Best Battery Chainsaws

Are you looking for the Best Battery Chainsaws to forget about cables, fuel, emissions, and noise? In this guide, you have available analysis with all the benefits and strengths of the best battery-powered chainsaws on the market so that you can find the model that best suits your needs.

What best battery chainsaws to buy?

In the market, there is a wide variety of Best Battery Powered Chainsaws and to make your task easier here you will find a large selection with the most demanded and best valued models of each brand.

What is the best cordless chainsaw?

To help you find the best option, below you have several very complete reviews with the technical data and the best features of the most outstanding battery chainsaws.

1. Stihl MSA 120 C-BQ – Best Battery Chainsaws

 battery chainsaw

The Stihl brand is probably one of the most recognized in the industry. This model is perfect for use in the garden, for the care and maintenance of farms or plots, and for cutting wood for the fireplace.

Among the most important technical data of this Best Battery Powered Chainsaws are its 30 cm long bar and it’s 36V AK battery that is included in the pack together with the AL 101 charger. In addition, the tool has a total weight with battery, bar, and chain. 3.9 kg and therefore very light and handy.

The Stihl cordless chainsaw features a compact, lightweight, low-wear EC electric motor and an Ematic chain lubrication system consisting of the Oilomatic chain bar and an oil pump with adjustable flow. This achieves constant optimum lubrication and a reduction in oil consumption of up to 50%.

As for the rest of the equipment, its 1/4 ″ PM3 chain stands out, perfect for a clean and powerful cut, fast chain tensioning through a regulating wheel and an additional braking system for greater safety .

  • It is a perfect chainsaw for the garden, farm care, or for cutting firewood.

  • It has a 30 cm long sword and a total weight of only 3.9 kg.

  • It is equipped with an EC electric motor, an Ematic chain lubrication system, a QuickStop Super braking system, fast chain tensioning, and an ergonomic handlebar with a secure grip.

  • The pack includes both the AK battery and the AL 101 charger.

  • This model from the Stihl brand is priced above the average.

2. Makita DUC353Z

battery chainsaw

Without a doubt, Makita is one of the brands with the Best Battery Powered Chainsaws, and this one, one of its most outstanding models. It is an ideal chainsaw for small tasks of cutting firewood, branches, or medium and small logs.

The most outstanding technical characteristics of this tool are its 35 cm long bar and an efficient BL brushless motor that provides great power and duration with the same amperage. Also noteworthy is its soft start to reduce the shock of reaction when starting.

One aspect that you should keep in mind is that this Best Battery Powered Chainsaws work with 2 18V batteries that are not included in the pack. That is, you will have to buy them separately along with the charger, although a little further down you can see both accessories.

Among its equipment, its side chain tensioner stands out, an indicator for each battery that shows its level separately, it also has automatic chain lubrication and an XPT system designed to protect the machine from dust. Finally, it also has a switch with a function to turn off automatically, variable speed on the trigger and we must highlight the low noise level emitted by this chainsaw.

  • It is a great chainsaw for short uses on tasks like cutting wood and limbing.

  • It has a 35cm long sword, 5cm more than the previous model.

  • It features an efficient BL brushless motor, soft start and switch with automatic shut-off function.

  • It is also equipped with variable speed control on the trigger, a side-chain tensioner, two battery indicators, automatic chain lubrication, and an XPT protection system against dust.

  • Charger and batteries are not included and must be purchased separately.

3. Husqvarna 120i Best cordless chainsaw

battery chainsaw

Among the lithium Best Battery Powered Chainsaws, another of the most prominent is the Husqvarna 120i model. It is very light and easy to use the tool and is perfect for felling small trees, garden maintenance, or logging.

Among the most interesting features of this Best Battery Powered Chainsaws are its 30 cm long bar and its brushless motor with savE mode designed to give great performance with a very low noise level and without emissions.

It has a simple panel that allows an easy and safe starting of the chainsaw. It is also important to note that the tool has a weight of 3 kg without the cutting equipment and therefore is very handy and light.

Regarding the rest of its equipment, this model has a chain tensioner to tighten it without using tools , an easy-to-open top opening cover and a chain brake capable of being activated by inertia .

  • It is an ideal chainsaw for occasional uses such as garden maintenance, firewood cutting and delimbing.

  • It has a 30 cm long sword and a weight of 3 kg without counting the cutting equipment.

  • It is equipped with a brushless motor, inertial chain brake, ergonomic handle and grips, and savE mode for increased performance.

  • The pack includes both the 36V battery and the necessary charger.

  • For another type of longer sword.

Best Brands of Cordless Chainsaws

In the market, you will find the Best Battery Powered Chainsaws for sale from the vast majority of brands. This type of chainsaw has more and more followers thanks to its good performance and the convenience of not having to be aware of buying fuel and the maintenance that a gasoline tool entails.

In addition, their low noise level together with the fact that they do not have any type of gas emission makes them a good bet for the future .

Having seen the main chainsaws of the big brands, here are several very interesting models from Einhell, Black & Decker, Dewalt and Oregon .

Best Battery Powered Chainsaws – Opinions of other buyers

Knowing the opinions of other users about battery saws is very important both to confirm your own opinion and to discover any detail that you had not fallen into or some kind of problem in the use of the tool.

One of the best places to see these comments is Amazon since looking at the file of any Best Battery Powered Chainsaws you will see the opinion that each of the buyers has left.

In addition, on a site like Youtube, you have a wide variety of videos available where you can see how these tools work. Good because the brand itself or any user who wants to show how their chainsaw works, but you may also find interesting comments.

Best Battery Powered Chainsaws Buyer Guide

The most advisable thing before buying a chainsaw with battery or of any other type is to follow the following guidelines:

  • Find as much information as possible about the models that interest you the most.
  • Compare the features, technical data, and advantages of each one.
  • Read the opinions of other buyers and see the valuation they have.
  • Check the price of chainsaws in different stores both physical and online.
  • Take advantage of any offer or discount that may be available to buy it cheaper.

What is the price of cordless chainsaws?

The first thing to keep in mind is that in some cases the Best Battery Powered Chainsaws are sold without the charger or the batteries themselves and that you will have to buy them separately if you do not have these accessories.

It also tends to happen that the price of a battery-powered chainsaw varies from one store to another either due to shipping costs, the origin of the dealer or any promotion that may be available.

Reviewing the listings and catalogs of the most prominent brands, the prices of battery-powered chainsaws can range from about two hundred euros to almost nine hundred that some of the most expensive models can cost.

Take advantage of the offers to buy cheap battery chainsaws

In the event that you are not in a hurry to have it and you can wait a few days, it is interesting that you watch out for a good offer to buy a Best Battery Powered Chainsaws and in this way save some money.

On pages like Amazon, there are usually offers on Best Battery Powered Chainsaws of all brands quite often since they carry out promotions and specific discounts.

Also, you can always wait for the classic sales times and look at a battery chainsaw at Leroy Merlin or similar establishments.

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