Best Efco Chainsaws

Are you looking for more information about Best Efco Chainsaws or a specific tool? In this guide, you will find an analysis of the best models of the brand with the characteristics and strengths of each Efco chainsaw so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

What Efco chainsaw to buy?

The Efco chainsaw catalog is currently made up of about twenty models designed for different types of uses, such as pruning, occasional uses or professional tools.

Below you have available a summary with the technical data and best performance of each chainsaw of the brand

1. Efco MTH 5600- Best Efco Chainsaws

Efco MTH 5600

The Efco MT350 chainsaw is specially designed for tasks such as pruning, stripping, and cutting small diameter firewood. It is very useful for felling and pruning of gardens or to accumulate firewood for fireplaces.

The most important technical data of the Efco MTH 5600 chainsaw are its displacement of 38.9 cc, a power of 2 hp and a 35 cm long bar . In addition, the tool has a total weight of 4.4 kg that makes it very handy.

It has a primer on the engine cover that is very useful for cold starting and carburetor support with four anti-vibration joints that guarantees constant carburetion and long service life.

This chainsaw is equipped with an automatic oil pump and an easily accessible air filter for quick cleaning. It also has an anti-vibration system made up of several shock absorbers so that the user can work in a much more comfortable way .

  • Perfect for pruning – It is a small Efco chainsaw that is designed for pruning, stripping, and small cuts of firewood.

  • Good performance – It has a displacement of 38.9cc, 2hp power, and a 35cm long bar.

  • Starting System – Features a cold start primer and automatic oil pump.

  • Well, Equipped – It is equipped with an anti-vibration system, an easily accessible air filter, multi-function lever, and transparent tanks.

  • There are more powerful models – For harder or intensive jobs it is better to bet on another chainsaw.

2. Efco MTH 5100

Efco MTH 5100

In second place we have the Efco MT 440 chainsaw, a model designed for intensive work that is perfect for delimbing and felling in groves or farms . With this tool you can cut firewood often and cut down medium and even large trees .

The most noteworthy features and technical data of this chainsaw are its two-stroke engine with a displacement of 42.9 cc, a power of 2.9 hp and a 45 cm long bar . In addition, the tool weighs 4.3 kg and is therefore very handy when working.

It should be noted that both the chain and the bar are from the Oregon brand and it has a Walbro carburetor, nickel-coated cylinder and a unique control that facilitates its use by the user.

Among its equipment stands out its automatic and adjustable oil pump, a decompressor that facilitates starting and its side chain tensioner that allows it to be adjusted without the need for any tools. Another important aspect of this chainsaw is that it has an anti-vibration system designed to reduce the effort that the worker must endure when handling it.

  • For intensive work – It is a chainsaw for intensive work of cutting firewood, delimbing or felling trees.

  • Very good performance – It has a displacement of 42.9c, power of 2.9cv, and a 45cm long bar.

  • Oregon Components – The chain and bar are Oregon brands and features a Walbro carburetor.

  • Top equipment – It is equipped with a nickel-plated cylinder, single control, automatic and adjustable oil pump, decompressor, chain side tensioner, and a large anti-vibration system.

  • Mid-range – Within the professional range it is not as powerful as the MT6500 chainsaw.



After seeing a couple of petrol models, it is the turn of the electric PROYAMA 48CC 2 chainsaws. It is a perfect tool for work indoors or in workshops and is suitable for cutting firewood for the winter as well as for any DIY task. .

The most outstanding technical data of this model are its 2000 W of power coupled with a chain speed of 11.6 m / s and a large 40 cm long bar . In addition, its 4.4 kg of weight make it a light tool and very easy to use.

Some of the great advantages of the Efco electric chainsaw are that it is much quieter than any gasoline model, it is respectful with the environment since it does not pollute and in the long run it is much more economical as it does not depend on fuel .

As for the rest of your equipment, the chain can be adjusted quickly without using tools and the oil pump is automatic to ensure optimal lubrication at all times.

  • Electric motor saw – It is a perfect electric chainsaw for workshops and indoor work.

  • Powerful and with a good bar – It has a power of 2000 W, chain speed of 11.6 m / s, and a bar of 40 cm long.

  • Low maintenance – It is a quiet, ecological tool and in the long run much cheaper.

  • Very complete – Equipped with the automatic oil pump, chain adjustment without tools, 0.2-liter oil tank, and an ergonomic design to be able to work comfortably.

  • Corded – You will need an electrical outlet and possibly an extension cord.

4. Efco 12″ MTT3600

Efco 12" MTT3600

The next model is a professional chainsaw that has been built for long, intense use and is perfect for even the toughest environments. And the Efco 12″ MTT3600 chainsaw is an ideal tool for felling and cutting large trees.

The most important technical data of this chainsaw are its large displacement of 63.4 cc, a power of 4.7 hp and a bar of 46 cm in length . It is a robust machine with a weight of 6.3 kg, very reliable and durable.

Among its most notable features are a professional two-stroke engine, a carburetor that is mounted on a support with four antivibrators and a nylon air filter that together with the pre-filtering system that protect the engine from dust .

As for the rest of its equipment, its electronic coil guarantees good starting and operation and has a multifunction lever, a side chain tensioner and an adjustable aluminum grease pump . Finally, it also has an anti-vibration system to reduce the user’s load, front and rear handles with ergonomic controls, and a reinforced silencer that has been manufactured to minimize noise emissions.

  • Professional model – It is a very powerful gasoline chainsaw for felling and cutting large trees.

  • The most powerful – It has a 63.4cc displacement, 4.7cv power and a 46cm long bar.

  • With excellent equipment – Professional 2-stroke engine, carburetor, nylon air filter, multi-function lever, automatic grease pump and pre-filtering system.

  • Very complete – It has an anti-vibration system, front and rear handles, ergonomic controls and a reinforced silencer.

  • Price somewhat high – For occasional use and lighter work, it may be excessive.

Best Efco chainsaw – Buying Guide

The Efco chainsaw catalog is currently made up of about twenty models designed for different types of uses, such as pruning, occasional uses or professional tools.

And to make the task of looking for a good chainsaw easier for you, in the following sections you have a series of recommendations and questions that you must take into account to make your choice right.


As I have already told you, the Efco brand offers a good variety of chainsaws for different types of jobs and conditions.

Among its machines there are several small models ideal for pruning, more versatile chainsaws for medium jobs and a range of professional tools for intensive use and forestry or felling tasks.

In general, Efco chainsaws are good companions for the vast majority of jobs. The only thing that can be missed is a model of Efco telescopic chainsaw to be able to carry out work at height.

The main tips to make a good purchase could be summarized as follows:

  • Get as much information as possible about the models that interest you.
  • Compare the performance and technical data between them.
  • Read the reviews of other users and check the ratings they have.
  • Check in several stores the price of the model you have chosen in different stores.
  • Try to take advantage of an offer or a discount.

Take advantage of the offers to buy an Efco chainsaw at the best price!

Because some of their tools are quite hefty in price, in case you’re not in a rush, it is recommended that you try to take advantage of a good deal to buy a cheap Efco chainsaw and save some money.

You will generally find the best deals on Efco chainsaws on sites like Amazon as they often run promotions for several hours or while supplies last

What is the price of Efco chainsaws?

First of all, you should bear in mind that the price of an Efco chainsaw can vary from one store to another for reasons such as shipping costs, the origin of the dealer or the promotions they may have.

That is why it is important that you check the Efco chainsaw is for sale in several stores and the price it has in each of them before choosing one.

Taking a look at the brand’s model catalog, the prices of Efco chainsaws have a fork that ranges from about 150 euros for the simplest models to more than 500 euros if you opt for their professional tools .

Efco Chainsaws: Opinions of Other Buyers

Once you have all the necessary information, it is important to know what other people who have already bought these chainsaws and are using them on a daily basis think.

To form your own opinion of the Efco chainsaw you have chosen, there is nothing better than looking at the ratings and reading the reviews that appear on Amazon and similar stores to get an optimal perspective .

In addition, it will surely be very useful to take a look at the videos that talk about these chainsaws since they explain many of their characteristics and you will also find more opinions about Efco chainsaws.

Used Efco chainsaws

Finally and as a last option, a different alternative is to try to find a used Efco chainsaw that is worth it on second-hand pages or in physical and spare parts stores that usually have several models.

You will also have to take into account that the cost or value of the Efco chainsaw will be defined according to the age it is and the current state of the tool.

In any case, the best option is to choose to buy new Efco chainsaws and in this way to be able to ensure the corresponding years of warranty and the possibility of making any return or exchange.

Spare parts for Efco chainsaws

In general, one of the advantages of the big brands is that it is very easy to find all kinds of parts to ensure good maintenance and long useful life of the tool.

In this case, it is quite easy to find spare parts for Efco chainsaws since the models have Oregon brand chains and bars incorporated .

Before proceeding to dismantle your Efco chainsaw, it is recommended that you read the attached manual to be clear about the steps you have to take. In any case, it is recommended that you take a look at their website.

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