance .

As for the rest of the features, it is also equipped with a brushless brushless motor that facilitates work and provides much faster cuts.

In addition, following the line of Ryobi chainsaws, it has a mechanical chain brake, an electric motor brake, a quick system for tensioning the chain without having to use tools, automatic chain lubrication and an anti-vibration system .

Finally, it should be noted that in this case the pack does include the chainsaw itself, the charger and the 36V 5.0Ah battery . At this point you will have to weigh the power, autonomy, durability and performance of this model and assess if the price difference is worth it.

  • Great Battery-Powered Model – It’s the brand’s most powerful cordless chainsaw.

  • Top accessories – It has a high-performance brushless motor, Oregon chain and guide, mechanical brake, electric brake, automatic lubrication, etc.

  • Very powerful – It is equipped with a 35 cm bar, has a power of 36V and the speed of the chain is 21 m / s.

  • Includes Battery and Charger – Your chainsaw is supplied with the battery and charger it needs to operate.

  • Price somewhat high – Due to its power, this battery-powered model is priced higher than 18V chainsaws.

5. Ryobi P546

Ryobi P546

In fifth place, we have this telescopic electric chainsaw that is ideal for all kinds of pruning at height and avoiding the risks of climbing a ladder or the tree itself. Obviously, it is a totally different tool than those you have seen so far but it is very useful to prune branches that are at a considerable height from the ground . Regarding its technical characteristics, it is worth highlighting its three-module shaft that can be extended to 2.7 meters,

which will allow you to prune branches up to a height of 4 meters. Another very interesting aspect is its 15º angled cutting head with which you can make cuts in difficult-to-access areas. It is also very light and handy thanks to its weight of only 3.9 kg.

In this case, this tall chainsaw is equipped with a powerful 750-meter motor, a 25 cm long bar and a chain speed is 10 m / s. It should also be noted that it has a rubberized handle with a soft grip coating that offers a better grip and that it is supplied together with an ergonomic harness that reduces fatigue while working.

  • Perfect for pruning – It is an ideal chainsaw for pruning high branches from the ground avoiding any possible risk.

  • Very complete – It has a power of 750W, a bar 25 cm in length and the speed of the chain is 10 m / s.

  • Telescopic handle – Extendable shaft up to 2.7 m for jobs up to 4 meters high and head angled at 15º for difficult areas.

  • Light and handy – It is a comfortable, handy, and quite light tool since it only weighs 3.9 kg.

  • Specific model – It is a specific chainsaw for pruning work.

Ryobi Chainsaw Review – Buying Guide

The Ryobi chainsaw catalog is quite extensive, although in this case the brand only has electric and battery tools.

Although it does not have gasoline chainsaws, it does have several telescopic models with very good performance .


When choosing a chainsaw it is important that you follow a series of guidelines to ensure that you find the best model possible and at the most economical price.

First of all, you should think about your needs and the tasks that you usually do.

  • It is also highly advisable that you set a purchase budget and that all chainsaws operate at reasonable prices.
  • Check the most prominent models of the brand and compare the characteristics, benefits, and technical data of each one.
  • Filter two or three models that fit. Read the comments and see the ratings they have to see their pros and cons.
  • Check its price on various platforms, physical and online stores as they tend to vary from one to another.
  • Try to take advantage of some of the offers that come out periodically to save some money on your purchase.

Take advantage of the offers to buy a Ryobi chainsaw at the best price!

If you are trying to buy a cheap Ryobi chainsaw, the best option is to keep an eye out for the discounts that usually come out almost daily. In this section, you can see a list of the Amazon Ryobi chainsaws that are currently with the reduced price.

You can also take a look at other platforms and online stores since sometimes you can find a good Ryobi battery-powered chainsaw at Home Depot or similar establishments.

Ryobi Chainsaws: Opinions of Other Buyers

You’ve probably wondered if Ryobi chainsaws really are good. Without a doubt, it is one of the most prominent electric chainsaw brands on the market as you can see in the comments and reviews of other users.

And is that one of the most common recommendations that we always give is that you spend a few minutes to read the opinions that other people who have opted for a chainsaw of this brand are leaving .

In these reviews, you will always find very useful information that can be used both to confirm that you are looking at a good tool and to choose another model.

How much are Ryobi chainsaws priced?

As is the case with the vast majority of brands, the prices of Ryobi chainsaws vary a lot from one model to another .

You can find the cheapest models from just over a hundred euros and much more expensive models that can multiply their price considerably.

In any case, generally the models that range between 100 and 200 euros are more than enough for the tasks of pruning, felling and cutting firewood that most people do .

Used Ryobi chainsaws

Finally, although it is not the most common, it is also possible that they are thinking of buying a used Ryobi chainsaw. This is usually more frequent with more expensive brand tools where some models can go for a price.

In the event that you do not have a lot of budgets, it is best to check in some of them if these reconditioned or second-hand tools are sold on the online sales platforms. You can also go to a physical store with this service.

Without a doubt, these are the most recommended options since in this way you will have guarantees against any inconvenience and you can request the repair or return of the tool . Finally, it is interesting that you take a look at the official website of the brand.

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