Best Electric Chainsaws

As the years go by, more and more are committed to the best electric chainsaws thanks to their comfort, good results and low maintenance . To help you find the electric chainsaw that best suits your needs, in this guide you have a complete analysis of the best models on the market with the characteristics and strengths of each one.

There is a wide variety of power tools and for this reason, this guide focuses on the classic electric chainsaws. If you are looking for a battery-powered, telescopic or pole model, it is best to go directly to the corresponding category.
Everything will depend on your needs. Are you looking for the best price-quality electric chainsaw on the market? Are you going to perform very demanding tasks on a daily basis? To help you find the most appropriate tool, below you will find several reviews where the technical data and best performance of the most valued chainsaws are explained in all kinds of detail.

1. EGO Power+ CS1800 – Best Electric Chainsaws

EGO Power+ CS1800

First of all, the EGO Power+ CS1800 is one of their best chainsaws, it has very good reviews and is one of the most liked among private users. It is an ideal tool for cutting firewood, branches, and small tree trunks.

The most interesting technical data of this chainsaw are its 1800W motor, a 35 cm long bar, and a quality chain that guarantees very precise cuts. It also has an aerodynamic SDS system that is very useful to tension the chain without having to use tools.

Another of the most important aspects is that the tool’s chain speed is 9 m / s and that its chain is made of chrome. In addition, the chainsaw has a total weight of 4 kg counting both the bar and the chain itself and for this reason it is very light and easy to handle .

Regarding its equipment, this model stands out for its Quick Stop system that offers great safety and also has automatic chain lubrication to always keep it at an optimal level finally, it is necessary to comment that with a simple glance you can see the level of the oil tank. In short, this chainsaw has been manufactured with quality materials and a robust design to guarantee a long service life. If you are looking for a small electric chainsaw, the Bosch brand also has a couple of interesting models.

  • It is a perfect electric chainsaw for cutting firewood, branches, and small trees.

  • It has a power of 1800W, a chrome chain, and a 35 cm long bar.
  • It is equipped with the Quick Stop safety system, has automatic chain lubrication, and an aerodynamic SDS system.
  • Thanks to its 4 kg of weight, it is a light tool and very easy to use for the vast majority of users.
  • There are several more powerful models with a higher bar or chain speed.

2. Greenworks Pro 80V

Greenworks Pro 80V

A brand that also has very good electric models isGreenworks Pro 80V is perfect for individuals who are looking for a tool to make light cuts, delimits and small or medium-sized fellings .

The technical highlights of this tool are its powerful 1800W motor coupled with a chain speed of 14.5 m / s and a 35 cm long bar . In addition, this model has a weight of 4.7 kg and is therefore very light and handy to carry out any domestic work.

Among the main features of the UC3541A is its anti-kickback protection and chain lock that guarantee great safety for the user . In this way, in the event of any recoil detected by the machine, it stops immediately.

It also has a front handle that is specially designed to be able to use the chainsaw for both horizontal and vertical cuts while felling . Another important aspect is that the chain can be tightened or replaced very quickly and easily thanks to the lateral mechanism. Finally, the accessories include a plastic chain cover. And is that as with electric models, not having to be aware of buying fuel and more exhaustive maintenance is a great advantage.

  • An electric chainsaw for individuals who cut wood, remove branches, and small size fellings.

  • It has a 1800W motor, a chain speed of 14.5m / s, and a 35cm long bar.
  • It is very safe and has anti-kickback protection, chain lock, ergonomic front grip, and side-chain tensioning.
  • It is very light and easy to use thanks to its weight of 4.7 kg.

  • There are several models that have more power and a long sword.

3. BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

The following tool is one of the best in both the brand and category of best electric chainsaws. It is very simple to assemble, it is highly valued and it is a perfect model for demanding cutting tasks that other less powerful models cannot face with so many guarantees.

Among the most important characteristics of this chainsaw is its 2200 W power, its 45 cm long bar and a chain speed of 12.5 m / s that allows fast and precise cuts . One aspect to keep in mind is that the tool has a weight of 5.66 kg, which is why for some users it can be a bit heavy.

This model has a low kickback chain that guarantees smooth and efficient cuts in both dry and wet woods . In addition, thanks to its automatic chain lubrication system , cutting efficiency is higher and wear is reduced.

Among its equipment we must highlight the anti-vibration system and its ergonomic rear handle that facilitate the user’s work avoiding any unnecessary effort or bad posture. It is also a very safe tool since it has a chain brake system that is capable of stopping the chainsaw in just 0.15 seconds . Finally , the chain can be tensioned without having to use any tools in an easy and simple way , its oil tank has a large capacity and thanks to the easy filling system accidental spills are avoided.

  • It is one of the best electric chainsaws for somewhat more demanding jobs.

  • It has a power of 2200W, a 45cm long bar, and a chain speed of 12.5 m / s.
  • Its anti-vibration system, robust design, and its ergonomic rear handle stand out.
  • Standard equipped with a 0.15-second chain brake system, tool-free chain tensioning and automatic chain lubrication.

  • Due to its 5.66 kg of weight, it is possible that some users may find it a bit heavy.

4. Makita XCU08PT

Makita XCU08PT

The most prominent electric model of the brand is the Makita XCU08PT. It is a very powerful tool that is very easy to handle and is ideal for all kinds of tasks such as cutting firewood, limbing or felling small trees .

The most noteworthy technical data on the file of this chainsaw are a motor with a power of 2200W, a cutting speed of 15m / s and its large 40 cm long bar . In addition, this model has a weight of 5.6 kg and an oil tank with a capacity of 150 ml.

One of the most important features is that it has an Oregon brand bar and chain and they guarantee high quality cuts . Regarding the safety of the chainsaw, it has a recoil protector with mechanical brake that acts instantly and a safety bolt.

Among the standard equipment, this chainsaw has a soft start and it is possible to tension and change the chain without having to use tools . The automatic lubrication system of the chain is also essential to keep it ready at all times. Finally, its gears are made of metal to offer a very long useful life and it has a metal claw stop and an ergonomic handle that allows the worker to perform their tasks in a much more comfortable way.

  • It is a very powerful electric chainsaw ideal for cutting firewood, limbing, and felling small trees.

  • It has a power of 2200W, a cutting speed of 15m / s, and a 40cm long bar.
  • It is equipped with an Oregon bar and chain to guarantee a high quality of cut.
  • It has a recoil protector with a mechanical brake, safety bolt, tool-free chain tensioning, automatic lubrication system, metal claw, and ergonomic handle.

  • As with the Black and Decker chainsaw, its weight is somewhat higher when compared to the first two models.

5. Worx WG304

Worx WG304

Without a doubt, one of the best electric chainsaws in Worx WG304 and it is the only electric model on the market that has a self sharpening system . It also has powerful features which make it a very complete tool.

The most important technical specifications of this chainsaw are its 2400W power, a chain speed of 14.7 m / s and a 45 cm long bar. It incorporates a PowerSharp chain with 3/8 pitch and .50 ″ gauge and the only “but” is that it weighs 5.7 kg and can be a bit heavy for some users.

As I have already told you a little above, the most remarkable aspect of the tool is that it has a system to sharpen the chain. By simply moving the red lever, the chain is sharpened in a matter of seconds, achieving perfect operation day after day .

From its equipment it should be noted that by pulling the activator it starts instantly, it has minimal maintenance and that, as with power tools, it emits much less noise than a gasoline one. It also has an automatic chain lubrication system and chain tensioning can be done without tools. As a final note, not only is it one of the brand’s top rated Oregon electric chainsaws, it’s one of the best in the entire category.

  • It has a power of 2400W, a chain speed of 14.7m / s and a bar length of 45cm.
  • It is equipped with instant start, has automatic chain lubrication and the chain can be tensioned and replaced without the use of tools.
  • It is one of the most powerful and complete chainsaws, with minimal maintenance and is very quiet.
  • Due to its weight of 5.7 kg, it is the heaviest chainsaw among those analyzed.

Discover one of the best alternatives to Stihl electric chainsaws

Any Stihl electric chainsaw is synonymous with quality and good performance. The main problem for most users looking for a tool to take care of their farm or garden is the high price of the brand.

A somewhat cheaper professional alternative is this Husqvarna electric chainsaw . Among its most important features is its high chain speed, the inertial chain brake or the tool-free chain tensioning system.

It stands out for its power of 2000W, a large sword of 40 cm, and a fairly lightweight of 4.7 kg.

Other types of electric chainsaws

Once you have seen the models of some brands such as Bosch, Makita, Einhell, Black and Decker, Oregon, Husqvarna and Stihl , you already have much more information to assess which electric chainsaw interests you the most .

In addition, in the following sections you have available several chainsaws of other categories but which are logically also considered electric. You can also find some small electric chainsaws with shorter blades.

It is important that you remember to keep the tool in good condition and that is where the oil for electric chainsaws plays a very important role so that it is always ready.

Battery electric chainsaws

To see the most outstanding battery-powered electric chainsaws on the market, it is best to look in the section itself. Anyway, in the next gallery you have three of the best battery- powered chainsaws .

There you will find a very complete analysis of the five best models for you to find the ideal electric chainsaw with a battery.

Telescopic electric chainsaws

In the same way that it happens with the battery-powered models, to see the telescopic chainsaws in a much more detailed way, it is best to follow the previous link to their specific category.


Most of the guidelines to consider before purchasing an electric chainsaw are based on common sense and can be used for almost any product or tool.

  • Think about your most common jobs and tasks. What is better for me, an electric or gasoline chainsaw? Do I work for long periods?
  • You also have to do is collect all the information you can about the models that best suit what you are looking for.
  • Once this is done, compare the chainsaws by looking at their datasheet, technical data, and the most important characteristics of each one.
  • Check the opinions left by other users who have already bought the chainsaw and look at the scores and ratings of each one.
  • It is important that you look at the prices of electric chainsaws in several different stores. If possible, both on their web pages and in physical stores.
  • Finally, try to take advantage of any promotion or discount that may be available to spend a little less.

Electric chainsaws: Opinions of other buyers

One of the most determining factors when buying any product is the comments and evaluations that other people have made . In this case, it is also important to know the opinion of each person about the electric chainsaw that interests you.

Within online platforms, the best option is probably the opinion system that Amazon has about electric chainsaws and any other tool that comes to mind.

Being able to know first-hand what a product has looked like to many people who have bought it and are using it is great extra information. In addition, in case you have questions, you have an area where you can write any question about the chainsaw to the sellers and they will answer it in a short time.

What price are electric chainsaws?

In the market you can find a wide variety of electric chainsaws and prices but as a general rule there are very good tools at reasonably low prices compared to the industry average.

Reviewing the most prominent models, the prices of electric chainsaws range from around a hundred euros to quite high figures that can be tripled if you are looking for the best professional electric chainsaw among the most important brands such as Stihl or Husqvarna.

One thing to keep in mind is that the price of an electric chainsaw can vary from store to store for a number of reasons. Some of the most common are the shipping costs, the country of the distributors or the offers and promotions that may exist.

Take advantage of the offers to buy cheap electric chainsaws

In the event that you are not in a hurry to acquire your new chainsaw, it is highly recommended that you look every few days in case there is something new and wait for offers or discounts to come out .

In this way, if you take advantage of a good offer you can buy your cheap electric chainsaw and save some money. It is quite common to find promotions at almost any time of the year without having to wait for the classic sales. Don’t miss out on the best deals on electric chainsaws on Amazon!

Is there an electric chainsaw in Lidl that is worth it?

Simply no, Lidl has a section for power tools but it is aimed at small machines such as drills and screwdrivers, sanders, small-sized saws, etc.

If you prefer the physical purchase and you do not have weighing buying online, instead of looking for electric chainsaws in Lidl it is better that you go to Leroy Merlin and to a lesser extent to Bricodepot.

Leroy Merlin electric chainsaws

Leroy Merlin is undoubtedly the main competitor that Amazon has when it comes to selling these types of tools online . It has a wide variety of chainsaws and it is also the best option if you want to go personally to buy your tool .

Within these chains and establishments it is the most suitable place to look. For these reasons it is highly recommended that you also look for your electric chainsaw at Leroy Merlin to see if it has a better price than Amazon.

Bricodepot electric chainsaws

Although generally in its stores there are not many models and the variety of brands is scarce, it is one of the establishments most similar to Leroy Merlin and it is possible that you will find a good electric chainsaw in Bricodepot.

The main problem in these cases is that they do not have great offers, they lose by much difference compared to platforms like Amazon .

Carrefour electric chainsaws

As with Lidl stores, it is quite difficult to find a good electric chainsaw in Carrefour. As it is not an establishment dedicated to DIY products or similar machines, the variety of tools is quite limited .

Second-hand electric chainsaws

Finally, a different alternative is to look for a used electric chainsaw that is in good condition and that is at an interesting price . Sometimes Amazon also offers second-hand products but it is best to go to a store that has this service to see the status of the tool.

There is also the option of the classic pages for buying and selling used products and tools, but in the end, it is usually much better to buy new electric chainsaws to ensure that you have a guarantee against any problem that may arise.

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