Best Height Chainsaw

Do you want to get rid of ladders when gardening with a pole saw? When it comes to comfort, height chainsaws are one of the best options for tree trimming. They are small and very practical. As the name implies, they are designed to cut at heights.

Not sure which are the best height chainsaws? Do not worry, here I provide you with the information that you probably need to make a good choice. Take a look at the following list and find out which are the best brands of the moment.



It is an electric chainsaw for connection to alternating current. Specifically for sawing at height, the BLACK+DECKER LCS1240. It has a power of 800 watts and needs a voltage of 230 volts for proper operation, this being so, you can perform a variety of prunings per day.As for the sword,

it measures 25 cm in length, which allows cutting branches with a diameter of 15 cm. It includes a low kickback Oregon chain, as it guarantees a smooth chopping in both dry wood and wet wood.

Related to the pole, it has a rotating head at the end so that you can choose different degrees of positions when using it, and reach areas that are difficult to access. This same telescopic tube allows you to reach a height of 2.7 meters. Regarding the weight, it corresponds to 5.37 kg, even so, it is manageable.

A benefit to highlight is its system to break the chain, since with this it is possible to avoid any accident or inconvenience with the chainsaw, guaranteeing safety. Clamping comfortable ergonomic handle, pivot swivel, good efficiency, and good security systems.

  • Chain lubrication automatically.

  • Quick cut thanks to the stem and chain.

  • 3 degrees of head positioning: 0⁰-15⁰-30⁰.

  • It works only as a pole saw, it is not possible to separate its parts to use as a traditional chainsaw.



Without a doubt an extremely simple design but it does not detract from its efficiency, the BLACK+DECKER LPP120 turns out to be a cordless saw for cutting at heights.It is composed of an 18-volt battery that provides 4 hours of performance during use.

In this order, it has a small sword of about 20 cm in length, but completely useful for you to make cuts in branches of about 15 cm. A low kickback chain enables clean, precise sawing.

Regarding the height bar, it has a central extension that allows you to use a length between 2 and 3 meters, consequently, this aspect allows you to reach 4 meters in height above your head to prune trees and shrubs.

Easy handling is guaranteed by a lightweight, about 3.7 kg that does not overload your arms and prevents you from getting tired quickly.

In addition, ergonomics is guaranteed by a non-slip grip, to avoid a bad grip that could end badly. Cordless, with a precise and clean sawing with a lightweight and very good performance.

  • Includes battery, charger and chain.

  • Designed for intensive, but non-professional jobs.

  • It does not have automatic lubrication.

  • It is not recommended to cut firewood or very thick logs.

3. Einhell GE-HC 18

Einhell GE-HC 18

It consists of a chainsaw and a hedge trimmer, the Einhell GE-HC 18. They work by means of a lithium battery, being a voltage of 18 volts. It can be charged in an approximate time of 1 hour since it also includes its charger, this aspect saves time for you.

Being a tall chainsaw, the extendable tube allows multiple adjustments to reach a maximum height of 4 meters.

In addition, the cylinder head of the engine can be tilted in 7 positions that allow you to carry out pruning in difficult areas due to the location of the branches.

These functionalities and benefits are also possessed by the hedge trimmer , since it is only a matter of disassembling the chainsaw from the pole and placing the hedge trimmer so that when using the tool you have much cleaner finishes in the garden.

However, that is not all, at the end of the pole there is the handle or grip that is not fixed so that you can adjust it in 4 positions, providing a better grip. to the comfort of your preference.

Regarding the weight, it corresponds to 6.3 kg and it is portable in its entirety, this is also due to the fact that it includes a briefcase to transport the tool safely with all its accessories included. Chainsaw and hedge trimmer at the same time, a very good 2-in-1 tool with ergonomic handle and 7-position adjustable cylinder head.

  • You can change and tension the chain (OREGON) without having to use tools.

  • Run time after a full charge is 40 minutes.

  • It is considered a bit heavy, for this reason, continuous use in some cutting activity can tire the arms a bit, however, this will depend on the strength of the person.

4. BOSCH GCB10-5


A practical and lightweight design, it is a fast-charging cordless chainsaw, the BOSCH GCB10-5. Its battery is 18 volts and can be charged in less than 2 hours, to be more specific, in 1 hour. This provides good power so you can make a quick cut in branches with a diameter of 10 cm. Specifically, a full load allows 55 cuts in branches with the mentioned diameter.

With regard to the telescopic bar , it has a total extension of 2.6 meters , allowing the length to be varied in a range of 60 cm, in order to reach branches located at great height and for this you do not have to take your feet off the I usually.

Together with this, it has a head to orient the chainsaw in the direction that is easier for you to cut any branch from different angles , undoubtedly characteristics that provide comfort and make the work more flexible .

Regarding the weight , it does not exceed 3 kg , a fact that exhausts your arms to a lesser degree, as well as making it sufficiently manageable . Not forgetting that the length of the bar corresponds to 20 cm that provide agility during cutting work . The long-lasting battery in time and short charging time, good chain and has a rotating head.

  • Good quality Oregon chain.

  • It is possible to give it a moderately intensive use.

  • Comfortable hold thanks to the fact that the handle is made of rubber material.

  • Protection system against impacts of the cutting surface.

  • Oil tank visibility.

  • Head orientation is possible in a single plane.

5. Gas Chainsaw 62CC

Gas Chainsaw 62CC

It consists of a mechanical height saw, whose power source is through fuel (gasoline), this is the Gas Chainsaw 62CC

The particularity of this model is that the motor is located at the end of the telescopic rod , close to the body. Meanwhile, at the other end is the sword measuring 30 cm . The location of these elements means a better distribution of weight , so that the tool is much easier to maneuver.

In the case of a gasoline chainsaw, the engine has a displacement of 65 cc, which provides enough power for cuts of about 5 cm in diameter and a little more; has good performance.

In addition, the height that can be reached is approximately 5 meters, this is due to 3 extendable bars of 80 cm in length that you can place to reach the desired height, it should be noted that they are separated and you can add one by one.

On the other hand, thanks to its easy start you don’t have to wait for the chainsaw to be hot, on the contrary, you can start it cold without any inconvenience and without wasting time. Gasoline saw with a 65cc engine for better performance, the telescopic bar can reach 5 meters.

  • The power can be regulated using a handlebar.

  • Good fuel tank to pour about 1 liter.

  • It has a restraint harness for better handling.

  • It is considered a heavy model (13kg) to use as a height chainsaw.

What should you know to buy a chainsaw of height?

I want to explain some key points for a good choice of this tool.

Detachable: some height chainsaws are “disassembled”, that is, the pole, tube, pole, or whatever you want to call it, it is possible to detach it and use the chainsaw to saw at ground level, like a traditional chainsaw, and when you need it to be able to use it as a tall chainsaw.

Weight: often the telescopic bar does not have a great weight, since they are mostly made of aluminum, but overall taking into account all the parts of the machine, they usually weigh around 5 kg. Some weigh a lot less.

Height range: it is located between 2-4 meters high. Although this does not mean that the telescopic tube has an extension capacity of 2 or 4 meters since when mentioning the reach height, the length of the bar is taken into account, added to the arms or also an average height, which provides the rest of the scope.

Chainsaw capacity and cutting capacity: 2 factors that play an important role in determining the utility of the chainsaw, related to the projects in mind. Thus, the chainsaw has a capacity that corresponds to the power, and this, in turn, is provided by a source of energy, in some cases it is electric, and in others, it is by means of fuel, but they influence the machine at the time of cutting since with a good power it is possible to make cuts easily in less time.

Power supply and purpose of use: in detail, an electric type chainsaw is moderately portable since it will depend on being connected to a power outlet, therefore if the user will be in the patio of your house in low tasks and medium wingspan, you can go for this option.
In contrast, a battery-operated pole saw is portable in every sense of the word and is usually quiet. Perfect for sporadic and minor use.

Finally, in what corresponds to a chainsaw whose function is determined by the supply of gasoline, it is not a secret that they outperform, they are often a little heavier, yet still manageable. If your purpose is intense work at heights, this could be your best choice.

Where to buy a tall chainsaw?

I could tell you to go to a physical store where they sell gardening tools, carpentry, among others, and make your purchase. But honestly, I know that time and money are important and you probably don’t want to lose either of them.

Therefore, currently a good option is to buy in an online store . Such is the case of the Amazon store , as it stands out for its customer service and its availability 24 hours a day.

In this way you do not have to travel in your car long routes from one store to another until you find the chainsaw of your choice, since just by entering the digital platform from the comfort of your home or at your workplace, you have a wide product catalog at your disposal.

Amazon is also characterized by delivering products as quickly as possible, in addition, if there is any problem with it, you have 30 days to notify and your money will be returned, although it is also possible that the product will be exchanged for one that is in good condition. This is called good attention and priority to the buyer . Undoubtedly, beneficial details for you.

What are the best brands of height chainsaws?

This will really depend on your level of experience in the use of chainsaws, as it will also depend on the type of chainsaw you want and the tasks that you are going to perform.

However, in general and in principle, Husqvarna is considered one of the best brands, having its beginning in 2013 manufacturing chainsaws of different types, which stand out for their flexibility , comfort and their safety systems .

Subsequently, the Sthil brand is positioned as one of the best-selling worldwide, since it offers a variety of designs, from traditional chainsaws to high-altitude chainsaws , both gasoline and electric, and equipped with the best technology to work in the most comfortable way possible.

On the other hand, the American brand Black + Decker is known for both its power tools and its household appliances. In the gardening area, models of chainsaws , hedge trimmers and more have been launched on the market for some time. Being compact and powerful tools for you to obtain good results in garden tasks.

In this order, the German brand Einhell is not far behind, as it ranks as one of the best thanks to a wide range of chainsaws and tools for DIYers and gardening enthusiasts. Standing out for the excellent performance of each piece and coupled with it, good prices.

Undoubtedly, these 4 brands remain leaders in the market , due to the quality of their designs adaptable to many tasks in this field. However, there are other brands that I have not mentioned in this list but they also offer quality electric and gasoline chainsaws.

Without a doubt, from Ser Un Handyman we want to offer you the best chainsaws as well as the chainsaw brands that are currently emerging in the market. In this way, you will have all the necessary information so that you can select the best one for you and your needs.

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