Best Oregon Chainsaws

The Oregon chainsaw brand stands out for its excellent spare parts and is that many brands manufacture their models equipped with their chains and bars .

For this reason it is not surprising that the brand has very good electric chainsaws . In addition, it was the first manufacturer to design chainsaws with a self-sharpening system, which facilitates maintenance .

To offer you as much information as possible and to find the model you are looking for, in this guide you will find a complete analysis with the characteristics and strengths of each Oregon chainsaw .

1. Oregon CS1500 – best oregon chainsaws

Oregon CS1500

First we are going to discuss one of the best Oregon chainsaws . This tool is the only electric model on the market that has a self-sharpening system .

The most important technical data of the Oregon CS1500 chainsaw is its 15 amp motor with a power of 2400W, a chain speed of 14.7 m / s, and a 45 cm long bar. In addition, its total weight with chain and bar is 5.7 kg and it is equipped with a PowerSharp chain with 3/8 pitch and .050 ″ gauge.

The most special feature of this tool is its self sharpening system. And it is that just move a red lever, the chain is sharpened in just 3 seconds and it will work as if it were new .

As for the rest of the features, this electric Oregon chainsaw has an instant start by simply pulling the activator, has a minimum maintenance and is much less noisy than any gasoline chainsaw .

Finally, it should be noted that it has automatic chain lubrication and that its tensioning system is carried out without any type of tool. Without a doubt, it is one of the best-valued chainsaws that the Oregon brand has.

  • Self-sharpening electric chainsaw – It is the only electric chainsaw on the market with a self-sharpening chain.

  • Good performance – It has a power of 2400W, a chain speed of 14.7m / s, and a 45cm long bar.
  • Quiet and Maintenance Free – Maintenance is minimal and it is very quiet compared to gasoline models.
  • Great equipment – It has an instant start, the greasing of the chain is automatic and the tensioning of the chain can be done without using tools.
  • Corded – You will need a nearby outlet and / or an extension cord.

2. Oregon CS300-A6

Oregon CS300-A6

If you are looking for a quiet and powerful power tool for chopping wood in your garden or limbing work , the Oregon CS1400 chainsaw is one of the best possible choices.

Among the most important technical data of this model are its 15 amp motor with a power of 2400W, a 40 cm long bar and its ControlCut 91PXL chain that stand out for their low vibration and great cutting capacity .

It has instant start and stands out for being a silent chainsaw between cuts, with very low noise and without any fuel consumption as happens with gasoline models.

Another highlight is that the tensioning of the chain can be done without tools and that it has a Lubri-Tec automatic lubrication system that reduces chain friction and increases the operating time of the chainsaw.

Finally, one of the safety measures it includes is the chain brake system. This model is therefore a good electric option, although unlike the first chainsaw it does not have a self-sharpening system.

  • Value for money – It is one of the most outstanding electric chainsaws of the brand and has a very affordable price.

  • Powerful electric model – It has a power of 2400W and a 40 cm long bar.
  • No noise or emissions – It is a silent chainsaw between cuts, with low noise emission and no fuel consumption.
  • Well, Equipped – Features instant start, tool-free chain tensioning, Lubri-Tec automatic lubrication system, ControlCut 91PXL chain brake and chain.
  • No Self Sharpening System – No self-sharpening chain system compared to CS1500.

3. Oregon 603348 CS1400 Corded Chainsaw

Oregon 603348 CS1400 Corded Chainsaw

In third place we have one of the models with the best value for money since this chainsaw is the most economical of the brand and offers very interesting benefits.Taking a look at its technical characteristics, the Oregon PS1200 chainsaw has a power of 1800W and a cutting speed of 14 m / s. In addition, its sword is 35 cm so it offers a good cutting width.

It should also be noted that it is a fairly light and handy tool so it is very easy to use .

Regarding its equipment, it comes with a 3/8 ″ Oregon ControlCut chain, it has automatic chain lubrication, and tensioning can be done without using tools.

  • Very economical price – It is the cheapest electric model of the brand.

  • Good performance – It does not reach the performance of the first two models but offers good performance.

  • Light and handy – It weighs less than other models and is very easy to use.
  • Low maintenance – Has automatic chain lubrication and chain tension without tools.
  • Not as powerful – This is a cheaper chainsaw with less power and a slightly smaller bar.

Best Oregon Chainsaw – Buying Guide

The Oregon chainsaw catalog is not too extensive compared to the number of chains, bars, sharpeners and all kinds of spare parts available. However, the brand has very good electric and battery models .


The Oregon brand is one of the most prominent in the world of chainsaws but not so much for its tools and its parts and spare parts are excellent .

Of its chainsaw models, the most important are the electric and battery-powered ones that have a distinction over other brands, the self-sharpening system used by its two most iconic chainsaws . The only thing missing is Oregon gasoline chainsaws.

The recommendations for purchasing an Oregon chainsaw are similar to those for purchasing any other tool:

  • First, collect all the information you can about the models that interest you the most.
  • Compare their performance and technical data to get a clearer opinion.
  • Check the price in different stores both physical and online.
  • Try to take advantage of an offer or promotion to buy it cheaper.

How much are Oregon chainsaws priced?

The first thing you have to keep in mind, the price of an Oregon chainsaw can vary from one store to another either due to shipping costs, the origin of the distributors or the possible promotions they have at that time.

Reviewing the catalog of tools that the brand has, the prices of Oregon chainsaws range from one hundred euros that the simplest electric chainsaw costs to more than three hundred of the pack that includes the battery chainsaw, the charger and its accessories.

Oregon Chainsaws: Other Buyers’ Opinions

Once you have seen all the information you have available and you are clear about which model is the one that best suits your needs, it is highly recommended that you look at the opinions of Oregon chainsaws on Amazon or in similar stores .

In this way you can get a better idea of ​​the product since these types of opinions are much more accurate because buyers have already been using their chainsaws.

In addition, your opinion about the Oregon chainsaw will be much more complete if you discover new details that you had overlooked and take into account the ratings and reviews that other people have made.

A less recommended option, but one that in certain cases can be useful, is to try to find a used Oregon chainsaw that is well maintained and costs you well.

It is easier to find a model like this in a physical or spare parts store that has this service than in second-hand pages. However, the best option is still to buy new Oregon chainsaws to make sure you have a warranty period to deal with any problems.

Oregon Chainsaw Parts

One of the great advantages of buying a chainsaw from a recognized brand is the possibility of finding parts and spare parts for any model.

In this particular case, it is very easy to find spare parts for Oregon chainsaws since a large number of models from other brands incorporate both their chains and their bars .

For this reason, if you need a chain, a sprat, a sharpener for Oregon chainsaws or any other kind of accessory, you will be able to find it in specialized stores and on platforms such as Amazon without any problem.

As a note, you must make sure that the characteristics of the part are correct by checking the manual of your Oregon chainsaw . In addition, in the event that you are going to do the cutting of your Oregon chainsaw, I have on hand or consult an explanatory video that will facilitate the task.

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