Best Chainsaw Sharpeners

Keeping the chain sharp is essential to get good cuts and continue to do quality work. For this reason, it is very important to have a good chainsaw sharpener. In this guide, you will find an analysis of the Best Chainsaw Sharpeners on the market to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

Which is the Best Chainsaw Sharpeners to buy?

There is a wide variety of chain saw sharpeners to choose from. The first question to answer is whether you are looking for a manual chain sharpener or an electric one.

Below you have available some of the best chain sharpeners, both manual and electric, from the most recognized brands .

1. Einhell Chainsaw – Best Chainsaw Sharpeners

First and foremost, we must highlight the Einhell GC-CS 85 E chain sharpener. It is undoubtedly one of the best sellers and is the preferred option for the average user.

The most notable technical characteristics are its maximum power of 85W and a no-load speed of 5500 RPM.

In addition, you have 3 different chain sharpener packs available for chainsaws that you can select from when making the purchase .

The first includes only the sharpener and the second and third also include a sharpening disk. The difference between the last two is in the size of the disk and that is why the larger one has a slightly higher price. If you are looking for quality, the brand has another more professional model that you can see a little further down after the Stihl manual kit. It has a higher price but among its most important features, it includes a tilting sharpening head, and lighting.

2. Stihl Chainsaw – Best manual chainsaw sharpener

Chainsaw Sharpeners

A different alternative to the first model is to bet on a manual model. For many people, the Stihl Manual Chainsaw Sharpener is much more practical than any electric sharpener and is ideal for occasional users.One of the best options for sharpening the chain is this file from the Stihl brand.

You simply have to place the saw on a bench, hold it with the jack and file it to get it to cut like the first day. With it, you can quickly sharpen both teeth and depth limiters all in one operation.

It is perfect for occasional use and fits 1/4 ″ P, 3/8 ″ P, .325 ″, and 3/8 ″ saw chains . If you are looking for a Stihl chain sharpener, it is the brand’s most valued choice above sharpening machines.

3. Einhell GC-CS 235 E – Electric Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

Chainsaw Sharpeners

Within the chain saw chain sharpeners of the Einhell brand, this second model of the brand is of higher quality than the first and has a rotary sharpening adjustment with scale and a practical tensioning device.

The depth can also be limited and has a transparent glass and additional lighting to improve visibility while working .

The 235 E is one of the most compact and strong chain saw chain sharpeners, making it perfect for precision sharpening any type of chain. Another important feature is that by being able to adjust the adjustment of the upper angle, the field of application is expanded. Lastly, the depth stop prevents too much material from being removed.

Oregon chain sharpener

Without a doubt, it is the most outstanding model and within the category of chain saw sharpeners the highest-end.

In addition, the saw chain is automatically clamped when the sanding head is lowered .

Other brands of chain sharpeners for chainsaws

As you can see, some of the best brands of chain saw sharpeners are Einhel, Stihl, and Oregon.

In case you want to look at some other alternative , below you can see a couple of models from lesser-known brands but that have good ratings among users.

As a curiosity, the Oregon brand has been the first to include an automatic chain sharpener in some of its chainsaws.

10 Piece Kit – An Alternative to Chain Saw Sharpener

Finally, this complete set of tools will allow you to keep your chainsaw sharp at any time. All parts are made of high-quality durable steel and hardwood.

Another important feature is that the handle is interchangeable between files and that the angle markings of the teeth are etched into the file guide and caliper.

The pack includes:

  • 3 round files 5/32 (4 mm), 3/16 (4.8 mm), and 7/32 (5.5 mm)
  • A file guide clamp or holder
  • One 6-inch flat file
  • Chain depth gauge
  • A bar groove cleaner
  • Quick Check Calibrator
  • And a wooden handle plus a sheath

Best Chain Sharpeners – Opinions of Other Buyers

Before deciding to buy a Best Chainsaw Sharpeners, it is important that you contrast your opinion with that of other users who have already purchased the tool. Their reviews and comments will surely help you find a detail that you had overlooked or to confirm you’re good feelings.

Although the products that you have seen in this section are a compilation of the best on the market, it is very interesting that you consult on pages such as Amazon the opinions about any Best Chainsaw Sharpeners that interests you.

Best Chain Sharpeners – Buyer Guide

The best recommendations when buying a machine to sharpen chain saw chains are quite common to those of any other tool.

  • Collect all the information you can about the models that best suit your needs.
  • Compare the benefits, technical data, and characteristics that appear on the product sheet or on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Read the opinions of other users. Your reviews and ratings are a great source of information.
  • Once you have made up your mind, check the price of the chain saw sharpener in various physical stores and online.
  • Stay tuned and take advantage of some of the offers that usually appear in stores like Amazon.

Take advantage of the offers to buy cheap chainsaw chain sharpeners

In the event that you are not in a hurry, the best option is to wait for a good deal to come out to buy the Best Chain Sharpeners. In this way, you will save some money.

To help you find the best deals on the chain saw sharpeners, in this list, you can see the promotions and discounts that are on Amazon in real-time. And is that this list is updated daily automatically.

What are the price of chain saw sharpeners?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the price of the best chainsaw sharpener can vary from store to store due to various factors such as shipping costs or existing offers.

Although there is a wide variety of brands and types, as a general rule the prices of chain saw sharpeners are usually quite affordable .

You will find models for just over 30 euros and some more expensive that can be around a hundred euros and even in the case of the chain sharpener with hydraulic tensioner, exceed it widely.

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