Best Chainsaw oil

In order for your chainsaw to continue to function perfectly as time goes by, good maintenance is necessary and a bet on quality chainsaw oil. In addition, one of the aspects that you have to take into account is that there are specific lubricants for chains and other oils that are to be mixed with gasoline.

Therefore, it is important that you take a good look at the product specifications before purchasing and using it on your chainsaw . To make your search easier, in this section you have available a selection with the best oils for chainsaw chains and for 2-stroke engines.

1. Oregon chain oil

Oregon chain oil

First of all, we have one of the best chainsaw chain oils on the market. And is that the high-performance mineral oil for Oregon chains has nothing to envy to other brands.And it is that this brand is one of the most prominent if we talk about swords, chains, and accessories. In this case,

its 5-liter plastic drum is very well priced and is also available in a 1-liter bottle.In addition, as indicated by the manufacturer, it is suitable for both winter and summer. It is therefore a great oil to lubricate the chainsaw chain since it adheres very well and does not splash.

  • For chains – It is an oil to lubricate the chain.

  • Affordable Price – The 5L Chainsaw Chain Oil Canister is very well priced.

  • Available in 1L – You can also buy a container of only one liter

  • Year-round use – It is suitable for winter and summer.

  • It is not for mixing – It is a specific oil for chainsaw chains.

2. Husqvarna Bar & Chain Oil

Husqvarna Bar & Chain Oil

In second place is this two-stroke mineral oil from the Husqvarna Bar & Chain Oil brand, which is supplied in a 4-liter bottle.

As is usual with this brand, it is also possible to buy a1L, 10, or 20-liter bottle that costs just two euros per liter and comes out much better. .

It is, therefore, one of the most prominent on the market and has a more than interesting price if you opt for a carafe.

  • .

  • Perfect for 2T Tools – Works great on 2-stroke chainsaws and other garden tools.

  • Value for money – Great value for money and great performance.

  • Available in various sizes – A 1L, 4L or 20L container can be purchased.

  • Not for chains – It is specific to chainsaws and tools with two-stroke engines.

3. Poulan Pro Bar & Chain Oil

In third place we have Poulan Pro Bar & Chain Oil that is designed to lubricate chainsaw chains . The first thing to indicate is that

it is biodegradable and respectful of the environment.

As indicated, it is a perfect oil forPoulan Pro Bar & Chain Oil, PKE and GKE chainsaws. Therefore, it is a great option if you are looking for an oil for electric chainsaws .

In this case, it comes in a 1-liter format and the brand does not offer the possibility of acquiring it in a jug. It has a similar price to other one-liter containers but it is expensive if we compare it with the 4 or 5-liter jugs. Finally, it is a lubricant for chainsaw chains that is somewhat more liquid than usual and in this way it can penetrate easier and lubricate all parts and links .

  • Chain Oil – This is an oil for lubricating chain saw chains.

  • Biodegradable – It is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly oil.

  • Recognized Brand – Poulan Pro is synonymous with quality and is a perfect product for your chainsaws.

  • More liquid – Penetrates easily lubricating all parts.

  • Only 1 liter – It is sold in 1 liter format and is more expensive compared to other brands.

4. MAXPOWER Bar & Chain Oil

MAXPOWER Bar & Chain Oil

One of the best alternatives to Oregon chainsaw oil is this MAXPOWER Bar & Chain Oil. And it is that its price is very competitive and offers great performance.It is important that you differentiate it from the 2-stroke oil that you have seen a little above since in this case,

it is mineral-based for chain lubrication. Another of the brand’s positive points is that it is marketed both in a 1-liter format and in 4, 10 and 20-liter jugs or jugs . This oil is manufactured in Germany and in addition to having the appropriate density, the drums are sealed to avoid any incident.

  • Ideal for chains – Unlike the product you have seen above, this oil is designed for chainsaw chains.

  • Economic price – It has a more than interesting price compared to other brands.

  • Various formats – The brand sells it in 1L, 4, 10 or 20 liter bottles.

  • German Reliability – It is one of the German brands with the best products for chainsaws.

  • Specific for chains – It is not an oil for 2-stroke engines, the brand has another product for this type of chainsaw.

5. Stihl Winter Grade Bar and Chain Lubricant

Stihl Winter Grade Bar and Chain Lubricant

One of the most sought-after products is Stihl chainsaw oil since the brand is a benchmark within the sector .This oil is designed for use in chainsaws and other Stihl tools with 2T engines so it is not a chain product. A remarkable aspect is a possibility of acquiring it both in this 1-liter format and in 5 or 10-liter jugs. It is also sold in a 100ml container.

It can be mixed with all the fuels that the brand has and thanks to its lubrication and combustion properties it is one of the most widely used mineral motor oils. Finally, it should be noted that this oil is more expensive when compared to other brands.

  • 2-stroke oil – It is an oil designed for mixing in machines with a 2-stroke engine.

  • Different sizes – It can be purchased in 100ml, 1L, 5, or 10 liter formats.

  • Perfect for Stihl Tools – This is the best chainsaw oil if you have a Stihl.

  • Quality brand – This is one of the most prominent brands on the market.

  • High price – compared to other chainsaw oils its price is higher.

6. Oregon Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

Oregon Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

Closing our list we have this chain oil from the Oregon brand. The first thing to note is that this firm has oils for both chains and mixes for 2-stroke engines.In this case, we are dealing with a biodegradable oil that is marketed in both a 5-liter bottle and a 1-liter container .

Among its most noteworthy properties is its composition based on vegetable oils and its great adhesion and lubrication capacity allows the links, moving parts and joints of the chain to be greased. Finally, thanks to its good viscosity/temperature behavior, it is an ideal oil to use at any time of the year, whether it is hot or cold .

  • Perfect for chains – It is intended to lubricate chainsaw chains.

  • Bio-Oil – Being a biodegradable product it is respectful of the environment.

  • Various formats – It is possible to purchase both a 5-liter bottle and a 1L container.

  • For summer or winter – It behaves very well in both high and low temperatures.

  • Slightly higher price – Being a bio oil, its price is somewhat more expensive compared to oils from other brands.

Best Chainsaw oil – Buying guide

Today it is possible to find a wide variety of lubricants and oils on the market. In addition, it is essential to maintain good maintenance and lubricate your chainsaw on a regular basis.

In order that the search is not so complicated for you, here are a series of recommendations that will help you find a good oil for the chainsaw you have.


  • Check that it is the right one: Have you ever wondered what oil is in a chainsaw? The first thing to check is that it is indeed the chainsaw oil you need. If it is for the chain, look for a specific one and in the event that you have a 2-stroke chainsaw, you will need oil for the mixture with gasoline. It is also advisable to use the brand itself, although there are also cheaper options.
  • Is it worth a bottle ?: In general, it is usually much cheaper to buy a bottle than just a liter of chainsaw oil. Think that it is not a product that is affected by the passage of time and that you can store it without problems.
  • Brands: Logically, the vast majority of brands have their own line of lubricants and oils. In principle, the price is somewhat higher, especially if we talk about Stihl, Husqvarna, or Bosch, although the quality is very good. There are also good alternatives like Oregon chainsaw oil that works great with just about any model.
  • Container and caps: As far as possible, the better the container, the easier it will be for you to use it. Many brands already have caps with safety closures, drums with a tube or spout that facilitates mixing, etc. This will avoid spilling the oil and dirtying the workplace or your clothes.

The best brands of chainsaw oil

Currently, on the market, it is possible to find a large number of brands that offer different oils for chainsaw chains and for two-stroke engines.

For this reason, in this section we have made a compilation with some of the most important:

Stihl – It is one of the leading brands in the world of chainsaws and has its own line of lubricants. If you have a tool from the brand, without a doubt the best option is to bet on Stihl chainsaw oils. Of course, compared to other manufacturers, you must bear in mind that its price is higher.
Husqvarna – This is another of the most prominent firms in the sector and has an extensive catalog of lubricants and oils. It is also advisable to bet on a Husqvarna chainsaw chain oil or the mixture for two-stroke engines if you have a machine of this brand. As with Stihl, their prices are also above average.
Oregon – The Oregon brand is specialized in all types of accessories for chainsaws such as bars or chains. And is that the oil for chainsaw chains Oregon is one of the best-sellers thanks to its great value for money. Its 5-liter bottle stands out especially and offers excellent performance in chainsaws of any brand.
Repsol – Repsol two-stroke oil is, together with that of the Cepsa brand, one of the best for 2-stroke chainsaws and in general for all kinds of agricultural or garden machinery that have this type of engine. In addition, as is evident, it has an extensive catalog for vehicles and motorcycles.
Mannol – Despite being such a well-known brand in Spain, Mannol is one of the brands with the best oil for two-stroke chainsaws and for chainsaw chains. It offers its products in bottles of different sizes (1 liter, 4, 10 or 20 liters) and they have a very economical price.
Bosch – If you are looking for an oil for your electric chainsaw, the Bosch brand has one of the best biodegradable oils on the market, although compared to other brands its price per liter is higher.

What is the price of chainsaw oil?

The price range for chainsaw oils varies greatly depending on the quantity purchased. Obviously, 1-liter oils are more expensive compared to 5-liter bottles.

In addition, depending on the brand you can find quite affordable and good performance oils from about four euros per liter, as long as you buy the large size, to more expensive ones from prestigious brands so you can spend up to twenty euros if you only take one liter.

Learn how to lubricate a chainsaw chain

First of all, it is important that you are aware that keeping your chainsaws in good condition will allow you to perform higher quality work and you will also be working in a much safer way .

For these reasons, knowing how to lubricate a chainsaw chain is essential . Before starting you have to be clear that if the chain has little oil, the chances of a breakage in your cutting equipment increase and with it the possibility of suffering an accident.

The importance of choosing the best chainsaw oil

The most common thing is that the first few times you have doubts such as which oil is the best for the chainsaw or if there is a specific one that you should use. Do not worry because it is something normal that has happened to all of us.

One of the main recommendations for any chainsaw chain is that the oil has good adhesion and fluidity regardless of the time of year and therefore whether it is hot or cold .

When choosing an oil, if you choose one of vegetable origin you will be helping to conserve the environment and obviously your chainsaw. A vitally important aspect is not to use residual oils since you run the risk that the chainsaw fails or directly ends up breaking.

In addition, in cases where you are not going to use the chainsaw for a certain period of time, you should clean both the groove of the bar and the saw chain. This prevents the oil from rusting, causing chain stiffness and ultimately the wheel head from getting stuck.

Today the vast majority of chainsaws have automatic chain lubrication so everything is much easier and faster . In addition, as a general rule, the oil and fuel tanks are usually designed so that the gasoline runs out before the oil.

The steps you must take to control the lubrication of the chain are the following:

  1. First place the tip of your sword about 8 inches from any fixed object.

2. Put the chainsaw to work and wait a minute at the three-quarters throttle.

3. After this minute you should be able to see a clear line of oil on the object.

4. In the event that this is not the case, check that the oil channel is open and that it does not have any dirt, that your guide bar is clean and that when you turn the wheel head it rotates easily.

For everything to work properly, the chainsaw oil you choose must be correct . For example, if you choose a very light one, it will run out before gasoline, if the mixture is not good, the oil will run out first, and in cases where the sword is very long you will need more oil.

Therefore, it is very important that you follow the instructions recommended by the manufacturer when buying the oil and that you understand how to mix well.

And to finish, think that these are specific products that are quite inexpensive so we recommend that you forget about the car oil for the chain of your chainsaw.

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