Best Dolmar Chainsaws

The Best Dolmar Chainsaws brand has great benefits in such a way that they have become one of the most sought-after tree pruning tools in the current market, since being equipment of this excellent brand, which specializes in manufacturing chainsaws they guarantee a long history of highly respected recognition. That is why their chainsaws have high quality, durability and are designed to provide greater comfort to the user, what stands out about these chainsaws is their great power and the length of their blades, in such a way that makes them the ideal tools to cut down large trees.

Currently, there is a wide variety of chainsaws from the Dolmar brand, so it can be a bit complicated to know which one to choose, that is why if you are looking for a chainsaw from this range and you do not know which to choose, you are in Good luck since here we have prepared a comparative guide with the best options that are available in the current market so that you have the most successful purchase possible.

1. Dolmar PS6100 / 45 – Best Dolmar Chainsaws

Dolmar PS6100

This excellent chainsaw from the Dolmar brand has a large 0.80-liter fuel tank that allows it to work for more than 30 minutes continuously without resting,

it has an automatic airflow filtering system that gives it a longer duration It incorporates a pre-filter that is much larger so that the entry of particles in the first filtering phase can be reduced, its engine is gasoline and has a great power of 4.6 watts.

In addition, the Dolmar PS6100 / 45 is easy to start thanks to a spring in the handle that helps to overcome compression at the start, it has a 45-centimeter long bar ideal for felling and de-branching,

As well as its access and filter change can be carried out without the need to use additional tools, in turn, it has a priming pump that feeds the gasoline circuit,

In such a way that it facilitates cold starting, the best thing about this model is that it has a damping system by steel springs resistant to corrosion by oil and gasoline.

Excellent chainsaw, it has a gasoline engine that has great power, ideal for doing any job, you can cut large trees safely thanks to its long sword, 45 cm to cut all the firewood you want, the best thing is that You can work for more than 30 continuous minutes, without a doubt a good purchase, totally recommended.

  • It has a powerful gasoline engine .

  • It allows working for more than 30 continuous minutes.

  • It has a Pre-Filter to reduce the particles in the filtering phase.

  • It has automatic filtering by air flow .

  • It has a 45 cm long sword .

  • It has a cushioning system.

  • It has an adjustable oil pump.

  • For some users, it is a bit heavy.

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2. Worx WG303 / 35 Gasoline Chainsaw

Worx WG303

The Worx WG303 chainsaw has a large gasoline engine that has a power of 2.3 watts that allows you to achieve the best results for pruning shrubs, branches and trunks, it has easy starting thanks to the spring system in the handle that reduces the resistance to avoid effort,

includes a priming pump that feeds the gasoline circuit and allows easy starting, all thanks to its MPI technology to control the ignition.

This chainsaw has an excellent 35-centimeter long bar ideal for pruning and gardening work, it also has a magnesium casing to reduce gas emissions, its centrifugal clutch is of professional quality to be able to obtain the best results in the smallest possible time,

As well as it has 4 metallic silent-blocks to reduce the transmission of vibrations to the user and provide comfortable and safe use of the machine, best of all, its adjustable oil pump is completely metallic, in such a way that lengthens its useful life. Good chainsaw, perfectly meets expectations, the Dolmar brand offers this high-performance machine, ideal for gardening, for pruning, and for cutting small and large trees, so that you have firewood for the arrival of winter, it is a good buy, 100% recommended.

  • It has a high-power gasoline engine .

  • His sword has a length of 35 cm .

  • It has an easy start.

  • Includes 4 silent blocks to reduce vibrations.

  • It has a priming pump.

  • It has an adjustable oil pump.

  • Includes MPI technology to control spark ignition.

  • It only works with gasoline.

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3. HUYOSEN 54.6CC 2


The HUYOSEN 54.6CC 2 has an excellent gasoline engine that has a power of 3.8 watts that allows you to obtain optimal results, it is ideal for cutting firewood, as well as good for felling,

it has an ignition system Digital which controls the spark process continuously even at high revolutions, has an external sprocket to achieve an easier chain change as well as a much more thorough cleaning, its structure is designed to perform hard work tasks.

This chainsaw has a bar length of 45 centimeters, in such a way that you can cut large and small trees without any inconvenience, its starter and shutdown are located in a single control, so you can use them without having to rearm it, it is also an easy maintenance machine,

just by releasing three clips, we release the housing and the filter, the latter with a 2-chamber system, best of all, it has easy starting, thanks to spring to overcome understanding. Good chainsaw, it has great power and a large sword that allows you to cut firewood and perform all the gardening tasks of the home, its ignition system is really useful, since it is easy to start to avoid user fatigue, It has a very good weight despite being a high-performance machine, 100% recommended, it is a good purchase.

  • It has a high-power gasoline engine . Its sword has a length of 45 cm, ideal for cutting large trees .

  • It has a digital ignition system that controls the spark continuously.

  • It has a weight of 5.1 kg.

  • It has a fuel pump .

  • It has vibration damping to provide user comfort.

  • For some users, it vibrates a little more than normal when cutting firewood.

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4. Tinfancy 62CC

Tinfancy 62CC

This chainsaw offered by the Dolmar brand is a professional machine that is specially manufactured for pruning, since it has a totally compact and lightweight design, weighing just 3.5 kilograms , so that it is ideal for intense work days. , to work in high places and it is indicated to carry out work in hard woods such as olive trees, it has a gasoline engine which has a good power of 1.4 watts that allow you to achieve great results in a few minutes.

In addition, the Tinfancy 62CC chainsaw has a 25-centimeter long bar, with a two-body structure, which separates the motor from the handles, reducing user vibrations, as well as a spring system in the handle of such a way that makes it easy to start.

This machine incorporates a priming pump that feeds the gasoline circuit to facilitate cold starting, the best thing about this model is that it has a SafetyMatic chain brake to stop the chain immediately in the event of an accident.

Very good machine, it has a simple start-up to avoid user effort, it has good power for pruning, and even if you want to cut some firewood, the materials offered by this brand are undoubtedly of high quality, so that you will be Obtaining a chainsaw with a long service life, fully recommended, is a wise purchase.

  • Its engine is of great power, 1.4 watts to gasoline.

  • Incorporates SafetyMatic chain brake.

  • It has a 25 cm long sword .

  • It has a compact and lightweight design, only 3.5 kg.

  • It has a high resistance metal oil pump .

  • Lubricates the chain while cutting.

  • It has an easily accessible air filter.

  • It has a ventilation system to block dirt from the carburetor.

  • His sword is a bit short.

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Our opinion on Dolmar brand chainsaws

The Dolmar brand chainsaws have excellent features both for professional use and for use at home, they have an extremely high power range , since most of their models have a gasoline engine, in such a way that a chainsaw From this range you can cut any wood without any problem, these machines stand out for having a quick-start system and because they are easy to use, they also have compact and innovative designs that provide greater comfort while you are working, in such a way that It is essential to have a chainsaw from this prestigious brand.

However, it is not an easy task to choose a chainsaw , since currently there is a great variety offered by the Dolmar brand , that is why we have prepared this guide, which is very complete, since it contains the best Dolmar chainsaws from Today, that you will find in the market, in such a way that it makes your choice a bit easier when making your purchase.

Best Dolmar chainsaw – Buying Guide

Before choosing a Dolmar brand chainsaw, you should know that there are some aspects to take into account that will help you have the most successful purchase possible, here we show you what they are.

Chainsaw power

An important aspect to take into account, the chainsaws offered by Dolmar have great power in their engine , since most have a gasoline engine and are manufactured to obtain the best results in tree pruning, you can achieve them with a power between 1500 W to 4000 W.


The weight of the chainsaw is an aspect to keep in mind, since the lighter it is, the more comfortable it will be to use, in such a way that if you have little or a lot of experience in chainsaws, the ideal is that you acquire a light and compact model . Dolmar has machines that are mostly quite light , in such a way that they offer great maneuverability.

Sword length

This is another fundamental aspect, the length of the sword is determined by the size of the logs to be cut, or the use that you are going to give it , a long sword guarantees the possibility of cutting large trees, although at the same time it is a bit more uncomfortable to use, while short swords do not work for large trees, however, they weigh much less and can be handled easily.


The chainsaws of the Dolmar brand have become a great tool in such a way to ensure that your materials are high – end, including quality in parts and that have a warranty, make sure the model you choose possess materials of high quality, in this way you will be extending the useful life of your chainsaw.

Automatic greasing

This is a fundamental aspect because Dolmar chainsaws have this special feature, the automatic lubrication of the chain will allow you to work comfortably, cleaning your engine from possible damage, and will help you keep the bar lubricated to make different cuts without get stuck.

Ergonomic handle

The handle of a chainsaw is of great importance, and the Dolmar brand is characterized by providing the greatest comfort to its users, that is why this brand stands out because its chainsaws have a fully ergonomic handle, in such a way that they allow the user to work safely and completely comfortably.

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