Best Small Chainsaws

Looking for the Best Small Chainsaws? You are probably here because you are looking for something light, or also because the chainsaw you have exhausted your arms and hands too much due to its great weight. So somehow you can’t do your job well.

Whatever the case, the point is that if what you are looking for is something small and easy to handle, then you are in the right place. Small chainsaws are ideal for simple pruning around the home since they don’t make as much noise and are very practical. Here you can find information on the best small chainsaw, its price range and, without a doubt, everything you need to know to choose one of them.

1. Milwaukee M12 FUE HATCHEt – Best Small Chainsaws

Milwaukee M12 FUE HATCHEt

This chainsaw consists of a small machine determined by a gasoline engine , the Milwaukee M12 FUE HATCHEt. Although, this same one is accompanied by a displacement of 25 cm³ . It really is not a large displacement, but it does not need more, because it is a pruning chainsaw, which clearly means that it is not intended for large cuts. Therefore, the power generated 2500 watts is perfect to perform tasks simple .

In other details, the sword measures 25 cm in length . Fact that provides stability to the tool and therefore allows better control as it is a small sword. In this order, the chain that undoubtedly provides ease of cutting also has a small summing function, as it minimizes kickback .

So that you do not have any inconvenience when starting the chainsaw , it has an Easy Star system , which means “easy start” as well as cold start assistance.

On the other hand, this little tool provides very good facilities , such as; the oil pump that is automatic and adjustable , thus allowing the lubrication of the chain and the bar to be constant, to maintain the good condition of said parts.

Finally, don’t worry about the weight , it is a light tool ; it does not exceed 3.5 kg , this undoubtedly allows good handling, but I must note that it is accompanied by an anti-vibration system that also provides greater stability during use.It stands out for its compact structure and light weight. Perfect for home pruning.

  • Good tank of both fuel and oil.

  • The chain brake is applied instantly.

  • The side tensioner allows the chain to be adjusted without the use of tools.

  • Includes accessories for use.

  • Because it is a small chainsaw, it is advisable not to demand great effort before pruning that requires it.

2. Sun Joe SWJ806E 8

Sun Joe SWJ806E 8

The Sun Joe SWJ806E 8 is characterized by its small size , but it is undoubtedly a compact tool .It works by means of a specifically 18 volt lithium battery , it has a long duration and charging it does not take many hours, on the contrary, the charge is fast so you can return to your work as soon as possible.

It has a small 20 cm sword to cut branches that do not exceed 20 cm in diameter, since if so, it will take a little more work and may not be so easy. However, this sword has a particularity that makes it more efficient. These are protectors on the tip of the sword .

These protectors prevent the rebound that usually occurs when the tip of the bar hits a surface. In addition, they are also responsible for improving grip when making a cut from the bottom up.

However, it is not a heavy tool at all , its 2.7 kg allow good control of the machine and excellent transport . Thanks to this, your arms and hands will be less prone to fatigue quickly.

Not forgetting that the small chainsaw has 2 ergonomic handles that allow you to maneuver the tool in the best possible way . Battery operated, fully transportable and ideal for keeping your garden in excellent condition.

  • It has a battery indicator to charge at the right time.

  • It has an aerodynamic system that allows the chain to be easily tensioned without tools.

  • The chainsaw does not include the battery, it has to be purchased separately.



The CRAFTSMAN V20 (CMCCSL621D1) is very easy to transport since it does not depend on a cable for connection to a power outlet and, much less is it a heavy gasoline chainsaw. Its power source is a battery of 18 volts providing suitable for cutting branches and prune shrubs power.

Both the bar and the chain are made of excellent material, as they have metal gears, the quality of these pieces is due to Oregon. In this sense, the sword is 25 cm long, with which you can cut branches that are approximately 23 cm thick to guarantee a cut without effort on your part.

On the other hand, Einhell equips its chainsaw with a safety system so that you work quietly, in this way the mechanical brake is available to actuate in the event of a kickback.

As for other components, it has an oil pump that you can regulate and, in addition, it is automatic to keep the chain well lubricated, in this way the useful life of the chain is guaranteed since deterioration is avoided by having good greasing.

Finally, you will not have to worry about tensioning , since it does not take much time , since it is only a matter of applying to the side tensioner of the chainsaw, without having to use a tool kit to carry out this adjustment.

  • It has a retention bolt, in case the chain comes loose.

  • It weighs only 3 kg for perfect use.

  • The battery is not included.

Best Small Chainsaws – Buyer Guide

When you use a chainsaw whose frame is quite small , it will give you advantages during the laborious cutting process.

In this way; It will be much easier for you to maneuver the machine, which directly implies practical use .

  • Being small in size, the noise generated is much lower compared to a large chainsaw , allowing you to work in quiet places.
  • Due to its structure, maintenance does not take so much time, on the contrary, it is much faster .

These are some of the points that are beneficial to you when using a small chainsaw. But before acquiring it you must take into account the following.

Power Source

It is more common to see small chainsaws that are electric or cordless . While those of gasoline are usually few, those that are extremely small. In this sense, you decide if you want a chainsaw to connect to the electrical network, or one to charge. It all depends on the activity you are going to do.


These chainsaws are clearly not equipped with great power, but some are the same size and offer more power than others.


Small chainsaws are often light , but there are some cases that do not comply with that aspect. For this reason, I recommend purchasing a light chainsaw to avoid fatigue in the arms and hands.


Like other chainsaws, these are no exception due to their size and also have their safety systems. You must realize that it is so.


There is variety, without a doubt. But try to choose a good brand so that it is useful to you. (The ones in this article are.)


Small chainsaws are normally acquired for domestic use , that is, in the home more than anything else. Therefore, as they are not professional chainsaws and belong to the category of low power chainsaws , they are not that expensive. At least not as much as the professionals.

However, the ones described here are from different brands and without a doubt, the brand influences the price of the machine, therefore the prices differ , even if they have similar characteristics.

Now, in this article the lowest prices do not reach $100, this does not mean that they are of low quality, on the contrary, they offer a very good quality.

We can also find small chainsaws that are a little more expensive , because they offer other functionalities that others do not offer. But tell you that these types of chainsaws do not reach $200.

Best Small Chainsaws – FAQ’s

Where to buy a small chainsaw?

To buy a chainsaw you must make sure that it is a reliable place, there are both stores, physical stores and online platforms. The latter are currently preferred by millions of people in the world. From our point of view, we recommend Amazon because it meets the requirements that we name below:

  • Payment facilities.
  • Fast and safe shipping.
  • Money back if the product arrives in bad condition.
  • Variety of products on the platform (extensive catalog)
  • Available to make a purchase at any time of the day.
  • Easy access to the virtual platform.
  • Possibility of making several purchases and paying for a single shipment.

All these benefits are fulfilled by the Amazon store , since it has been in service for years, and that has allowed it to adapt to the needs of the buyer user.

Here you will undoubtedly find a variety of chainsaws , spare parts and also batteries for these same tools . In addition, Amazon has affordable prices and, in some products, you can find discounts that would be very good for your pocket.

From Ser Un Handyman we always want to give you the best information about the best chainsaws and chainsaw brands . Thus, in this way, you can select the most suitable for you and your work.

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