Best Telescopic Chainsaws

A telescopic chainsaw is a bit different from traditional chainsaws, this is due to a pole, also called a telescopic bar . Its function lies in extending it in order to reach high places , this action is also possible thanks to a rotating pivot that allows the saw to be positioned in a vertical or horizontal direction.

If you have this model, then a ladder will not be necessary to prune a tree or a bush, which is why the risk of injury is reduced at heights. The functionalities and accessories will depend on the model and brand. If you want to know more, I invite you to continue reading this section, I will give you details about the best telescopic chainsaws and everything you need to know to choose one.


Telescopic Chainsaws

It consists of an electric chainsaw used for cutting at heights, Black Decker PS7525-QS . It works by means of a connection to alternating current , being the power of 800 watts , at first glance it is simple and it can be noticed practical .

Thus, being a telescopic type chainsaw , it has an extendable handle , its use lies in being able to reach places where it is difficult to make a cut, and for a comfortable grip , it has an ergonomic handle . I must also add its swivel pivot , as it allows the chainsaw to be positioned at different degrees to further facilitate the cutting process.

Among other characteristics, I must mention its low weight , it corresponds to 5.37 kg , a fact that makes good handling possible . In reference to the length of the bar , it only measures 25 cm , bordered by an OREGON chrome chain with low kickback, guaranteeing efficiency at the time of use.

In other respects, it has a system to brake the chain in just 0.15 seconds , in the event of any recoil from the chainsaw. That makes it a safe model .

Finally, as far as maintenance is concerned, the lubrication of the chain is automatically to avoid wear. Clamping comfortable ergonomic handle, pivot swivel, good efficiency and good security systems.

  • It can be positioned at 0⁰-15⁰ and 30⁰.

  • The handle is extendable, with the possibility of reaching up to 3 meters in height.

  • The purchase does not include oil for lubrication.

  • It is possible to use it only as a telescopic chainsaw and not manual, since the switch is located on the pole, close to the handle for clamping.

2. Bosch Universal Chain Pole 18

Telescopic Chainsaws

It consists of a chainsaw that you can use without connecting it to an electrical network , since its function depends on an 18 V battery, the Bosch Universal Chain Pole . It can be charged in just 1 hour , and is designed to withstand heavy work thanks to Bosh’s syneon chip technology.

The weight of this model is completely incredible, it corresponds exactly to 2.5 kg , it is quite light ; an important benefit when using.

Furthermore, the telescopic rod has a range of 2.6 m high, and regarding the length of the blade, is 20 cm. Another important point to mention is that it has a very sharp and good quality chain that speeds up the cutting work.

In addition, you can orient the chainsaw , this is possible thanks to a rotating head that allows the tool to be positioned at different angles.

Your safety is guaranteed thanks to an impact protection system that is located at the end of the bar, this also contributes to a better cutting precision . Not forgetting that it has an indicator for you to observe the oil level and, in this way, you do not have to lubricate when it is not required. Long-lasting battery in time and short charging time, good chain and has a rotating head.

  • The battery is included in the purchase of the chainsaw.

  • Accessory includes a shoulder strap. You can put it on in order to facilitate the handling of the chainsaw.

  • The battery is long lasting for heavy work.

  • Orientation is only possible in one plane: sagittal.

3. Einhell 3410800

Telescopic Chainsaws

This model, the Einhell 3410800 , corresponds to a multifunctional tool , a good option for cutting branches that are located high up. It is wireless , therefore, it works with an 18 Volt battery .

The extendable tube made of aluminum material does not have steps . In addition, it is possible to lock , which means that you can make adjustments to reach the height that is of your preference.

A handle is located in the path of the bar to improve grip , as well as allowing the tool to be maneuvered more easily.

As for the chainsaw as such; weighs 3.9 kg . In this order, the sword measures 20 cm in length and both it and the chain are of good quality (OREGON).

It should be noted that the power of this machine is sufficient to cut dry branches. However, this is not all the good thing about the tool, it is called “multifunctional” since it is not only a chainsaw for pruning, it also includes a hedge trimmer to make arrangements in the garden and obtain better results.

The latter has a tilting motor button , which makes 7 positions possible for better pruning and is the same simple.

  • It is a long-life tool due to the quality of the materials.

  • It has a tether strap to load the chainsaw.

  • It can reach 3 m in height to make a cut.

  • Does not include the battery and charger, it is necessary to buy separately.

Best Telescopic Chainsaws – Buyer Guide

The goal when buying a telescopic chainsaw is that you can reach places that are difficult to access to prune , but not all have the same characteristics. You must choose based on the work you are going to do and where it will be used most frequently.

It is important that you take into account the following:

Pole height

The reach it may have will depend on this. With some it is possible to carry out work at a height of 1 m, while with others it is possible to reach a height of 4 m. The tube is often made of aluminum material and has 3-way stepping. However, other bars do not have staggering, and can be adjusted according to preference.

Bar size

In telescopic chainsaws, the length is often between 20 cm and 35 cm, since this element can generate greater weight on the chainsaw, since if the length of the chainsaw is greater than the mentioned parameters, maneuvering the tool at heights can be difficult.

Power source

They are usually of the electric type, either battery-powered or with a connection cable. As it is this type of chainsaw, a wireless source (battery) is recommended, since it allows it to be moved from one place to another at the desired distance. But if it is a chainsaw that requires connection to the electrical network, it is important to take into account the length of the cable.

Cutting angle

Refers to the different positions in which the chainsaw can be placed, it is often thought that it is only possible to position in a sagittal or vertical plane, but this is not true. Some chainsaws have different degrees of position available in a plane perpendicular to the chainsaw. This fact provides facilities in the cutting process.

Chainsaw weight

This is usually located at the end of the telescopic bar, that is why in maximum extension, the weight can become a little higher.

Thus, a chainsaw whose weight is considered light is recommended, between 3-4 kg, although telescopic chainsaws weighing about 6 kg can be found on the market.

NOTE: it is advisable to read the instruction manual, since despite the safety systems, poor positioning can be dangerous.

Telescopic saws reviews

Models saw that I presented you in this article, currently maintains a very good rating by users who have bought some of these, being the satisfied most with the tool , then they emphasize the excellent value thereof .

These tools also stand out because they have good power for small cuts and in some cases, a little larger.

On the contrary, there have been very few negative comments , expressing dissatisfaction with the weight , as well as other elements, such is the case of the battery and charger that in some models is not included , perhaps that may be a small inconvenience, for I recommend that you check the accessories and characteristics of each tool before buying.

That said, it can be concluded by highlighting the good acceptance by users of the telescopic chainsaw models described here, each one being considered a very good option for pruning trees and shrubs without having to climb a ladder to perform gardening work.

Best Telescopic Chainsaws – FAQ’s

Where to buy a telescopic chainsaw?

When buying a telescopic chainsaw , the ideal is that you can buy it without any inconvenience , and if there are any, that you have the best service for a due refund or product exchange.

Amazon is a leading store in offering payment facilities through installments and allowing 2 options: payment with a credit card, as well as with a debit card.

Upon entering you can find a variety of products , and gardening and DIY tools are no exception. In addition, it is possible to find spare parts .

But this is not all, my recommendation is directed to this online store because in it it is possible to read each comment and observe both photos and videos that users leave in relation to the product they have purchased.

And if after everything I have told you in this article you still have doubts in relation to telescopic chainsaws, you can ask questions on Amazon’s digital platform , about the chainsaw you want to buy, in this way you can get answers from both the seller as well as other users .

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