Best Chainsaw Under 300

If you have a garden, no matter how small, you will need a chainsaw. Chainsaws are extremely useful tools that can perform a large number of tasks. They are tools, in short, very versatile.

For this reason, we have created this guide so that you know which is the Best Chainsaw Under 300 and which is the one that is best for you, because the most important thing is that it adapts to your needs. Your chainsaw should adapt to you and not you to it.

In these terms, it is necessary to know how to buy one of these devices, not only to save money but to avoid losing it foolishly. What cannot happen is that you buy a model that does not meet your demands.

Best Chainsaw Under 300 – Reviews

What brands of chainsaws can you choose?

It is very important to know which are the Best Chainsaw Under 300 brands on the market. In this section, we will clarify the solution to this question.

Stihl Chainsaws

Founded in 196, it is one of the industry leaders. Its chainsaws are characterized by their quality, their resistance, and the quality of their components. Almost nothing.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

It is the second-largest chainsaw brand. It is of Swedish origin and produces chainsaws for both home and professional use, hence its good reputation.

Makita chainsaws

This manufacturer is more multidisciplinary since it also manufactures other types of machinery, which has not prevented its chainsaws from becoming famous.

These are the main brand manufacturers, the ones with the best quality and which, therefore, are more recommended to buy.

1. DEWALT DCCS670B – Best Chainsaw Under 300 

DEWALT DCCS670B - Best Chainsaw Under 300 

The DEWALT DCCS670B Chainsaw is the Best Chainsaw Under 300 has an excellent weight/power ratio that makes it one of the best today, it incorporates the Easy-Start manual start system that allows rapid ignition with minimal effort, this tool provides stability ideal thanks to its anti-vibration system by silent blocks.

which reduces user fatigue, it has a totally ergonomic handlebar and its unbeatable weight distribution guarantees an optimal balance.

In addition, this DEWALT DCCS670B Chainsaw brand machine prunes with a gasoline engine and CARVIN sword 25 centimetres long, it is perfect for carrying out tasks that require a light and efficient chainsaw,

since it only has an approximate weight of only 9.4 Pounds, Equipped with a two-stroke engine with a safety lock, chain brake that acts in the event of a kickback, and automatic chain lubrication for perfect operation, so that you can work without any inconvenience.

Very good chainsaw, its assembly is totally quick and easy, very comfortable to handle, it is ideal for cutting small logs, thanks to its weight it can be controlled with one hand, and its design is very ergonomic, so it guarantees you a grip safe while you’re using it, it should be noted that your engine starts the first time, so it avoids fatigue, 100% recommended, it is a good purchase.

  • It has a 2-stroke engine with a safety lock .

  • CARVIN sword is 25 cm long.

  • It has an Easy-Start manual start system.

  • Includes anti-vibration system.

  • Easy to handle.

  • It has a compact and lightweight design, it weighs 4.6 kg.

  • It has a good weight/power ratio.

  • It does not have bearings at the tip of the bar.

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2. Husqvarna 240 2 HP – Best Chainsaw Under $300

Husqvarna 240 2 HP - Best Chainsaw Under $300

The Husqvarna 240 2 HP Gas Chainsaw is the best chainsaw under 300 is completely light to carry out any type of work, it is a piece of ideal equipment for those looking for a tool that offers easy handling and safe starting,

it has a simple starter motor that allows you to start the first time, in such a way that the user avoids fatigue, it has an X Torque engine that guarantees lower fuel consumption and a great reduction in the level of emissions to obtain excellent results.

This Husqvarna chainsaw has a centrifuged air cleaning system for reduced use, plus its low fuel consumption and gas emissions allow,

it to comply with the most demanding environmental regulations, so you can be sure of its use. and work with complete peace of mind, the best of all is that its operation is gasoline, helping to reduce consumption.

Good chainsaw, it is easy to assemble, it has a fast ignition, since it starts the first time, avoiding those bad times that can cause fatigue, its sword has a good weighs 10.2 pounds, in such a way that it is ideal for cutting logs small and large, it has excellent power, without a doubt a good buy, 100% recommended.

  • It has an air cleaning system.

  • It has an innovative and compact design, barely weighing 4.4 kg.

  • It has an X Torque engine for lower fuel consumption.

  • Its starting is simple.

  • Complies with environmental regulations.

  • Your chain size is a bit small.

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3. WORX WG304.2 Saw – Best cheap chainsaws

WORX WG304.2 Saw - Best cheap chainsaws

The WORX WG304.2 Saw is the best chainsaw under 300 that has an excellent weight/power ratio in handling, has a compact and innovative design that offers total comfort while it is being used,

its engine has an aluminium casing that is especially resistant and easy to handle, in such a way that it guarantees the duration of the machine, its chain has a very good speed of 22.86 M / S, which allows you to achieve the best results for any job.

This machine has a large bar that is 20.6 x 14.6 x 8.1 inches, totally easy to handle thanks to its very lightweight of just 11.3 pounds, making it the ideal chainsaw to carry out work outside the home,

the best thing about this tool is that it has a two-stroke engine that allows it to go faster and optimize its resources, in addition, its coating and its handle are made with a magnesium alloy in such a way that it provides durability.

Excellent chainsaw, its sword has a good size that allows you to work with complete peace of mind and comfort, it has an on / off button that makes it easy to use, what stands out most about this model is that it has a perfect start, you don’t have to make any effort, plus it has an innovative and elegant design, without a doubt a successful purchase, 100% recommended.

  • It has a sword of excellent length, 25 cm long.

  • It has a 2-stroke engine.

  • It is a compact and lightweight chainsaw, just 3.7 kg.

  • It has a good relationship between weight and power.

  • Its chain has a speed of 22.86 M / S.

  • It has an elegant and innovative design.

  • It lacks a bit of power.

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4. Black and Decker LCS1020 – Best quality chainsaw

Black and Decker LCS1020 - Best quality chainsaw

The Black and Decker brand provides some best chainsaw under 300 that has high-tech elements with great features, comfortable, safe and easy to use, it has a completely simple starting which reduces the effort by 40% when starting the machine,

its engine incorporates state-of-the-art technology Ensuring maximum power and lower energy consumption, the hood of this tool is easy to open to provide quick access to the air filter.

This chainsaw has a magnesium crankcase, which is much lighter and provides better heat dissipation, the pump key is integrated into the crankcase,

it also has a fuel gauge, which will allow you to view the fuel level throughout At the moment, as well as its innovative design, it greatly distributes the weight of the different components, this tool is ideal for forest maintenance, thanks to the high quality of its elements and its high resistance.

Excellent machine for felling, it has good features that allow you to achieve the best results, it is ideal to take anywhere outside, it has an elegant and innovative design, it is compact and totally light with an ideal weight, in such a way that guarantees comfortable and safe handling when using it, it is undoubtedly a very good chainsaw, 100% recommended, it is a wise purchase.

  • It has a high-power 45.4 cc gasoline engine.

  • It has an easy start to reduce effort by 40%.

  • It has a power of 2.7 kW / 2 Hp.

  • It is an ideal chainsaw for felling.

  • It has an innovative design, with an approximate weight of only 5.5 kg.

  • It has a fuel indicator that allows you to view its consumption.

  • It’s a bit of a noisy tool.

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What is a chainsaw and what is it for?

The saws are conceived as a device designed to perform very different tasks but especially have oriented cutting shrubs and trees, ie vegetation, and pruning.

The difference between the best chainsaw under 300 and a pruner is that in addition to the former being more versatile, it is also much faster.

This speed does not attribute any quality defects, but they are usually more precise than a manual mower, in general. The chainsaw, therefore, has great power and allows to cut vegetation with very little effort, as we have said, it is much better than an axe or a saw.


Best Chainsaw Under 300 are usually of high quality, they are usually resistant, but their greatest advantage is that they are extremely effective.

While with an ax you can spend an hour to cut down that annoying tree, with a chainsaw you can obtain the same results in just 5-10 minutes. For this reason, they are so efficient, because they save a lot of time.

However, we cannot consider that it is a complicated tool at all. Best Chainsaw Under 300 is made up of a motor that moves a toothed chain that is on top of a bar.

Best Chainsaw Under 300 has had, from the beginning, a very fast evolution. In fact, the former needed more than one person to be able to operate with them. After the Second World War began to manufacture chainsaws that could be used by one person.

To delve into the operation of the chainsaw, we will tell you that the movement that allows the drive of the toothed saw occurs in the motor. An electrical spark jumps from a spark plug that causes an explosion of the gasoline (which has oil) inside the cylinder.

This drives the piston, which generates movements from top to bottom, which through the crankshaft is converted into a circular movement. This circular motion is transmitted to a pinion that rotates the chainsaw.

How They Work and Parts of a Chainsaw

Regarding the components of the chainsaw, it is made up of a Best Chainsaw Under 300 and a motor that drives it. That is, there are two parts, the motor group, and the cutting apparatus.

The engine is formed by the refrigerator, muffler, carburettor, the electrical system, and starting the transmission, the clutch, the lubricator, and the shock absorber. There are parts that are moving and parts that are fixed.

The cutting device is made up of the bar, the chain, the studs, the guides, the pinion, the oil pump, the tensioning screw, and the claws.

Regarding the motor group, the most important thing is the motor, which gives it its name. These are usually two-stroke and work in a somewhat complex way. In short, the piston, which has a continuous movement, compresses the fuel mixture. In, a second time the explosion of gasoline occurs.

The advantages are that no valves are required, which saves time and makes it more economical. The march is also more regular when an explosion occurs and, finally, it does not require a different lubrication system.

The disadvantages are that it is very polluting since it burns a lot of oil and continuously. Also, they consume a lot of fuel.

Regarding the cutting device, the main elements are the bar, the chain, and the pinion. The bar is simply a sheet of curb that allows you to install the chain. But there are different types of swords, those with a pinion point, those with a fixed point, and those with an interchangeable point.

As you can see, perhaps the operation of a Best Chainsaw Under 300 is a bit confusing, but the important thing is that it turns out to be a very useful tool for cutting vegetation.

What are the height pruners or chainsaws like?

The height Best Chainsaw Under 300 allows us to cut branches that are at a great height and without the need to use any kind of support, such as a ladder.

The engine is a two-stroke that is mounted on a telescopic transmission. This transmission allows for improving the range between 2 and 6 meters. However, it should be noted that the maximum diameter supported by this tool is 4 to 5 centimetres. Therefore, if we want to cut branches or thicker vegetation, we must use a normal chainsaw.

Regarding safety, we recommend wearing a helmet, glasses, and earmuffs. A harness can also prevent a painful fall if you use a ladder at the end.

What chainsaw for pruning or felling trees to buy?

When buying a chainsaw it is necessary that it adapts to our needs. For example, if we want to cut softwood, it makes no sense to buy a gasoline chainsaw since we will have excess power. To cut thick woods, however, an electric one will do us almost nothing.

However, our recommendation is that you buy a Best Chainsaw Under 300 that is overpowered, otherwise you can risk that if you use it for something different you will not have power. Therefore, the best thing is that on some power.

What is the best chainsaw brand on the market?

The Best Chainsaw Under 300 has become an ideal tool for home or professional jobs, as they allow the work of gardening, home, and forestry especially tasks those of maintenance of forests, vegetation pruning, and felling trees also are teams really useful for cutting and chopping firewood in order to carry a good amount for the arrival of winter, so that you can keep the fireplace in good shape to heat your home.

Currently, chainsaws are essential to carry out all these tasks, however, there is a wide variety of brands, models, and sizes to choose from, so opting for a team is not as simple as it seems, but you do not have to worry If you are looking for a Best Chainsaw Under 300 and you don’t know which one to choose, here we have prepared a comparative guide with the best options on the current market so that you know which one to choose when purchasing yours, just keep reading.

Our opinion on the Best Chainsaw Under 300 

The Best Chainsaw Under 300 stand to adapt to all kinds of work, both those made at home and those professional type, have great autonomy since you allowed to have complete freedom of movement, as it is in the case of chainsaws petrol which are the ones that stand out in this post, because these machines are not subject to any cable, yes, keep in mind that for them to work you must have gasoline and that their price is a bit high, however, they are high-quality tools that they guarantee you get the best results.

That is why having a chainsaw is essential for any occasion that arises, however currently there is a great variety of these tools, each of different brands, prices, and sizes, in this post we have left you the best brands of chainsaws, so you know which one to choose when making your purchase.

Best Chainsaw Under 300 – Buyer Guide

Before choosing a Best Chainsaw Under 300 you should know that there are some aspects to take into account so that your purchase is as successful as possible, here we show you what they are.

Frequency of use

This is an extremely important aspect since you must know how often you will use the Best Chainsaw Under 300, the ideal is to buy an electric chainsaw if its use will be brief, otherwise, you should opt for a gasoline model that has greater power, in this way you will have better results.


The weight of the Best Chainsaw Under 300 is an aspect to keep in mind, since the lighter it is, the more comfortable it will be to use, in such a way that if you have little or a lot of experience in chainsaws, the ideal is that you acquire a light and compact model.

Sword length

Undoubtedly a fundamental aspect, the length of the sword is determined by the size of the trees to be cut, or the use that you are going to give it, a long sword guarantees the possibility of cutting large trees, although at the same time it is a bit more uncomfortable to use, while short swords do not work for large trees, however, they weigh much less and can be handled easily, you just have to choose the one that suits your needs.

Types of chainsaws

In this section, we will explain the types of chainsaws that exist according to the type of engine.

Electric chainsaws

The length of the sword is usually 35 to 40 centimetres, and they are ideal for cutting softwoods, such as, for example, it could be that of hedges or shrubs.

They tend to have power between 1600 to 2200 watts, so they are not as powerful as gasoline. Maintenance is simple since you only have to fill the oil tank, of course, also, given the wear, you will have to sharpen them. In this way, they will continue to cut efficiently and effectively.

However, the problem is that they work by cable, which gives less autonomy and freedom of movement than lithium batteries. An extension cord may be the solution you are looking for.

Gasoline Chainsaws

They are by far the most powerful of all. This is so because they work with a two-stroke blast power. This does not mean however that they do not have disadvantages, for example, the maintenance is much higher and more expensive.

These Best Chainsaw Under 300 use gasoline mixed with oil so they are very polluting. But if you are not concerned about this aspect, it is, without a doubt, the best type of chainsaw. They are ideal for cutting hard and thick woods. They have greater autonomy than others.

Lithium Battery Chainsaws

They are ideal for cutting soft elements, at most 15 centimetres. But, above all, they are ideal for pruning at height. Of course, if they are light, it is not recommended at all.

The power is 18 to 36 volts so the power cannot be equated with gasoline. Maintenance is the same as for cable electrics. They are very easy to handle because, unlike cable electrics, they do not have that cable that limits movement so much. However, batteries are generally short-lived as they require a lot of electricity to function properly.

Materials quality

Best Chainsaw Under 300 is a great tool, so it is essential to acquire a model that is made by a good brand that inspires confidence, that guarantees that its materials are high-end, that they include a good number of accessories, and that they have a guarantee, Make sure that the model you choose has high-quality materials, in this way you will be extending the useful life of your chainsaw.

What is better a gasoline chainsaw or an electric chainsaw?

They are two different things and it is very difficult to compare them, but we will try to do them. The main advantage of electrics is that they turn out to be very comfortable when cutting softwoods, they are the best. Also, the lithium battery ones are the best. Maintenance is very simple and hardly requires it.

The most obvious advantage of gasoline engines is the fact that they require a lot of power. Power, without a doubt, is a great ally, however, it is not recommended to use them with softwoods as they are very aggressive, so they do more harm than good. The main disadvantage is that they require more maintenance, but do not have cables that restrict your freedom of movement.

In conclusion, an electric or gasoline one will be more or less Best Chainsaw Under 300 good depending on the type of wood or vegetation you face.

Best Chainsaw Under 300 : Maintenance and Prices

  • Regarding the maintenance of the chain, it is advisable to do it daily. By daily we mean when it is used, not every day.
  • First, the chain must be cleaned with water and detergent. No need for deep cleaning.
  • You also have to check the condition of the chain, such as the teeth and the center link.
  • The sword must be mounted to maintain the sharpening, otherwise it will not cut. Which will make it a useless junk.
  • You have to check the punching teeth, and perhaps it is necessary to lower them with a flat file.
  • The price, as you can see, is not very expensive. In fact, what is expensive is not performing maintenance, because if you do not do it it can be damaged. My recommendation is that if it breaks down, buy a new chainsaw.

Do i need a chain sharpener?

You need it to perform proper maintenance, without it, many problems can occur. For example, a chain that is practically dull and has been maintained requires a longer duration of work (time is wasted), more fuel (money is lost) and more effort.

But it is not only reduced to this, but it also wears faster so that the bar, the pinion or the motor can be damaged.

Series of precautions when using a chainsaw

  • Read Tool User Manual
  • Do not use it under the influence of alcohol
  • Wear tight clothing or overalls so you don’t get caught on the chainsaw

Hold it tight

When you cut, hold the chainsaw firmly to let it go. Think that the power is very high and can get thrown. If it is fired and is in operation the consequences can be fatal.

Always transport it off

When transporting the chainsaw that is turned off. Otherwise, you could break it.

Seek the help of a professional if you do not have adequate experience

Some cutting tasks require the help of a professional or, directly, have them done by a professional.

Be alone when using the chainsaw or keep a safe distance

When using the chainsaw, make sure that no one is around you or that someone startles you when you are using it.

Wear protective glasses

Wear glasses for added protection.

Keeping the chainsaw properly sharp

Keep it sharp for proper maintenance.

What is the best chainsaw?

Chainsaws are a fundamental tool when carrying out care work in our garden, that is why we must know which are the best chainsaws, which are currently on the market, of which they have a series of characteristics, among them: power, weight, sword length, weight, cost among other factors.

The essential thing is always to take into account what type of work is going to be carried out since it is essential for us to make a worthwhile investment as time goes by. Here are some of the best chainsaws available today.

Which model of these fabulous tools can you choose?

These tools have many variants, and they will depend on the type of use to be carried out since they are products that can be purchased on their own to keep your garden in order since they are capable of cutting from branches to trunks. More about them is below.

Our opinion on the best chainsaws

Before buying your tool, it is important that you compare, and be clear about the model that suits your needs. In that sense, an electric chainsaw is ideal if you want to save money when buying, especially because they are very practical, and it is not necessary to go for fuel to function. We must indicate that they are perfect for domestic and occasional uses. Of course, they are less powerful than gasoline.

The gasoline ones are notable for adapting to any type of work, which can range from occasional to professional. In addition, they are models with autonomy, and freedom of movement because they are not subject to cables, yes, they are much more expensive than electric ones, and they need oil.

Other aspects that we recommend you take into account are:

Power, if it is for amateur use, such as DIY, then one of the ideal powers is 1 to 2 Kw, and the displacement can be between 25 and 40 ccs. In the case of professional use, the power must exceed 2Kw, and the cylinder capacity must not be less than 25 cc.

Weight, a weight that is suitable for the person who handles it is appropriate, especially for those who use stairs, since too much weight can cause discomfort when working, in addition, you will also be lifting a not very light tool.

In that sense, a light chainsaw is a better option for those who use ladders, while for purely pruning work, with feet firmly on the ground, a heavy saw can be used.

Sword length, as for this point, a blade that is between 25 and 30 cm is ideal to facilitate work either pruning or cutting small trees. If you need to cut stronger branches, then a sword length of 30 cm or more is necessary.

As for the length of the bar, keep taking into account what you need it for, since, if you buy a 40 cm long blade to prune, it can be useless.

Ergonomics and safety, it is important to take into account the design of the product, since the handle is a factor of total relevance because it allows directing and managing the cut. It is ideal to have an anti-vibration system, which contains shock absorbers located in its upper handle.

Size, as long as your chainsaw is not a modest size, pruning will not be easy, a small tool makes everything easier. If you are more amateur than professional, we recommend a low volume product.

Motor, it is extremely essential when it comes to spectacular performance, take into account that it is easy to maintain, also take into account that there are some that must be fully connected otherwise they cannot work. There are other lithium battery models that allow you to move anywhere, while others run on gasoline.

And that is how we recommend that you take these instructions into account when making the purchase, and you can choose the best option among the best chainsaws on the market.

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