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Do you know which is the best saber saw on the market? You are probably thinking of starting a new DIY project or you urgently need a new saw because the one you had is no longer enough, because you have come to the right place.

We are bricomaniacs and all the time we are looking for what new things to do, what space to renovate, what things to repair and what are the best tools to carry out all those projects we have in mind. We have made a summary to show you the best saber saws on the market. This is going to get interesting so let’s get to work!

1. Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E

Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E

The wonderful thing about these saws is their small and comfortable size . From the Bosh range we present the new Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E reciprocating saw , it is the best-selling and is also for professional use .

This small saw has a power of 1100 watts that will allow you to make much faster cuts. In addition, it has an integrated LED guide light that will help you see the cut point better. You can make cuts in materials such as wood, plastic, metal, among others . Its depth of cut in wood is approximately 230mm .

Its design is ergonomic and very light, which adds positive points since you will not need a greater effort to handle it thanks to its low weight.

Changing the blade for this saber saw will not be complicated at all because you will not need extra tools to remove it.

The Bosch brand never ceases to amaze us, just knowing that it belongs to this renowned brand, from the outset, we already know that it will be a quality machine with a fairly long useful life.

  • Metal hook to hang the tool.

  • Built-in led light for vision optimization.

  • It includes a briefcase with which you can transport your saber saw.

  • The blades can have a lower resistance than the machine.

2. Einhell TE-AP 18 Li

Einhell TE-AP 18 Li

We know that in these times you have to find a way to save and if what you are looking for is a saber saw that is practical, of good quality and that is complete, then the Einhell TE-AP 18 Li may be what you need. It is a good option for gardening.

It is the cheapest cordless saber saw on the market , but despite its low price, it does the job. It is ideal for non-intense DIY jobs.

Its base is adjustable for an optimized use of the cutting blade, its 18 Volt motor, despite not being that high, is powerful and fast enough and will allow you to make good cuts precisely.

Its design is completely ergonomic, it has small non-slip grip surfaces that make it practical and very comfortable when using it. In addition, it has rubber supports that protect the casing, guaranteeing a longer useful life for your saw.

For the blade change you will not need any type of extra tool which is positive because the change is much faster and easier.

  • For domestic use.

  • Comfortable and practical.

  • Includes saw blade.

  • Does not include charger or batteries.

  • Low power.

3. Makita XRJ04Z 18V

Makita XRJ04Z 18V

The Makita XRJ04Z 18V is for us, without a doubt, the saw with the best quality-price on the market and is that it is a true high-performance machine and a powerful motor.

The versatility of this saber saw is its main characteristic since it is capable of cutting any type of material so now if you are going to be able to carry out your DIY projects.

Its motor has a power of 1010 watts with which you can make cuts with a fairly high precision .

Its vibration is quite minimal and its weight is 4.54 kg which makes it manageable and practical to work at ease.

On the other hand, it has a frontal air outlet function and hermetic closure that prevent the entry of dust, to extend the useful life of this tool.

To change the blade you will not need any type of extra tool , you can do it yourself easily, safely and quickly.

  • Its grip is ergonomic and non-slip.

  • Fairly high dust protection.

  • High performance and durability.

  • For some the power may be a bit low.

4. BOSCH Power Tools Jig Saws – JS470E

BOSCH Power Tools Jig Saws - JS470E

We have come up with one of our favorites, the Tacklife 850 watt saber saw. This reciprocating saw features an 850-watt motor that enables efficient and fast cuts, ideal for cutting 180mm wood, metal such as 10mm lightweight aluminum. In addition, you have an integrated LED light that gives you optimal vision when making the cuts.

With it you can carry out cuts in materials such as wood, plastics, metal sheet, and you can even be part of the gardening of your house by cutting branches and small tree trunks.

The versatility and practicality of this saber saw increase the level thanks to its rotating handle, which is activated by pressing the button on the saw, its rotation is 90 ° on both the left and right sides which gives you greater flexibility and you will allow you to reach those most difficult places.

You do not have to worry so much about changing the blade since you can change it yourself just by turning the base of the saw, you can insert the blade directly without using extra tools . With its lever system you can adjust the position of the frame of the saber saw for cutting blades of different lengths.

  • Includes two cutting blades or 150 blades.

  • Includes briefcase to transport it.

  • Light

  • Rubber grip and anti-vibration handle.

  • In general, this saw does not have negative comments from the audience.

5. Dewalt DWE305PK-QS

Dewalt DWE305PK-QS

We have finally reached the end of our ranking of the best saber saws on the market. The DEWALT DWE305PK-QS saber saw this small saw has a powerful 1100 watt motor ideal for cutting aerated concrete blocks and steel tubes.

Its size is quite small , it measures around 50.5 x 11 x 26 cm and its weight is 5.12 kg which makes it practical and manageable when working.

The blade change is quite simple and you do not need a key or extra tool to change it, in addition, it has four positioning positions for the cutting blade that gives you greater cutting capacity.

It is ideal for electricians, plumbers, builders and DIY enthusiasts .

  • Includes briefcase.

  • Ideal for those looking to cut hard materials.

  • In general, this saw does not have negative comments from the audience.

What is a saber saw and what is it for?

Reciprocating saws are great for construction, landscaping, and general carpentry. These powerful machines were released in order to offer an intermediate alternative between traditional saws and fabulous chainsaws .

These saber saws are ideal for those times when the work to be carried out requires a slightly greater thrust than that of a normal saw.

What do you need to know to buy a saber saw?

Keep in mind that before acquiring your saber saw or electric saw you must, first of all, be clear about the use that you are going to give it .

Sometimes, to save a few euros, we choose the first cheapest option without first looking at the others and we end up disappointed. For that reason, we recommend that you study all the options well before going for the first one you see.

Likewise, before buying your saber saw you must take into account a series of factors or characteristics that are essential and that we are going to list below:

Power: it is one of the main characteristics since the efficiency of the machine will depend on this. Remember that the power varies between the different models, which can translate into: the higher the power, the higher the quality and capacity of the cut will be .

You don’t necessarily have to buy the one with the highest power, remember that everything will depend on the utility you are going to give it or the work you want to do.

Speed: Like power, speed also varies depending on the model. In most saws (whether saber or not) it is very important that they have a good cutting speed since depending on the speed or speeds that your saw has, you can cut different types of materials.

Generally, the higher speed is used for softer materials, while the slower speeds are for harder materials such as metal.

Ergonomic design: Your comfort when working is important, so you should pay attention to the ergonomic design of this, since it must adapt to your needs and must be comfortable and manageable.

Take into account details such as the anti-vibration system , the grip of the handle and its weight ; One that is not too heavy is recommended so that you do not get tired and fatigued so quickly and you can do your work in good time.

Blades: the cutting blades or blades are the fundamental accessory and the one that users pay most attention to when buying the saw, if they are quick-insert or if they need some type of extra tool to be able to change them.

The diameter, number of teeth and material with which they have been manufactured are details that you must take into account when you go to buy your saw.

Cutting capacity: It is another point to take into account that you must keep in mind, look at the technical sheet of the saw to know the depth of cut that it has. In the saber saws the minimum in wood is 10 mm and in metal at least 1 cm.

What saber saw do you recommend depending on the use?

The number one rule before purchasing your saw is to be very clear about the use that you are going to give it . Yes, we have already told you, but that is where the decision you will make starts from there. Take into account your needs and tastes and the type of work you want to do.

If you are a professional, the best thing is always that you opt for a professional use saber saw , since these are much better equipped and have a higher resistance than those for domestic use since they have been manufactured to withstand long working hours and resist blows.

If your job requires a machine that is resistant and with high performance , professional saber saws are your best option.

Now, if you consider yourself an amateur , DIY lover who occasionally likes to renovate and restore things, s ierras saber household may be what you need .

You can choose an electric saber saw that has cables that you can plug in or you can buy one that is wireless , everything will depend on the use you are going to give it and also your tastes and preferences.

Remember that this type of saw is recommended for plumbers, electricians, builders and DIY enthusiasts and also for doing some gardening work at home .

Where to buy a saber saw?

Saber saws or electric saws are a type of tool that are considered essential for those jobs where some type of cut is required. More and more people are acquiring these tools to carry out small projects in their homes.

If you are looking to purchase one of these saws and don’t know where to buy it, we recommend Amazon.

Why Amazon? Amazon is one of the largest online buying and selling platforms in the world , it is a true monster of online stores and if you want to save time and energy, online shopping is best.

You do not need to be an expert to be able to buy on Amazon since it is a very friendly and easy-to-use platform . In it you can compare brands, prices and comments from users who have previously purchased the tool.

The wide range of products that Amazon offers is really very extensive since it brings together the best brands from all over the world in tools, it has something for all tastes and sometimes it tends to release the occasional offer and promotions that are undoubtedly the best option when it comes to Saving a little money is about and not only that, it also has another series of advantages that we would like to mention:

Customer service: the service at Amazon is undoubtedly one of the best, they solve your questions in time and the return policy they have is quite good.

Shipping time : Amazon shipping times are quite good, depending on the area where you live, your purchases can arrive in less than 2 hours.

You can read the opinions and evaluations of the products: It is always good to know the experience that other people have had with the products, before purchasing them on this platform.

The service is good and its payment method is easy and comfortable and in case you have any inconvenience or problem with your product and you want to return it, there is no problem.
In Ser Un Handyman you can find the best saber saws so that you can choose the most suitable for your work.

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