Best Drills

We’ve all run into that frustrating and confusing time when you need to have the best tool to get a job done, but we didn’t have it and decided to use a replacement that will surely have poor results.

Needless to say, any tool kit is incomplete without a good quality drill that won’t disappoint at the moment of action.

Take into account what type of use you will give it; Usage can range from making simple holes in wood to trying to cut holes in heavy-duty concrete, or concrete, as it is commonly known.

For basic tasks, a cordless electric drill with a rechargeable battery may be the best purchase option. These drills are characterized by not having to be connected to a power network, have lightweight, are easy to handle, and can be used almost anywhere.

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If, on the other hand, you are one of the people who usually do stronger jobs, or who use a drill very frequently, then you may prefer those drills with extra power, so your best option will be a corded drill. .

Bosch PS32

Bosch PS32

Excellent high power hammer drill with great effortless drilling range, the Bosch PS32 is an incredibly compact drill with amazing impact capacity – quite a bit of power in such a small tool.

It is characterized by being one of the best drills when entering the generation of Bosch compact tools, due to the ergonomics and compactness that the Bosch PS32 has, it is credited with being one of the great tools that gives confidence to the user when using it as a percussion drill or simply for drilling and/or screwing.

This small but powerful drilling machine features a powerful 500W motor that manages to drill holes in the toughest surfaces with a diameter of 13mm.Did you want a high speed drill? The Bosch PS32 is a great option, it has a rotational speed that varies between 50 and 3000 pm.

Provides increased user comfort for effortless and fatigue-free drilling, the tool comes with a 4-meter cord with a sleeve hanger for added convenience and better storage.

It can be expanded with an optimized dust extraction port for dust-free drilling, it’s something you can do at any time.

  • Softgrip anti-vibration handle.

  • Quite a light drill (1.6 Kg).

  • It has electronic control of the number of revolutions.

  • Quick removal of drilling waste.

  • Allows drilling diameters with high precision.

  • It cannot be easily used as a screwdriver.

  • Drill bits tend to loosen.



If you are a DIY lover, the EINHELL TE-CD is the perfect drill for you. It is an excellent drill that is used to drill wood, sheet metal, walls, among other surfaces.

Excellent power and performance when using the EINHELL TE-CD with a sanding disc, although it tends to get a bit overheated with extensive use.

It has good potency for the price that is being invested. It has a pretty tough percussion feature that covers all those hard-to-drill areas.It serves as an electric screwdriver, it has a perfect minimum speed that will allow you to unscrew in record time.

This drill guarantees a constant drilling depth. At the same time, the quick-release chuck allows you to change tools quickly and without any hassle. It has an electronic unit that allows to precisely dose the number of revolutions per minute. As well as it allows you to change the direction of rotation from right to left and vice versa.

  • High durability.

  • Comfortable attachment and excellently fastens the bit to the drill.

  • Operable with one hand.

  • The chuck tends to loosen from consecutive use.

  • You do not bring the bit with the purchase of the drill.

  • Flimsy spin selector.

Black & Decker – Hammer Drill

Black & Decker - Hammer Drill

It is a powerful drill that features a hammer action and a powerful 710W power, 230V voltage, and a keyless chuck. The chuck bore size is 13mm.

The Hammer Drill brings its very useful drill carrying case when moving it from one place to another, the briefcase brings us this incredible drill along with 5 bits as a gift.

This drill guarantees good work on soft materials and excellent performance on surfaces such as brick and concrete, known as concrete in many other countries.

This drill is somewhat heavy, however, it reaches no-load speeds of up to 2800 rpm. Due to its weight, it is a somewhat difficult drill to transport from one place to another.

It is an excellent hammer drill with great power that performs in any type of work such as ceramics and wood, after an excessive time of use, the drill can present a slight overheating that, although it is not something usual, can reach to come forward.

As we mentioned before, changing the bit is quick, easy and without the need for a tool, although it is usually a bit complicated for people who are not used to this type of drill.

It has an electronic speed system that allows you to maintain control of your drill while the switch is pressed.You may be interested: The 20 Best Lawn MowersIt is excellent to be used by those who are going to use their drill for tasks within the home , using it in a more professional area would bring certain limitations such as transporting the drill due to its great weight.

It brings an alternate handle that will allow us to work with both hands to exert a greater effort and be able to finish your work much faster, more efficiently and saving your energy. If you find yourself facing long-term jobs , this tool allows you to lock the switch for a little more rest.

  • The alternate grip that allows you to work with two hands.

  • Excellent price for the efficacy and potency of the product.

  • It is the perfect drill for home use.

  • Low noise drill due to low impact rate.

  • Case included with 4 compartments to transport the drill.

  • It can get a bit overheated after excessive use.

  • Drill mainly for home use.

  • Heavy compared to other similar drills.

  • Somewhat complicated when installing the bit to the drill chuck.

Einhell TC-CD 12 Li Cordless Drill

Einhell TC-CD 12 Li Cordless Drill

Powerful cordless drill built to reach and tackle tight-spot tasks with its rugged, easy-to-disassemble chuck, great for drilling and screwdriving almost any surface, and is a product that charges in less than an hour.

This cordless drill features a solid metal two-speed gear in both directions and has an electronic regulation to adjust the number of revolutions.

It has a slim and ergonomic design, and it has a non-slip grip to avoid bad times during use.It also has a torque adjustment and a peculiar feature such as the “quick stop”.

Excessive use or on very complex surfaces could quickly damage the drill. This tool is not designed to work on cement or concrete surfaces, it is designed for domestic use.

  • LED light for better visibility when required.

  • Fast charging due to its lithium battery that offers greater durability to the tool.

  • Uses most standard tips.

  • It has a fairly efficient torque against those screws that are somewhat complicated at work.

  • Maximum results in domestic screwing and drilling.

  • It is not a hammer drill.

  • Bring a briefcase, but without any kind of compartment.

  • The chuck tends to lock up under heavy use.

  • Not designed for drilling into concrete walls.

Bosch GDR18V

Bosch GDR18V

This hammer drill has 540 watts of power, capable of drilling and hammering on any surface with optimal results. The powerful Bosch PSB 530 drill has a Softgrip anti-vibration grip very similar to that of the Black & Decker Hammer drill 710W Cd714Creska-Qs.

Its low weight makes it a drill with enough maneuverability to carry out any type of DIY work.The power supply of this drill is by cable, this limits us some accesses when working. Remember that you should always consider the use and the workplace to be able to choose the correct drill.

Its chuck offers a fast and very safe bit change due to its toothed crown. It has an adjustable drill stop that allows you to choose how many inches of depth you want. The drilling of this tool covers the 10 mm diameter in concrete and the 20 mm diameter in wood.

  • Small, compact and powerful drill.

  • Easy handling due to its light weight.

  • It has a connection available for dust extraction.

  • Softgrip anti-vibration soft grip handle.

  • Price a bit high.

  • When the hammer drill option is activated, it vibrates a lot, it can be somewhat annoying for those who are not used to it.

Einhell Herocco Power X

Einhell Herocco Power X

We are faced with a multitasking drill. Using it, the press-fit occurs by means of the keyless chuck and almost any surface can be drilled, even concrete. It is another of the perfect drills for DIY lovers, this drill has an adjustable depth stop to choose the depth distance you want to reach.

It has a preselective device of the desired speed to provide greater comfort, it also has a unique dust extraction system, a soft pad on the main handle, and an adjustable additional.

The case and complete combo of the Einhell Herocco Power X brings us the high percussion drill, a sanding plate, a saw blade, a set of tips, a set of bits, among others. As for the maximum drilling capacity. In wood, it is 32mm in diameter, 13mm in metal, and finally 16mm in concrete.

  • Special strap hook to be carried by the user on his tool belt.

  • Quick-acting chuck, which aids in much faster tool exchange and connection.

  • Perfect metal depth stop to reach the desired depth.

  • It does not bring the tips to screw.

  • The bits that the product brings are not of the best quality.

  • Quite heavy drill when working with one hand.

Bosch GSB 13 RE Professional

Bosch GSB 13 RE Professional

This drill has many advanced features to give you more input when working, along with 600W power. One of these features is that it has a Softgrip anti-vibration grip for better handling and safety when working. It brings with it a switch button that is used to carry out continuous work benefiting the user’s energy.

It has a ball bearing to give it long service life, making it one of the most efficient drills. Its design is quite ergonomic and it is not such a heavy drill.

It has a turning power that goes at the same speed for both directions. Its rotating brush holder brings us multiple benefits. With the Bosch GSB 13 RE Professional drill, you can choose a function with or without impact by means of a switch on the top. It has one of the best drilling performances in wood and features electronic control, reversible operation as mentioned above, as well as speed setting control.

  • Quick clamping chuck.

  • Exact drilling due to its electronic system.

  • It is not a drill suitable for walls.

  • The bit tends to get stuck when it hits stiff materials.

Makita XPH10Z LXT Cordless

Makita XPH10Z LXT Cordless

Cordless hammer drill with a maximum charge time of approximately 60 minutes. Resistant to both dust and water drops.

The Makita XPH10Z LXT Cordless drill comes with its three built-in drill functions: hammer, drill, and screwdriver, and you have the ability to adjust the torque of the drill.This Makita drill model brings us 16 positions for the tightening torque and has a direct tightening torque.

Its comfortable and ergonomic design means that the necessary and sufficient force can be transmitted to provide greater durability to the tool. In its quite portable and light briefcase, it brings the charger and its respective batteries.

  • Cordless drill.

  • Perfect for housework.

  • Bring two batteries.

  • Long durability.

  • Its manageability is surprising.

  • This drill usually produces sparks in the ventilation area of ​​the tool.

Bosch GSB18V

Bosch GSB18V

This drill has a 570W motor at a maximum speed of 3000rpm and a hole size of 10mm. It is a fairly compact, lightweight, easy-to-use tool with an anti-vibration grip for conditions that require the set of bits that it carries inside its case comes with the diameters of 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm to be used on any surface.

Its non-slip grip makes the job much easier. This tool also has a switch button for continuous work.Its high-tech friction ring helps make changing bits much easier than you can imagine. Just insert the bit and turn the ring and you’re done.

  • Additional non-slip grip.

  • It is a tool compatible with the Bosch Drill Assistant system.

  • Electronic control of the number of revolutions.

  • It has the three working modes: screwing, drilling and hammer drilling.

  • Reversible twist drill.

  • It is not a drill designed for professional use.

  • Some parts that come with the drill are not so easy to connect.

Black & Decker

Black & Decker

This is a powerful 1100 W hammer drill that has two high-performance speeds. It has two handles to provide the user with better comfort when working and comes with a keyless chuck with a maximum diameter of 13 mm.

The automatic axis locking system works perfectly, bringing as a benefit the durability of the bits used in the tool. It is perfect for drilling in masonry surfaces, it comes with a depth stop that serves to adjust the depth desired by the user.

Due to its great power of 1100 W, no surface is impossible for the Black & Decker , which can easily drill on surfaces such as plastic, wood and metal.

The durability of this tool is based on the possibility of dissipating heat thanks to the fact that its gears are made of aluminum, it also has a reversible system at the same speed, which helps the tool to reduce the presence of sparks.

  • Powerful drill for long-term, intense work that requires a lot of force.

  • It performs very well on tougher jobs than home DIY.

  • Considered a pro-level upper-mid-range drill.

  • A fairly heavy drill for those who are not used to it.

Final Considerations

A lot of information was collected to provide you with a guide to the largest number of the most competitive drills on the market, always keeping in mind the value for money and showing mid-range and high-end drills.

Quality is always something that we must take into account when acquiring a new product, be it a chainsaw , a vacuum cleaner or a drill, something that really lasts is better and not something that wastes you time and money.

This guide was designed perfectly for those DIYers who want to buy their first drill or those who just don’t know which one to decide on.

As well as for those more demanding professionals who want a more powerful tool with better features to carry out those long-lasting jobs.

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