Best Hammer Drills

The Best Hammer Drills can sometimes serve more than one function, for example, you can be a tool for screwing, unscrewing, drilling, and as an additional also for jobs that require a functioning hammer. Well, this is what percussion consists of, an impact against a surface to be able to make holes. Therefore, today I will help you select the best hammer drill.

To make a good choice you must know the aspects that can be beneficial for you, for that reason he grouped the best 5 hammer drills, their advantages, and those details that might not be so good for you. You can also find information on where to buy one of these. Continue reading.

1. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill – Best Hammer Drills

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill

The DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill has a power source through constant connection to the electrical network, so you will not have to stop any activity.

In addition, the potency does not decrease during use. Thus, 600 watts of power is available not only for drilling but also for screwing and unscrewing , but it is characteristically a hammer drill . These functionalities make this tool a useful machine to have at home and to use in the workshop .

For its part, despite all that it integrates, it is not a large tool and much less heavy . Thanks to the sofgrip material you can hold the tool very firmly without losing control of it.

Also, since the hammer function can involve some instability, you can adjust a second handle for better control of the drill . In other details, the bit of this drill is extremely practical, it allows an easy and fast accessory change. It is an ideal drill for drilling in wood, concrete and masonry, and with which you can obtain professional results.

  • It weighs 1.8 kg, thus being a lightweight drill.

  • It incorporates a second handle for better handling, plus a depth stop.

  • It has small dimensions to use also with one hand, without using a second grip handle.

  • It should be used in a place where an electrical outlet is near.

  • The length of the cable may be somewhat short.

2. BOSCH 11255VSR


Now it is the turn of the drill BOSCH 11255VSR, whose dimensions are small, allowing a smooth use . Among its most outstanding characteristics are the variety of functions such as: drilling, screwing and percussion.

These activities can be carried out on wooden, metal and even concrete surfaces . But this is achieved by a power of 550 watts , and in turn this is provided by direct connection to the electrical network . For this it has a 2.5 meter cable , which will allow some freedom of use.

Likewise, you will be able to make a bit change quickly , thanks to a drill holder with rings and automatic function , therefore very practical to use. On the other hand, it has a Bosch electronic regulator , with which you can choose a low or high speed . But also by means of the trigger you can vary the speed in increase or decrease.

As an accessory, this drill is compatible with an additional handle , which is made of non-slip material so that you hold the tool firmly. In another sense, this hammer drill will also allow you to unscrew, because it can rotate both in a clockwise direction, as well as in the opposite direction.

  • Small and very light for series of works.

  • Good power for demanding jobs.

  • The percussion is adaptable in relation to the type of material.

  • It has a single source of energy: cable.

3. MILWAUKEE’S Electric Tools MLW2504

MILWAUKEE'S Electric Tools MLW2504

That’s right, this drill compared to others has a fairly simple design , the MILWAUKEE’S Electric Tools MLW2504However, its hammer drill function puts at your disposal 49,300 IPM (impacts per minute) , for work in wood, metal, concrete, masonry. However, it offers you variety of use thanks to the fact that you can also screw and unscrew .

It has very good ergonomics , as for example it not only has a handle to hold, it incorporates one more that is in the front for greater control . But the best thing about it is the rubber material that covers them, in order to prevent the tool from slipping from your hands.

As regards speed and power ; the first one starts at 0 and then increases until it reaches the maximum number of revolutions per minute, in this case 2900 rpm . So you will have good speed to apply in different jobs. I must also add that, the power corresponds to 500 watts exactly. Which is considered good. Finally, the startup is quick and without a problem for you , so you can also make use of the lock button to avoid damage.

  • Good value for money, as well as being cheap.

  • Excellent power and turning speed.

  • Does not include a wide variety of accessories.

4. SKIL Corded Hammer Drill

SKIL Corded Hammer Drill

The SKIL Corded Hammer Drill is battery powered and it is 18 volts. Indicate that this drill comes with two batteries , so you can make use of the replacement battery when the one in place has run out.

One of its most outstanding facilities is the variety of positions that it can adopt without inconvenience since its use is very simple and adaptable to any position.

The replacement of accessories is not complicated at all , you do not even need additional tools to carry out this change. The accessory set is 40 pieces .

It has an LED0 light , which you can use for those cases where you are drilling or screwing in places with low visibility, to do a better job.

The light it has, also turns on when the Electronic Cellular Protection (ECP) system is activated . Its mission is to protect the battery against overcharging, overheating and deep discharge . This drill is so flexible that it will allow you to perform screwdriver, unscrewing, and hammer drill actions.

  • Its structure is robust and therefore it is also resistant.

  • Includes a 40-piece accessory set.

  • Drill function on wood, concrete, steel, glass and other surfaces.

  • Bit attachment is standard.



The PORTER-CABLE 20Vhas a good quality price for all the activities that we can do with it. In addition to the hammer drill , we can screw and unscrew. Without a doubt, it is a tool of variable use for you.It has 2 speeds available for fast screwing and fast drilling.

It has two batteries so when one is finished you can use the other, in this way, you will not waste time on your work . This drill has a battery capacity indicator.

It has a 13 mm quick clamping drill chuck. The good thing about this, which is quick stop and automatic spindle lock. But in addition, it allows a quick and easy bit change without using other tools.

Also indicate that the charger of this Einhell drill charges the battery in 30 minutes. And not only that but also with the storage and transport case, you can carry this drill in a practical and easy way anywhere to carry out your work.

  • Two speeds from 0 to 1850 rpm.Tool carrying case.

  • Vibration is minimal allowing for greater control of the tool.

  • 2 Batteries.

  • It is difficult for him to pierce the steel

What is a hammer drill?

It is a tool , whose structure is similar to that of a portable drill , but usually usually includes an additional handle or grip . It also includes a drill that rotates on its own axis , but it is also moved back and forth in order to impact the surface and achieve a hole.

This striking function is used in materials that present great hardness and that an electric drill with a “classic” function could not.

For its part, the usefulness of a hammer drill can be variable, since generally these allow other functions such as screwing, screwdriver, milling, among others . Therefore, they turn out to be multifunctional tools .

In this sense, they are widely used in construction , however, the use can also be domestic if the material to be worked is quite resistant, such as brick, concrete, masonry, among others.

Best Professional Hammer Drills

The best hammer drill is the one, which can fulfill the activities you have in mind very well. But in the market there are some whose benefits allow them to position themselves as the best professional hammer drills , among them are:

The Bosch professional hammer drill: they consist of one of the most powerful. With this drill I assure you that you will be able to carry out the most demanding jobs. Since it has 600 watts of power and extra percussion function. Another benefit of this drill is that it is not overloaded, and therefore you can give it a fairly continuous use.

Black + Decker hammer drill : this is undoubtedly a very good option to use in the workshop, as it has great performance thanks to its 710 watt power and which in turn fulfills its percussion function very well , as well as screwdriving . You can have a tool of excellent quality and price.

Bosch battery-powered professional hammer drill : this option from the Bosch company corresponds to a drill that can facilitate the work of screwing, drilling and percussion . Since its use does not suppose minimum effort. In addition, by incorporating 2 lithium batteries it allows total autonomy of the tool .

Best Hammer Drills – Price

The hammer drills often have other functions, so that the price may vary according to characteristics such as power, energy source, function screwdriver, milling, among others.

As the drill has more functions than hammering, this directly suggests that the use that can be given to the machine is much wider. On the other hand, those hammer drills whose power is considered low (less than 500 watts) , and do not include so many accessories, have a price that is not so high, being this from € 30 to € 50 .

On the other hand, drills that incorporate other functions and also have a power of 500 and 900 watts , and that also include accessories such as different bits for different tasks , then their price is usually higher, but nevertheless accessible. Well, they are around € 50, € 100 and a little more depending also on the brand . It should be noted that these are considered professional and therefore their use is intended for construction.

Where to buy a hammer drill?

Buying a hammer drill is easier than you may think. As well as cheaper than you think. Currently, online stores have become a viable option with which you save:

  • Find a time and with it ask for a day at work to go immerse yourself in a search that can take hours.
  • Go through different routes just to see the available drill models.
  • You could save money since prices in an online store are usually lower.

For these reasons, I recommend you to buy the hammer drill in the Amazon store and not in any store, since in principle Amazon is available 24 hours a day and in addition to that, it is a very safe store, they take care of getting you there the product in the shortest possible time.

Also, Amazon has a variety of DIY tools , including Drills Drills battery and cable , so you select the one that suits you.

From Ser Un Handyman we want to provide you with the best information about the best drills and drill brands. This way, you can choose the best drill for your job or hobby.

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