DeWALT DWE7492-QS – Table Saw: Get Perfect Cuts Made Easy


Do you need a woodworking table saw for your home or workshop but don’t know which one to choose? Do not worry! Here we will show you the best Dewalt table saw, its features, and the great benefits it offers. (See on Amazon)

Regardless of whether you do professional or DIY activities at home as a hobby, it never hurts to have a wood table saw with which to do your work comfortably, safely, and above all, neat.

Therefore, before buying any of the markets, let’s take a look at the features offered by the Dewalt table saw.

DeWALT DWE7492-QS Features

The Dewalt table saw is a product designed for professional and semi-professional use, which has the facilities that all DIY enthusiasts need, in addition, it is considered the best in its range thanks to the quality of cuts it makes. Among its most outstanding characteristics are:

  • 1,700W of power in its motor allows it to perform various tasks.
  • A 410 mm cutting capacity thanks to its telescopic guide rails.
  • A weight of 22 Kg for easy transfer and handling.
  • Blades that cut at a speed of 3800 rpm , achieving a diameter of 250 mm, the ideal size for DIY jobs.
  • -3 to 48 ° bevel capability.
  • Includes steel protection against bumps and dents.
  • Greater safety thanks to the rack and pinion system.
  • The overload protection system allows for heavy work.
  • Strong 24 tooth blade for finer and more precise cuts.
  • Includes a unit to collect dust when working.

What are the benefits of the DeWALT DWE7492-QS ?

  • It is light and compact, allowing it to be moved from one location to another without complications.
  • It is highly safe, has anti-tip protection made of stainless steel and non-slip feet for greater stability.
  • It is ideal for damp woods or of great hardness, its disk works at a speed of 3800 revolutions per minute.
  • Its aluminum surface can be expanded offering greater comfort.
  • Allows you to make angled or cross cuts as your table can miter cuts from -3 to 48 °.
  • Accessories pack included for more functionality.
  • It is capable of collecting dust to work more cleanly.
  • It has an adjustment system that does not require additional tools.

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