Best Cheap Chainsaws

When purchasing the best cheap chainsaws, this does not have to mean spending excessive amounts, which is why the market offers a series of cheap chainsaws, which meet a series of characteristics: brand, model, size, weight, power, and accessories. But one of the most important points is that it combines economy and performance when carrying out your activities.

That is why we have prepared a list with the best cheap chainsaw options that the market offers us, stay in our article to learn more about it.

It is essential that, when choosing your saw, you take into account the type of work you are going to do, whether it is for something light, occasional or more intense, what is the most convenient brand, and most importantly, the budget that you have available.

1. Bosch AKE 40 – Best cheap chainsaws

Bosch AKE 40

This is an extremely light and handy tool. It integrates an SDS system, which allows the chain to be tensioned and changed comfortably without the need for additional tools. Chain speed is 9 m / s for optimal cutting performance.

Its Quick Stop retention brake , allows the reaction in the blink of an eye. It has a robust and high-quality design, for maximum durability. Its handle is ergonomic for both sawing and felling vertically and horizontally.

The steel claws serve to hold both firm and safe, and its large oil tank, integrates a level indicator, so that you can keep track of use. Its chain links are made of steel. It is a totally safe tool, with little weight, and very comfortable when carrying out the work. It can be cleaned easily, and its maintenance is also very good. Fully recommended.

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  • Includes chain saw, powerful and with less energy consumption

  • Its motor is 1,800W for precise cuts

  • Robust design to extend its useful life.

  • Chain speed is 9 m / s for optimal cutting.

  • Quick Stop system, for a break in the blink of an eye.

  • Oil consumption tends to be a bit high.

2. Einhell GEEC 2240 – Best price on chainsaws

Einhell GEEC 2240

Sierra electrical, extremely powerful and easy handling, making it a practical helper for sawing over buck and felling small trees, as well as for many other tasks.

Your chain can be tensioned and changed without the need for tools.

It contains a recoil protector with a mechanical brake, which guarantees safety at work.

It has a robust metal gear of a high value, providing transmission between force and long service life.

The chain contains automatic lubrication, and its safety pin is ideal for when the chain is suddenly released, it also contains a robust metal claw stop, for a safe conduct of felling and parting jobs. Saw capable of pulling and holding efficiently, cuts the branches in a very easy way from 15 cm to 37 cm. It is fully recommended for domestic use. In general it is extremely wonderful.

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  • Your OREGON quality bar and chain.

  • Both the tensioning of the chain, as the change does not require tools.

  • Its handle is ergonomic.

  • Metal claw stop.

  • Anti-shock protection, and immediate chain brake.

  • The instruction manual is not easy to understand.

3. Greencut GS620X – Best cheap chainsaw

Greencut GS620X

Ideal chainsaw for both pruning and felling, its gasoline engine, and its sword is 50 cm.Ideal for particular jobs that need power and efficiency. Its 62 cc 2-stroke engine, capable of producing 3.8CV, offering both constant and efficient power, its magnetic flywheel guarantees better cooling.

The oil pump is automatic and adjustable, for constant lubrication of both its bar and its chain.

The start is Easy-Start, being easy and reliable for a cold start. We are facing an electric machine, very efficient, it has little vibration, in general it is a purchase that will leave you satisfied. Fully recommended.

  • Excellent power / weight ratio.

  • Two-stroke gasoline engine.

  • Automatic oil pump.

  • Silent Blocks anti-vibration system.

  • Equipped with TRU-SHARP chain, for a better grip.

  • Easy access to your air filter, carburetor and spark plug for easy maintenance.

  • You tend to constantly lose chain oil, and gasoline when not in use.

4. MaikcQ – Best inexpensive chainsaw

Greencut GS62X

Chainsaw with high power and extremely lightweight. Its motor is 2400W, with a chain speed of 15 m / s, which is suitable for any pruning work. Its use is extremely easy due to its tensioning and quick chain change without the need for tools.Its bar is 40 cm, allowing the cutting of most sizes of trees, and integrates a metal gear to ensure a long service life .

Its manufacturers recommend that when starting the chainsaw, the mechanical brake should be released so that it can work Economical chainsaw, with a very good way to tension the chain, it is not necessary to disassemble anything, so it is very light and has good handling for domestic tasks, including cutting firewood.

  • Extremely powerful.

  • Quality Oregon bar and chain.

  • Automatic lubrication system.

  • Security system, with double switch and chain brake.

  • It is only suitable for domestic work.

5. Husqvarna 20 – best cheap gas chainsaw

Husqvarna 20

Ideal for pruning, and it has a gasoline engine and a 254 mm bar, it is very light and handy for those individuals who need an efficient chainsaw, for those work on branches, and other forestry work. It is equipped with a twostroke gasoline engine.

The automatic oil pump is adjustable and constantly lubricates both the chain and the bar. Its starting is Easy-Start so that its handling is both safe and reliable.Chain brakes are kickback, so the saw stops when it detects any kickback, providing greater safety.

It is an excellent electrical machine, which has a wide range of quite efficient features, the best is its automatic pump lubrication system. Good purchase option, without a doubt.

  • The powerful gasoline engine is 25cc and 1.3cv.

  • It is light and handy thanks to its low weight.

  • The bar is 10 ”with a protective cover

  • Silent Blocks anti-vibration system

  • Tru-Sharp chain, to minimize kickback.

  • It’s a bit heavy.

Our opinion on Best Cheap Chainsaws

After reviewing these products, we will tell you what you should take into account when purchasing a cheap chainsaw. Among them the following:


One of the most important factors, since, being comfortable, we can perform a task in the most comfortable way when handling it . Cheap chainsaws have a compact size and a weight that ranges between 3 and 4 kg, being ideal for people who are starting these tasks and are not adequate to the weight.

Oil pump

The vast majority of these saws work electrically, and have automatic systems to lubricate each of its components, so it is necessary that the oil pump remains adjustable, and its chain is in excellent condition, so it doesn’t wear out during use.

Crankcase and handle

These models combine ease of use and low cost. It is essential to have a crankcase with a quality coating, to protect its components. In addition, it is ideal that the handle is ergonomic, for a better grip during the performance of tasks.

Automatic brake

you must provide us with security, and it is essential to take it into account when purchasing a saw, making sure that it will stop in the event of an emergency. Avoiding future accidents and damages .

Cutting speeds

Cheap chainsaws do not have to be defective, most integrate speeds between 9 m / s for the lowest priced and 20 m / s when they are more expensive models. This point must be taken into account because a higher speed facilitates a speed in your cut.

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