Best Tree Pruners

Would you like to have the Best Tree Pruners? If you are tired of having to use a ladder to prune large and tall shrubs, then let me tell you that you are about to finish that. In this category, we talk about the best height mowers so you can do your jobs without having to take a foot off the ground.

Also, as extra but no less important information, I will tell you a little about the details that you should take into account when choosing one of these . But since that is not enough to convince you of the efficiency of these clippers, I also include an analysis on what other people say about them.

1. Ikra 78001850 – Best Height Pruners

Best Height Pruners

This model of chainsaw, the Ikra 78001850 , is really very practical to use and provides great facilities, from cutting branches that are at a height of 4 m , to fast maintenance and a very easy chain adjustment.

In this way, this reach is possible thanks to the fact that it has a telescopic bar whose length is 1.85 m – 2.68 m . When using it you can have 1.85 m, but if you want more reach you can adjust the bar to make use of 2.68 m.

It should be noted that this bar is made of fiberglass and aluminum so that it is not so heavy , on the contrary, the lighter each piece that makes up this pruner, the easier it will be to use. In this sense, the ergonomic handle it has is small but very comfortable to use .

As regards the sword , it is fixed in one position and measures 20 cm , with which you can cut thin branches in places that are difficult to reach.

Now, as it is an electric pruner, you only need to have at your disposal a nearby outlet in the place where you are going to work and an extension of cable that will be very useful. Once the chainsaw is turned on, you will be able to count on 750 watts of power for optimal performance in your cutting tasks. In addition, it is clear that you will not have to use stairs . A pruner for cutting at heights, efficient, and at an economical price.

  • Thread to tension the chain without using tools.

  • It has a shoulder strap, so you can rest your arms and help you.

  • There is no possibility of positioning the sword in another plane. It is fixed.

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2. GreenCut PP650X

Best Height Pruners

This petrol height mower is the Greencut PP650X, it has excellent quality parts , as it has an engine whose displacement displacement is 65 cm³ , which clearly means that the energy source is by fuel .

Therefore, the power generated will be greater than that of an electric chainsaw ; This result is advantageous for you if what you want is a machine with strength .

In other details, the cutting material, that is, the sword measures 30 centimeters , as you will see it is not so short and you can use it to cut branches of medium thickness, as long as they do not exceed 30 cm. In addition, another detail that contributes to improving the cut of this tool is the chain , since it minimizes the recoil .

Regarding the bar , I must say that it is a little different, since it does not have “steps” . In such a way that it has 3 bars of approximately 80 cm . These are included to reach the desired length, but they are not fixed, since you are in charge of adjusting them. I want to emphasize that it is not a complicated process , quite the opposite.

Likewise, if you place the 3 bars you can reach 5 meters in height . On the other hand, starting the chainsaw will be much easier because it has an Easy Start . As for security, it is guaranteed by its locking system . A pruner with great power, ideal for cutting at heights thanks to its divisible bars.

  • Ergonomic handlebar throttle to regulate power.

  • The fuel tank has a capacity of one liter.

  • Manual and easy start (Easy Start).

  • Includes harness.

  • It’s not that light and the weight can get in the way of good handling.

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3. Aosome

Best Height Pruners

This is not just a lawnmower, it is much more than that. It is a hedge trimmer, a brush cutter, and a tall chainsaw . Yes, all this in a single tool, the AOSOME .

In principle, it incorporates a large engine, since 52 cm³ displacement generates great power for different types of work in the gardening area.

In this way, like a tall chainsaw , the bar has a length of 25.5 cm , which allows you to cut branches that are not so thin. This same sword has an extension , that is, a rod that you can adjust to the one in the chainsaw engine. This is done using a small knob . Therefore, the union of the ends is simple and fast.

As it happens for the rest. The brush cutter and hedge trimmer also have a rod each. However, if you require more reach, this tool also includes a simple rod , without any competent at its ends. It is only for greater scope .

The powerful motor features an easy start to give you the comfort you need. As for all the cutting materials, blades and sword, they are metal . Guaranteeing a long useful life for each piece. A tool with many things in one. Practical, modern and with excellent benefits.

  • Includes both shoulder harness to carry the tool.

  • It emits very little gases.

  • The angle of the hedge trimmer can be adjusted.

  • It has a DIY tool kit.

  • The weight corresponds to approximately 15 kg, a detail that can influence handling.

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Best Height Pruners – Buyer Guide

To buy a height mower it is necessary that you know how to differentiate between the measure of the bar and the measure of reach.

What I mean by this is that when you say “range of 4 meters” it does not mean that the telescopic rod is 4 meters long, no. Since the reach measurements are taking into account an average height of the person who will use the tool, plus the length of the bar , giving a total.

It is important that you understand each of the data about the mower , so that once you have purchased it, you will not have any disappointment or displeasure.

Bar or pole

This is the star piece of these Best Height Pruners, precisely because thanks to it, it is called “height pruner” . The bar often comes with steps so you can extend it; at other times it is just a bar with no steps. It is simpler. And finally there are those that are divisible bars. They are nothing more than rods of a certain length that you can incorporate for greater reach.


These chainsaws feature a bar just like a traditional chainsaw. However, it is important that it does not have great length or robustness at that end, since these details generate more weight and therefore do not facilitate proper handling.

Swivel pivot

Some models of mowers have a pivot at the base of the bar; top end. This allows the sword to be positioned in different degrees. In addition, some pivots allow positioning in different planes, not just the vertical one.

Other components

It is not only about height pruners, these also have other components to perform other functions, such is the case of the hedge trimmer. For this reason it consists of a multifunctional tool.


As you will see, the brands are varied , more however, it is about height pruners , although for greater compression on the price ranges, I could divide these chainsaws into two groups ; one that corresponds to the simple Best Height Pruners and another that corresponds to the multifunctional height pruners.

Now, the point is that some can provide more functions than others , and this is a fact that has an influence on the price of the tool , as also, some offer more power for tasks that require more capacity and others are for comfortable domestic tasks. .

Thus, the most economical chainsaw has only a pole saw with no additional components . Its wreck does not reach $100 .

On the other hand, there are models a little more sophisticated as it could be, the GREENCUT PP650X and the Ikra 78001210 pruner , which have an estimated price of $100 and a little more.

Now, according to the 2 remaining models that correspond to the Greenworks G40PSHK2 pruner and the AOSOME model, they are the most expensive, since they are more multifunctional tools. The approximate price being between $200 and $300.

One of the great advantages these mowers provide is that you do not have to climb a ladder to cut tall branches , thanks to how easy it is to reach narrow and high places by using these height mowers.

Well, as an extra piece of information, the risk of falling off a ladder is reduced . In addition, you advance much faster in the cutting process and finish with less fatigue. They are certainly efficient tools.

The majority of the opinions of users are directed to a very positive review related to what I said in previous paragraphs.

However, like any product or thing, it has its little not-so-positive details . In such a way that although they are usually very efficient, some, not all, may have a weight that is not so convenient for whoever uses it, since if it is used with the full extension of the bar, all the weight is perceived at the end where it is locates the sword, causing fatigue in arms and hands . Although I have to mention that to avoid this small inconvenience, some have included a harness or strap that is of great help.

Best Height Pruners – FAQ’s

Where to buy a height mower?

There are many options to acquire any of these models, however, I have my favorite place . Well, I don’t need to leave my home or work to be able to make a purchase.

Yes, it is an online store , but it is not just any online store. It is one where you can find good discounts , where you have payment facilities even by installments and where they send you the product as soon as possible .

It is a reliable store with years of experience and not only preferred by me, it is also preferred by millions of people in the world thanks to its excellent customer service.

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