Best Black and Decker Chainsaws

The chainsaw brand Black and Decker is one of the specialists in power tools and also has very good battery-powered models in its catalog. And it is that in addition to offering great performance, they combine good power with a really cheap price if we compare their chainsaws with those of the rest of the brands in the sector. Another aspect to highlight is that the brand

To help you give your ideal electric, battery or telescopic Black and Decker chainsaw, in this guide you have available a detailed analysis with the best features and strengths of each one.


BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw

The BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw Electric Chainsaw is one of the brand’s highest rated chainsaws and is specially designed for demanding cutting tasks . It is also very easy to assemble and handle.

The most outstanding technical data of this tool are its power of 2200 W, a chain speed of 12.5 m / s that offers a fast cut and its 45 cm long bar . The weight of the chainsaw is 5.66 kg, some users may find it a bit heavy when working.

It has a low backlash chain that guarantees a very smooth and fast cut in wet and dry woods and the lubrication of the chain is automatic thanks to the system it incorporates preventing wear and improving cutting efficiency .

It is a very comfortable chainsaw to use as it has an anti-vibration system and an ergonomic rear handle to facilitate the user’s work avoiding unnecessary efforts or bad posture. In addition, its chain brake system acts in just 0.15 seconds so it is very safe. It should also be noted the large capacity of its oil tank and its easy filling system that avoids any type of spillage . Finally, chain tensioning can be done without the use of tools allowing quick and easy adjustment.

  • Great Electric Chainsaw – It is one of the best Black & Decker electric chainsaws and one of the most valued.

  • Good performance – It has a power of 2200W, a chain speed of 12.5m / s, and a 45cm long bar.
  • Comfortable and easy to use – It has an anti-vibration system, ergonomic design, and an easy-fill oil system.
  • Well, Equipped – Features chain brake system, automatic oil lubrication, and tool-free chain tensioning.

  • Corded – You will need a nearby electrical outlet or have a good extension cord.



This model is very similar to the previous one but has somewhat lower performance. The BLACK+DECKER 40V Max chainsaw is perfect for all kinds of tasks for both individuals and professionals .

Compared to the CS2245, this chainsaw has the same chain speed of 12.5 m / s but its power and bar length are lower . In this case the power is 2000W and the sword is 40 cm long. Regarding its weight, it is 5.5 kg and therefore somewhat lower than the first model.

In its favor, it plays that it has a lower weight and that it is lighter when using it . Regarding the equipment, it has the same characteristics, the lubrication of the chain is automatic and the chain has a low backlash to offer a smooth and very fast cut in wet and dry logs.

It is also equipped with the classic chain brake to prevent any kickback that is activated automatically in just 0.15 seconds . It has the brand’s easy-fill oil system and the tank has a capacity of 200 ml. In short, it is very comfortable and ergonomic to use thanks to its anti-vibration system and it has a slightly lower price than the previous model, making it one of the best Black Decker electric chainsaws.

  • Electric model top sales – It is one of the most versatile and most demanded electric chainsaws of the brand.

  • Very complete – It has a power of 2000W, a chain speed of 12.5m / s and a bar of 40cm in length.
  • Great equipment – It has automatic chain lubrication, chain brake, anti-vibration system, 200ml oil tank and ergonomic rear handle.
  • Very economical price – It has a slightly cheaper price than the previous model.
  • Intermediate model – It is 200W less powerful and has 5cm less bar than the CS2245 chainsaw.

3. BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw

Having seen two of the best electric models, thisBLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw is perfect for simple jobs such as pruning, cutting firewood and tasks that are not long and intense.

The most relevant characteristics of this tool are its 18V 2.0AH lithium battery and its 25 cm long bar . It also has a comfortable grip, is very easy to handle and is light since it only weighs 3.1 kg .

Although any gasoline model is more powerful and faster, the advantages of this Black & Decker cordless chainsaw is that it makes almost no noise, it is very manageable, ecological, it does not need cables and there is no need to be aware of fuel either .

Among its equipment stands out its very simple oil system and without leaks together with the usual chain tensioning without tools to make the necessary adjustments easily and quickly. Finally, we must also emphasize that it is possible to buy the chainsaw without the battery in the event that you already have one or prefer to purchase it separately.

  • For Pruning and Chopping Firewood – Battery-powered Black Decker Chainsaw perfect for small tasks like cutting firewood or pruning.

  • With battery and charger – The pack includes an 18V 2.0AH lithium battery and has a 25 cm long bar.
  • Without cables, noise or emissions – It is a tool that works without cables, silent and ecological since it does not pollute or produce any type of emission.
  • Light and handy – It only weighs 3.1kg making it a very handy and light chainsaw.
  • Charging time – Battery charging may be a bit slow.



If the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw model is a bit too short for you, this 36V battery Black & Decker chainsaw is perfect for keeping your yard in peak condition as it offers more power and range .

Among the most notable features of this tool are its 36V lithium battery, a 30 cm long bar and a chain speed of 5 m / s . It is also a very light and handy chainsaw thanks to its weight of only 3.8 kg .

Forget about cables and fuel thanks to long-lasting lithium batteries that provide constant power. And it is that it has a fast charge to have it ready in just 70 minutes and it is possible to make up to 560 cuts of 3.5 cm per charge .

Also noteworthy among its equipment is the oil system without leaks, a great ergonomic design, and its comfortable grip. As usual, the tensioning of the chain can be done without any tools and adjusted quickly. One of the aspects that you have to take into account is that you can also buy the chainsaw without a battery or charger in the event that you already have a compatible accessory of the brand.

  • Ideal for short jobs – It is a perfect cordless chainsaw for short jobs that are not too intense.

  • Good performance -It has a 30 cm long bar and a chain speed of 5 m / s.
  • With battery, silent and ecological – It is a silent, ecological and cordless tool that provides good autonomy.
  • Light and easy to use – Its weight is 3.8 kg and therefore it is very light and handy.

  • Somewhat high price – As is common with cordless chainsaws, its price is higher due to the batteries and charger.

5. Black & Decker LCS1240R 40V MAX Lithium

Black & Decker LCS1240R 40V MAX Lithium

Do you need a chainsaw for pruning at height? The Black & Decker LCS1240R 40V MAX Lithium chainsaw is perfect for pruning all kinds of branches of medium trees, olive trees and fruit trees . And it is one of the best in its range and it is very light and comfortable to use.

The most important technical data of this chainsaw are its 18V 2.0 Ah lithium battery and a 20 cm long bar ideal for branch cutting and other applications. It weighs only 3.7 kg so it is very handy and easy to use .

It has a central extension that provides a length of use of about 2 or 3 meters reaching up to 4.5 meters above the head . In addition, thanks to its non-slip grip, it can be controlled comfortably.

One fact that you should keep in mind is that you will need to buy specific oil for the chain if you do not have it at home since you have to add a little from time to time. The only downside is this, that it is not equipped with an automatic oil pump .

It should also be noted that the pack includes both the battery and the charger and that it can be disassembled for easy transport and storage . So forget about cables and go for this cordless Black Decker chainsaw! As a final note, in case you prefer a telescopic Black Decker chainsaw that does not work with batteries, the PS7525-QS model is a very interesting alternative that you should use connected to the current and with an extension cord .

  • Ideal for pruning – It is a Black Decker pole chainsaw perfect for pruning at height.
  • Light and powerful – It works with an 18V 2.0Ah lithium battery, has a 20cm bar, and weighs only 3.7kg.
  • Telescopic pole – Its central extension provides an extra length of 2-3 meters reaching 4.5m above the head.
  • With battery and charger – The pack includes a lithium battery, a charger, and a chrome chain.
  • Manual Lubrication – This chainsaw does not have an automatic chain oil pump.

Best Black and Decker Chainsaws – Buying Guide

Here the catalog of Black and Decker chainsaws is not that extensive compared to other brands, it has very good electric and battery models that offer great performance at a more than interesting price.

Among its models, it has electric, battery, and telescopic chainsaws. Therefore, the only thing missing from the brand’s catalog is that there is no Black Decker gasoline chainsaw.

Tips for choosing the best Black & Decker chainsaw based on your needs

The guidelines to follow to make a good purchase are very simple but it is important that you take them into account:

  • Collect all the information you can from several different sites and the models that best suit your needs.
  • Compare the characteristics, benefits, and technical data of each one. To do this, check the technical sheets of the Black and Decker chainsaws that interest you and make a list of the pros and cons of each one.
  • Read the reviews of other users and see their ratings. In this way, you will be able to get a much more complete idea of ​​each model and it will help you to have a more formed idea.
  • Check the price they have in various online or physical stores. This point is important because on many occasions the price tends to vary from one establishment to another.
  • Once you’ve chosen, try to take advantage of an offer or discount. For many years it is no longer necessary to wait for sales dates because practically all sales
  • Take advantage of the offers to buy a Black + Decker chainsaw at the best price!
  • It is important that you are attentive to any promotion or discount that may come out to find a good offer and thus buy your Black and Decker chainsaw cheap and save some money.

Although there are usually sales in specialized stores at designated times, it is much more common to find offers on Black and Decker chainsaws on Amazon and similar platforms at any time of the year.

Black & Decker Chainsaws: Opinions of Other Buyers

Once you have read all the available information and have narrowed your search, it is recommended that you consult the opinions about Black and Decker chainsaws of other users.

On platforms such as Amazon, the comment system is very useful since you will find ratings and reviews of people who have already bought that chainsaw and can give their first-hand opinion about its operation and characteristics.

In addition, in many videos, you can also expand the information and learn more about your model so that you can get an even better and more complete opinion of the Black and Decker chainsaw.

How much are Black and Decker chainsaws priced?

You also have to keep in mind that the price of a Black and Decker chainsaw can vary from one store to another and it is normal since the shipping costs and the destination of the distributors varies. In addition there may be promotions or discounts.

Taking a look at the brand’s product catalog, the prices of Black and Decker chainsaws can range from around a hundred euros to more than triple in the case of the more expensive models.

Top sales: discover the best-selling Black + Decker chainsaws

Do you want to see other interesting models of the brand? In this section, you have a gallery with the Black + Decker chainsaws that are selling the most today.

And finally, another option that you probably had not contemplated is trying to find a used Black and Decker chainsaw that is worthwhile . This is usually complicated and it is easier to find a model in a physical or spare parts store than in the second-hand websites that are so fashionable.

Without a doubt, the best option is still to buy new Black and Decker chainsaws to ensure that you have the corresponding guarantee and that you are covered for any replacement or return.

Parts for Black and Decker chainsaws

One of the advantages of betting on a recognized brand is that when you have to look for a part or replacement, you will be able to find it without major problems both in specialized stores and on Amazon and similar platforms.

In this case, in the following gallery you have both accessories and spare parts for Black and Decker chainsaws. In addition, on the brand’s own page you have a list with all the components you may need.

Do you need a bar or chain for your Black and Decker chainsaw?

It is also recommended that you take a look at the manual for your Black & Decker chainsaw to be even more sure.

Finally, if you are going to cut your Black and Decker chainsaw, have the user guide at hand and consult the videos or the technical service for any questions you may have .

Best Oil for Black and Decker Electric Chainsaw

If you want an excellent product, there is no better oil for Black and Decker chainsaws than the brand itself. You also have other cheaper alternatives

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