Best Ducati Chainsaws

We are dealing with a world-renowned company that also has a line of garden tools, among which the Ducati chainsaws stand out .

And the brand has good chainsaws with very high performance, among which we must highlight its gasoline models that work very well for pruning, felling and cutting firewood .

So that you have at your disposal all the information you need, in this guide we have prepared a very complete analysis of the characteristics and strengths of each Ducati chainsaw .

What information will you find in this guide?

  • TOP 5: The 5 best Ducati chainsaws
  • Comparison: Which is the best Ducati chainsaw?
  • Tips and buying guide
  • The best-selling Ducati chainsaws

1. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 – Best Ducati Chainsaws


The first model is a quality chainsaw and is undoubtedly one of the best options for pruning work . It is a light tool with a weight of 2.8 kg and is one of the alternatives to the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 chainsaw.

It has a 25.4 cc two-stroke engine, a power of 1.2 hp and a 25 cm long bar from the Oregon brand, as well as the chain .

Its equipment includes its Walbro carburettor, fuel primer, automatic and adjustable grease pump , ergonomic handle and an easily accessible chain tensioner.

In addition, among its characteristics, it is necessary to highlight the CDI ignition and its anti-vibration system.

Finally, this chainsaw has a very high ventilation capacity and has very low emissions thanks to its high-performance engine that also saves 25% on fuel.

  • Perfect for pruning – It is one of the best Ducati pruning chainsaws.

  • Good performance – It has a displacement of 25.4cc, power of 1.2cv, and a 25 cm long bar.
  • Great Engine – Features a high-performance engine, Walbro carburetor, and primer.
  • Good equipment – It is equipped with an Oregon bar and chain, automatic and adjustable grease pump, ergonomic handle, CD ignition and anti-vibration system.

  • designed for pruning – For other types of more demanding jobs, there are other more powerful models.

2. Oregon CS1500

Oregon CS1500

Looking for a non-gasoline model? The Ducati DCS40-L chainsaw has a brushless electric motor and works with a 40 v lithium battery.One of the great advantages of lithium batteries is that they are more efficient providing consistent performance from start to finish . They are also lighter and allow faster work with less fatigue for the user.

Regarding its equipment, this tool has a 30 cm long bar from the Oregon brand as well as its 3/8 LP chain .

It should also be noted that it has excellent autonomy, automatic chain lubrication and a manual chain tensioning system without the need for tools of any kind.

The main negative aspect to keep in mind is that the battery and the charger are sold separately. Anyway, if you are interested in the chainsaw, you have both accessories before the next review.

  • Battery-powered model – This is a chainsaw with an electric motor and a 40v lithium battery.

  • Comfortable and handy – Lithium batteries are more efficient and lighter, allowing more comfortable and faster work.
  • Oregon Bar and Chain – Features a 12-inch long Oregon brand bar and chain.
  • Great autonomy – It has a great autonomy and the lubrication of the chain is automatic.

  • Separate Accessories – Battery and charger are not included and must therefore be purchased separately.

3. Chain Saw, Gas

Chain Saw, Gas

Among the most outstanding technical data of this tool are its two-stroke engine, a displacement of 54.5 cc, a power of 3.5 hp and a very large bar that is 50 cm long .

It weighs 5.2 kilos with a 3/8 ″ chain pitch and both the bar and the chain are from the Oregon brand as is the case with the brand’s models.

It is equipped with an automatic adjustable grease pump, with an easily accessible chain tensioner, CDI ignition and Walbro carburetor. It also stands out for its low gas emissions and for having a high ventilation capacity.

Other important devices are its protection for the right hand, rear hand, a lockable accelerator and oil and fuel tanks of 260 and 450 ml respectively.

  • For Demanding Work – This is a very large and powerful chainsaw for intensive work.

  • Great performance – Its displacement is 54.5cc with 3.5hp power and a 50cm long bar.

  • Oregon Bar and Chain – The bar and chain are Oregon brand and feature CDI ignition and Walbro carburettor.

  • Good complements – It is equipped with an adjustable grease pump, an easily accessible chain tensioner and stands out for its low emissions and great

  • ventilation capacity.

  • Not suitable for pruning – The sword is specially designed for cutting and felling.

4. Husqvarna 440e II Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 440e II Gas Chainsaw

If you are looking for a professional tool, the Husqvarna 440e II Gas Chainsaw is perfect as it has great features for felling and cutting wood.

And it is that this machine stands out for its new generation engine of great power and reduced consumption that offers a displacement of 55 cc, a power of 3.3 hp and also includes a 45 cm long bar.

It’s a special model that features a nickel-chrome cylinder, heavy- duty magnesium crankcase, and a Walbro carburettor. It has a weight of 5.3 kg and the capacity of the fuel tank is 460 ml.

It is also equipped with an Oregon bar and chain, CDI Ignition, has automatic chain lubrication, easy access chain tensioner and low emission Euro II certificate .

It should be noted that the Ducati DCS 5500 chainsaw is very comfortable to use thanks to its anti-vibration system and its ergonomic design. Finally, note that it has protection for the right hand and a lockable accelerator.

  • For Professionals – It is a professional chainsaw designed for intensive work.

  • Efficient engine – It has a new generation engine with a 55cc displacement, 3.3hp power, and a 45cm long bar.

  • Oregon Accessories – Equipped with Oregon bar and chain, Walbro carburetor, and CDI Ignition.

  • Great equipment – It also has automatic chain lubrication, chain tensioner, nickel-chrome cylinder, magnesium crankcase, anti-vibration system and an

  • ergonomic design.

  • Somewhat high price – For sporadic uses and certain tasks it may be excessive.

5. WORX WG384


The fifth model is the Ducati 6200 chainsaw and has the highest performance if we compare the tools analyzed. For this reason, its weight is 5.8 kg.Its most important characteristics include its two-stroke engine and 62 cc of displacement,

a power of 4 hp and a bar with a length of 50 cm from the Oregon brand such as its 3/8 ″ 0.58 72 E chain.

The Ducati DCS 6200 chainsaw is equipped with an adjustable automatic grease pump, a Walbro carburetor, decompressor, Digital Ignition starter and with an easily accessible chain tensioner.

It also has a high ventilation capacity and its fuel and oil tanks have a capacity of 0.57 and 0.26 liters respectively. As a final conclusion, if you are looking for a very powerful chainsaw, this model is your best option .

  • Highest Power – It is the most powerful gasoline chainsaw of all.

  • Excellent performance – It has a displacement of 62cc, power of 4cv, and a bar of 50 cm.

  • Easy start system – It has a 2-stroke engine, Digital Ignition starter, and Walbro carburetor.

  • Well, Equipped – Features an Oregon bar and chain, easy access chain tensioner, and very high ventilation capacity.

  • It can be excessive – Depending on the work that you usually do, a less powerful chainsaw may suffice.

Discover the rest of Ducati chainsaws

Once you have seen the most outstanding Ducati chainsaws in detail, in the following gallery you can see other models that the brand also has for sale. These are some of the chainsaws you can find below:

  • The Ducati DCS 4600 chainsaw.
  • Ducati DC 2600 chainsaw.
  • The Ducati DCS 4200 chainsaw.
  • And the Ducati 5200 chainsaw.

Best Ducati chainsaw – Buying Guide

Currently, the Ducati chainsaw catalog has a dozen machines. They are mainly gasoline models but it also has a couple of battery-powered models with very good performance.

In addition, at the end of the page you will find the rest of the models that are also marketed.


To do a good one, it is best to be guided by common sense. Collect all the information you can about the models that interest you the most and compare them to find out the benefits and advantages of each one.

Once this is done, check if other users have left an opinion or rating that is interesting . And before making the purchase, take a look at several online and physical stores to find the best price .

Take advantage of the offers to buy a Ducati chainsaw at the best price!
It is important that you be attentive to any promotion that may be in case you find a good offer to buy a cheap Ducati chainsaw and save some money.

On many occasions it is not necessary to wait for the sales season and that is because Amazon launches offers on Ducati chainsaws and many more brands while supplies last or for a short period of time , generally a few hours.

Ducati Chainsaws: Opinions of Other Buyers

Although it is a renowned brand and in general the opinions of Ducati chainsaws are good, you also have to do something on your part.

In order for you to form your own opinion about a Ducati chainsaw, it is essential that you get all the information you can. Check the brand’s website, read the reviews and see the ratings of users who have already bought them on Amazon, and ask the sellers if you need them.

And if you need information regarding spare parts or spare parts, the best thing you can do is ask the technical service , consult the manual of your Ducati chainsaw or if you know any forum, ask your question there.

How expensive are Ducati chainsaws?

Finally, one of the things you should be clear about is that the price of a Ducati chainsaw can vary from one store to another, generally due to shipping costs and depending on where the distributors are from.

Due to the variety of copies that the brand has, it is difficult to determine an amount. The prices of the cheapest Ducati chainsaws are around 200 euros and as the quality increases and the power of the tools continues to rise .

Anyway, as a final recommendation, it is interesting that you take a look at the brand’s website.

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