Best Gas Chainsaws

Do you know which is the best gas chainsaws on the market? If your work consists of gardening, carpentry, sculptor or you are simply a homebody who loves your garden, you have probably found yourself in the uncomfortable situation of not knowing or not being very clear about which chainsaw to buy, but … Some are usually electric, of batteries; and those that I describe below, need fuel (gasoline). Which is the best depending on the activity you are going to do? Do you know?

Best Gas Chainsaws – Comparison Table

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It is important that you have knowledge about the characteristics of each model. This allows you to compare one model with another and determine if it suits you or not. For this reason, I expose you to the best gasoline chainsaws of this year, the cheapest and sold. Let’s go! Nobody likes to waste their money on something that doesn’t meet their expectations.

1. Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 – Best Gas Chainsaws

Husqvarna 16 Inch 130

We started with the Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 chainsaw, this power saw is an easy starter for a variety of jobs: felling and tree trimming. Functional for both thin and thick wood.

Its appearance is somewhat robust, however, it is manageable thanks to its ergonomic handlebar. But its weight is not so light, being 8.78 kg, approximately. Characteristically, the engine is 2-stroke, with a displacement of 38 ccs; quite powerful. It generates an uninterrupted force, making it effective when used.

Constant lubrication in the chain and the bar is provided by the oil pump, particularly automatic and adjustable. The length of the sword is 50 cm, which allows a fast and precise cut. However, for your comfort it has an anti-vibration system thanks to a flexible material called “silent block” whose function is to isolate the vibration of the engine, this, in turn, prevents you from getting tired quickly.

In addition, it allows access to its parts for easy maintenance without taking a lot of time.

These excellent features and its accessible value position it on Amazon as the best seller on the market.

A high quality and powerful chainsaw that cuts both small branches and large logs.

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  • Easy start.

  • “Silentblock” system.

  • Easy access to your parts.

  • 2-stroke engine.

  • Includes tool kit and chain.

  • What we like least

  • Due to the length of the sword it is not easy to handle.

  • Sometimes the chain may not be tensioned and requires it to be done manually following the instructions.

2. Greenworks G24CS25 – Best chainsaw for the money

Greenworks G24CS25

Now it is the turn of the Greenworks G24CS25, it is a slightly more practical chainsaw due to its dimensions, in fact, you can manipulate it with one hand; since its weight does not exceed more than 3 kg and it is feasible when taking it from one place to another.

Characterized by its frequent use for tree pruning. Another quite marked aspect is the engine capacity, provided by a displacement of 25.4 ccs (cubic centimeters).

On the other hand, the length of this best gas-powered chainsaw sword is 25.4 cm, which makes it an easy to use and very practical tool.

There is no doubt that its appearance is much less and even its power compared to the others, it is also. Caused that its value in the market is quite accessible.

Even so, these points are not limiting when it comes to quality, that is, this machine also has anti-vibration systems, a tool kit, and a quick start for your convenience. As well as safety protections, for example, the chain brake without recoil.

A handy, practical, and ergonomically designed tool that can be used with one hand.

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  • Small and light.

  • Cold start.

  • Consume little gasoline.

  • Constant power

  • Power not too high.

  • It lacks bearings at the tip of the sword.

3. Husqvarna 20 Inch 450 – Best small gas powered chainsaw

 Husqvarna 20 Inch 450

If what you are looking for is something durable and of quality for occasional and non-professional or intensive use; The PARKER brand gasoline chainsaw corresponds to being an excellent choice.

The engine has a displacement of 58 ccs (cubic centimeters), and its operation is 2-stroke; giving the necessary power to carry out cuts of wood and pruning with amazing ease.

The bar of this chainsaw model is 50 cm in length and its weight reaches 8.3 kg , which makes it a bit heavy when you are cutting the wood.

This tool includes 2 chains, a bar guard, and in addition to this a tool kit that can be quite useful when carrying out a replacement, assembly or other mechanical and maintenance tasks. Definitely an excellent value for money.

For occasional but non-professional use and is suitable for intensive work.

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  • Durable chainsaw.

  • Anti-vibration system.

  • Includes 2 chains.

  • Tools kit.

  • It has an oil and gasoline meter.

  • It is not that light.

  • At first, it may not be easy to install the chain.

  • It is not recommended for intensive use.

  • The quality of the chains could be better. However, they are interchangeable.

4. Makita EA3200S35A – Best gas chainsaw review

Makita EA3200S35A

I tell you that I frame it as one of my favorites, the makita EA3200S35A , for its performance when using it in intense jobs that require strength ; since its resistance is provided by an aluminum casing and additionally it has a metal finger whose main function is to improve the grip when cutting small and medium logs for long hours .

Although its appearance comprises a somewhat robust design , with a 35 cm long sword , it is quite light . When using it , it does not emit so many gases , since this chainsaw has an exhaust catalyst , if in your case the emission of gases tends to bother you.

The energy source is by gasoline, and the engine power is given by a displacement of 32 cc (cubic centimeters). Another important aspect to mention is that it has a system of shock absorption.

It allows easy access to the filter and other parts , which is beneficial for proper maintenance .

It offers a better grip due to its metal nail, as well as being light for work.

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  • Metal nail for better grip.

  • The catalyst for gas reduction.

  • Damping system.

  • Resistant for a long period of time in use.

  • Due to the material of the fuel tank, it is not very easy to see how much they contain.

5. Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 RancherBest gas powered chainsaw

Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Rancher

It is a high-end mechanical saw, the Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Rancher, whose power source is gasoline, but with the difference of an X-torq engine responsible for lower fuel consumption.

Designed for professionals in the area of ​​felling and pruning of trees due to the facilities it offers, for example, its easy start so that you do not waste time and do not have to apply a lot of force when turning on.

Mainly characterized by the quality of its materials and performance. Honestly, its cost is somewhat high, but it is worth it.

In relation to the engine, it has 40.9 cc of displacement and a centrifuged air for a cleaning system.

In addition, if what you are looking for is a structurally small and light chainsaw but with great power, the Husqvarna is composed of a 35.6 cm bar that allows it to be completely manageable.

Ideal for professionals since it has a high quality but with a slightly high cost.

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  • Easy assembly.

  • Quality material.

  • Lower fuel consumption.

  • It complies with environmental regulations.

  • The parts are assembled by the buyer.

  • Does not include additional accessories.

  • The chain is made of screws, however, in tension, it is not difficult.

What do you need to know to buy the Best Gas Chainsaws?

There are many important factors that you must take into account when choosing and buying a chainsaw model, but first, it is necessary that you have a clear idea about the use you intend to give it. But why?

Simply because it is not the same to use a chainsaw with a 50 cm bar to cut a large tree; Than to do it with one that has a 25 cm sword , because with the second it will not be so easy. In addition, being clear about the use that you will give it could save you money and the occasional displeasure .

If you are a frequent logger and pruner of medium and large trees, you probably need a power saw with a powerful motor and long bar for a quick cut .

If, on the other hand, your only purpose is to use it sporadically or for some activities at home , you do not need to spend money on a large chainsaw.

It is important that you keep the following in mind:


Keep in mind that the higher the displacement, the power will be much more.

Blade length:

The longer the blade , the easier it will cut thick wood. But if you don’t have experience with chainsaws, it won’t be that easy to handle. On the contrary, if the sword is short in length you may find it easy to manipulate, but it will not cut thick wood as easily.


This greatly influences your time and your comfort . For example; The ones I have described are cold-start and easy, but there are some that start by pulling a chain that usually costs a bit. And also, you have to wait for the machine to heat up.

Approximate weight:

If this mechanical tool will be your companion in your daily work, you cannot forget to take its weight into account, because the ideal is that you feel safe and comfortable when using it, that could avoid any inconvenience. Weight can cause you to lose your balance.

Crankcase materials:

IT is a very important part that performs the function of protecting the engine. This can be made of both plastic and aluminum, however I would recommend the aluminum one , since its function is longer in time.

Best brands of gas chainsaws

There are a wide variety of brands that for years have been in charge of offering chainsaws, expanding their functionality and providing one or another accessory for your comfort. In this way, it is able to position itself among the best-selling gasoline chainsaws , the best , among other classifications.

Positioning itself as one of the best in the market and with more time, since the first model presented was in 1927, the Dolmar brand . Next is the Sthihl brand , standing out for its quality and variety of products in the gardening area. Both brands of German origin.

Husqvarna is not far behind, as it also occupies a place as a market leader . It is preferred for its fuel-efficient systems . Offers modern products.

Other brands:

  • Bosh
  • Husqvarna
  • Makita
  • Einhell
  • Greencut

Where to buy a Best Gas Chainsaws?

Without a doubt, I must say that so far the safest place to buy products and in this case to buy a gasoline chainsaw , is Amazon . Surely you are thinking that it is the answer that you expected. But do you know how many companies usually say that the customer is a priority? Many, right?

The difference is that Amazon shows it to you with its payment options in a secure way. Also, their return policy is quite accessible; If your product is defective, you have 30 days to return it.

It is precisely in it where you can find a wide variety of chainsaws of different brands , as well as you can find spare parts and accessories . And if that were not enough, each product has its specifications.

If there is something that can dispel any doubt, it is the experience and opinion of a user after purchasing your product. You have the opportunity to read in the comments section if you still have some doubts about chainsaws.

Safety Tips, Warnings, and Precautions for Using a Chainsaw

Each chainsaw has a user manual included in which the instructions for correct assembly of parts are described . If you are a beginner and it is difficult for you to carry out the assembly correctly, I suggest you contact an expert.

Ideally, you should read the manual and pay attention to the warning signs before using the chainsaw. However, here I mention some general safety tips so that you can exercise caution and avoid any inconvenience.

  • If you notice that l as pieces do not fit, or the product has reached defectively your hands do not turn on the machine .
  • I suggest that you do not move with the chainsaw on, better turn it off.
  • Do not use it if you are tired or under the influence of alcohol.
  • Avoid using the chainsaw running above your shoulders since at this height it is much more difficult to handle it and more if it is a robust chainsaw.

If you do not have knowledge about cutting at heights, then avoid doing it, you could lose your balance, I advise you to instruct yourself on the positions when making the cut and thus avoid any type of injury.

Finally, do not forget that each one has specific characteristics, making them different. In the user manual, you can read about maintenance that the machine must-have.

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