Best Bosch Chainsaws

The Bosch chainsaw brand is one of the most prestigious firms in the world of DIY and garden tools and has a wide variety of models in its catalog. Without a doubt, the first thing to highlight is its electric and battery-powered chainsaws thanks to their fantastic performance and really low prices So if you need a chainsaw for pruning, chopping firewood, or a telescopic model, Bosch is a great option.

To make your search easier, in this guide you have available an analysis of the best Bosch chainsaws on the market so that you can find the most suitable one for you. Discover the characteristics and strengths of each electric Bosch chainsaw!

1. BOSCH GCB10-5 – Best Bosch Chainsaws

BOSCH GCB10-5 (1)

The BOSCH GCB10-5 chainsaw is one of the best tools of the brand, it has very good ratings and is one of the most sold. This model is perfect for cutting logs, branches, and small trees

Among its most important features we must highlight its 1800 W motor, its 35 cm long bar and a high-quality chain that allows sawing with great precision . In addition, the aerodynamic system SDS is very useful to adjust the tension of the chain without using tools.

The chain of the Bosch AKE 35 electric chainsaw is made of chrome and has a chain speed of 9 m / s . The total weight of the machine is 4 kg counting the chain and bar and therefore it is light and very handy .

As for the rest of the equipment, this chainsaw has a Quick Stop system and automatic chain lubrication, as well as an oil tank with level display . Due to its robust design and that it is manufactured with quality materials, it is a model with a very long useful life .

  • Very versatile – It is an ideal electric chainsaw for cutting firewood, branches, and small trees.

  • Good performance – It has an 1800 W motor and a 35 cm long bar.
  • Great equipment – It has a Quick Stop system, automatic chain lubrication, and SDS aerodynamic system.
  • Light and handy – It is very light and handy since it only weighs 4 kg and has a chain speed of 9 m / s.
  • Intermediate model – It has a lower chain speed and power than the AKE 40-S 19 chainsaws that you can see below.

2. BOSCH JS260


Are you looking for a battery-powered Bosch chainsaw? The Universal Chain 18 model has a really lightweight since it only weighs 3 kg including the lithium battery and is a great alternative to electric chainsaws.

Among the most important technical characteristics of this Bosch cordless chainsaw are its 18 volts, electric power of 45 watts, its 20 cm long bar and its chrome chain. It should also be noted that the cutting length is 13.5 cm and the chain speed is 4.5 m / s.

It also has an aerodynamic SDS system that allows you to change or tension the chain without using tools and a blade guard with perfect grip teeth to make clean cuts from below with very little damage to the branch.

One essential thing is that the pack includes the battery and the charger. Although the price of the Bosch cordless chainsaw is somewhat higher than the electric models, one of the great advantages is that you do not have to be aware of cables or plugs . Finally, it is important to highlight with the tool you can make up to 40 cuts per charge. In addition , the battery charging time is 1 hour and in 40 minutes a charge of 80% is obtained.

  • Lightweight and maintenance-free – It only weighs 3kg making it a very light Bosch 18v chainsaw.

  • Good cutting speed – It has a 20 cm bar and a chain speed of 4.5 m / s.
  • Fast charging – In 1 hour it is charged and you can forget about cables and plugs.
  • Includes battery and charger – The pack includes a PBA battery, a charger, 80ml of oil, a chain, a chain liner, and a guide rod.
  • Demanding jobs – For long jobs, it is better to go for another type of chainsaw

3. Bosch JS365

Bosch JS365

The following model is another of the best values of the brand. It is an electric chainsaw with a motor power of 1900 W and a chain speed of 13 m / s that offers great cutting performance.

It features a 16 ” long bar and triple-length chrome chain for long-lasting sharpening. The tool has a weight of 4.7 kg including the bar and the chain.

It is a very handy chainsaw and thanks to its SDS system the chain can be changed and tensioned without having to use any tools. In addition, its holding brake is capable of reacting instantly and has a great balance to be able to work in any position.

Regarding the rest of its equipment, it has seven steel claws that guarantee a firm hold, steel chain links, a large 200 ml oil tank and automatic oil lubrication . Finally, thanks to its ergonomic handle you can saw and fell both horizontally and vertically.

  • Powerful electric model – It is an electric chainsaw with 1900 watts of power and a chain speed of 13 m / s.

  • Good sword – It has a 40 cm sword and is very comfortable to use.
  • Great equipment – Features an Extra Long Life triple chrome chain, SDS system, and holding brake
  • With carrying case – Unlike the vast majority of models, a carrying case is included in the pack.
  • For not very demanding tasks – It is recommended for occasional use or tasks that are not very demanding.

4. Bosch JS470EB

Bosch JS470EB

The following Bosch electric chainsaw is within the brand’s professional range of tools. It is a powerful, resistant and high-performance machine for all types of woodwork.

Among its most important technical data, it stands out its powerful 2100 W motor, a 40 cm long Double Guard bar, and its constant 12 m / s chain speed thanks to its electronic regulation.

The SDS system allows the chain to be changed without having to use other tools and its compact and balanced design together with its ergonomics allow the user to work effortlessly.

It is equipped with a double braking system that guarantees a response time of the safety brake of fewer than 0.1 seconds and with protection against any type of motor overload. Without a doubt, it is a great chainsaw if you are looking for a professional tool with superior performance than the models in the Bosch Garden range characterized by its green color.

  • Professional electric chainsaw – It is an electric chainsaw of a professional range superior to the rest of the models.

  • Very powerful – It has a powerful 2100 W motor and a chain speed of 12 m / s.
  • Great Sword – Features a 40 cm long Double Guard Great Sword.
  • Maximum safety – It is equipped with a double braking system to guarantee maximum safety.
  • Somewhat higher price – Being from the professional range it has a higher price than other electric models.

Best Bosch chainsaw – Buying Guide

The Bosch chainsaw catalog is focused on power tools and therefore all the models that you will find are electric or battery-powered.

And is that the Bosch brand offers a good range of chainsaws for all types of jobs and conditions. For this, they have focused on electric chainsaws and models with a lithium battery.

For this reason, it is not possible to find any Bosch telescopic or pole-type chainsaw in the current product range and no gasoline-powered machines.

As a curious fact, what may be surprising is finding several toy Bosch chainsaws designed for the little ones to play.


help you find the model that best suits your needs, below are a series of tips and recommendations that can be very useful when looking for a good chainsaw .

In principle, to be able to make a good purchase, you have to act using common sense. The first step is to find all the information about the models that may interest you the most and then compare their performance and price.

You should also read the comments and reviews in addition to comparing the price of both the models and the one they have in the different physical stores or online platforms. Finally, be attentive for any offer or discount.

Is there a Bosch gasoline chainsaw?

Currently, in the brand’s catalog, there is no Bosch gasoline chainsaw and therefore you will have to look at models from other brands if you are not interested in electric or battery-powered chainsaws.

Bosch Chainsaws: Opinions of Other Buyers

Being a world-renowned brand, Bosch chainsaws generally have very good reviews .This is very easy to check, especially on pages like Amazon where users write a large number of comments on the files of each chainsaw. They also give you an assessment and in this way, you can get a much better idea of ​​the tool.

It is important that you read these reviews to get rid of any type of doubt and also in the case of not being clear about any characteristic or benefit, you can ask any question for the sellers to solve.

How much are Bosch chainsaws priced?

It is a fairly generic question since it depends on the type of tool and you also have to bear in mind that the price of a Bosch chainsaw usually varies from one store to another due to shipping costs, the origin of the distributor or some promotion.

Checking the price catalog of Bosch electric chainsaws, you can find the cheapest models for a price slightly higher than one hundred euros and if you need a professional tool, depending on which it is, it can cost up to triple.

Second-hand Bosch chainsaws

Finally, a different alternative to the ones you have seen now is to bet on buying used Bosch chainsaw, it is usually complicated but sometimes you can find a tool that is worth it .Of course, it is always better to buy new Bosch chainsaws and in this way ensure that you are covered by the warranty in the event of any type of problem that may arise.

Spare parts for Bosch chainsaws

Do you need a chain, spark plug or oil for your Bosch chainsaw? One of the advantages of big brands like this is that it is much easier to find all kinds of spare parts for Bosch chainsaws.

In the event that you are going to carry out the cutting of your Bosch chainsaw, it is highly recommended to consult the user manual that comes with the tool or consult the PDF that the brand has available on its website.

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