Best Echo Chainsaws

The Echo chainsaw brand has almost fifty models and is one of the most prominent brands on the market.

And if you are looking for a good chainsaw for pruning, felling or cutting firewood, the Echo brand is a very good choice thanks to the quality and performance of its gasoline chainsaws .

In order to help you find the Echo chainsaw that best suits your needs, in this guide you can see a complete analysis of the best tools of the brand with all its characteristics and benefits.

What information will you find in this guide?

  • TOP 5: The 5 Best Echo Chainsaws
  • Comparison: Which is the best Echo chainsaw?
  • Tips and buying guide
  • The best-selling Echo chainsaws

1. Echo CS 281 WES – Best Echo Chainsaws

Echo CS 281 WES

The Echo 281 chainsaw is a model designed to perform professional pruning tasks with great power and with a very low emission level. The most important technical data of this tool are its displacement of 26.9 cm3, a power of 1.48cv and its 30 cm long bar .

And is that this Echo pruning chainsaw has a professional two-stroke engine and an easy-start ES Start system capable of offering great power and perfect performance . It also has CDI digital ignition to improve the behavior of the tool.

It is a lightweight chainsaw that weighs just 3.1 kg with double chain brake and incorporates an adjustable grease pump that allows the user to control the oil flow. It also has a side chain tensioner and an easily accessible two-piece G-Force air filter.

As for the rest of the equipment, we must highlight its gasoline primer, the automatic return of the choke, the cover for the sword that is included and of course the anti-vibration system that facilitates the user’s work. Without a doubt, within the Echo pruning chainsaws, this is one of the best options.

  • Perfect for pruning – It is a lightweight and easy-to-use professional pruning chainsaw.

  • Good performance – It has a power of 1.48cv with a displacement of 26.9 cm3 and a sword with a length of 30 cm.

  • Easy Start & Digital Ignition – Features a powerful engine, Es-Start starting system, and CDI digital ignition system.

  • Great equipment – It is also equipped with an anti-vibration system, inertial chain brake, side chain tensioner, automatic greasing, automatic choke return, etc.

  • Here are more powerful pruning models – The brand has other models for pruning work that have greater power and displacement.

2. Echo CS 310

Echo CS 310

As with the previous model, the Echo CS 310 chainsaw is one of the best-selling of the brand. It stands out for its versatility, its great price and it is one of the companies that has the most sales every year . It is a very good option for individuals and owners of farms or small plots.

The engine features an Es-Start easy starting system and Digitized Magneto ignition that ensure effortless and safe starting. Among the most important technical data are its displacement of 30.5 cm3, a power of 1.51 hp and a sword with 35 cm in length for a total weight of 4 kg.

It is also EUST5 certified, which means a reduction in emissions and savings in fuel consumption . In addition, the anti-vibration system allows the user to work in a more comfortable way. Regarding the rest of the equipment, the professional adjustable grease pump, the inertial chain brake, the G-Force pre-filtering system and the antifreeze system stand out to be able to work all year round. Finally, it has a lateral access system to the chain tensioner that facilitates its adjustment.

  • Value for money – It is one of the most complete chainsaws with a great value for money.

  • Very versatile – Perfect for individuals and farm owners looking for a tool for maintenance work

  • Optimal performance – It has a displacement of 30.5 cm3, power of 1.51cv, a sword of 35cm and weighs 4 kg.

  • Well-equipped model – Equipped with CDI digital ignition system, ES-Start easy start, G-Force air filter, anti-vibration system, inertia chain brake, adjustable automatic greasing and a bar cover.

  • There are more powerful models – There are more powerful models of the brand but they are designed for professionals and have a higher price.

3. Echo CS 352

Echo CS 352

In third place we have one of the most complete and versatile chainsaws of the brand. And the Echo CS 352 chainsaw has an unbeatable price / performance ratio and is perfect for individuals who maintain their garden or orchard and owners of small farms.

The most important technical data for this tool are its 34 cm3 displacement, 1.78 hp power and a 35 cm long bar . The engine features an Es Start easy starting system, Digitized Magneto ignition and a fuel primer that ensure effortless , easy and safe starting .

Also noteworthy are its 0.25-liter fuel tank, the double anchor inertia chain brake, its side chain tensioner and its automatic and adjustable lubrication system.

It is designed with a very effective anti-vibration system and equipped with an integrated choke, a G-Force pre-filtration system and a high-density screen. It weighs 4 kg and is a very handy and easy-to-use tool. Finally, it should be noted that this chainsaw is very easy to maintain due to its accessible cover and the design of its air filter. In addition, its EUST5 certification guarantees very low emissions.

  • Complete and economical – It is a very complete, versatile, and economical chainsaw. Perfect for individuals.

  • Good power – It has a 35 cm bar, 1.78 hp power, and a 34 cc displacement.

  • Easy to start and operate – Easy start system ES-Start and Digitized Magneto ignition.

  • Top equipment – It is equipped with an anti-vibration system, inertia chain brake, chain tensioner, automatic and adjustable lubrication, bar cover and G-Force filters.

  • Intermediate model – There are other models for specific jobs and also more powerful chainsaws.

4. ECHO CS-271T


The penultimate of the models analyzed is the Echo 420 chainsaw, a balanced and manageable machine perfect for carrying out multiple jobs with little effort and maximum quality .

Reviewing its technical data sheet , its 40.2 cm3 displacement, a power of 2.18 hp and a sword with 38 cm in length for a total weight of 4.6 kg stand out.

It features an engine with an Es Start easy start system, CDI digital ignition and fuel primer for easy, safe and effortless starting . In addition, maintenance is very easy due to the accessible cover and its two-piece air filter.

It has a vibration reduction system to improve user comfort while working and a great weight-to-power ratio for ideal handling. Finally, it should be noted that it has a double chain brake, an inertial chain brake, an adjustable grease pump that is actuated by the clutch and a G.-Force pre-filtering system to reduce the exposure of the engine to dust and debris. .

  • Powerful and balanced – It is a very powerful, balanced, and manageable model.

  • Good size sword – It has a displacement of 40.2 cm3, a power of 2.18 hp, and a 38 cm long sword.

  • Efficient Engine – Engine with easy start, Digitized Magneto ignition, and catalyst that reduces CO emissions.

  • Good accessories – It is equipped with an access cover, two-piece air filter, gasoline primer, anti-vibration system, inertia chain brake, automatic and adjustable greasing system, and sheath for the sword included in the pack.

  • Somewhat heavy – Being the most powerful chainsaw of the five, it is also the heaviest with a total weight of 4.6 kg.

5. Echo Chain Saw

Echo Chain Saw

Looking for a small Echo chainsaw? This model manufactured for pruning work is one of the lightest on the market with a weight of 2.3 kg and the most powerful in its category .

Thanks to its professional 25 cm3 2-stroke engine, it guarantees perfect working power, which, together with its 1.51 hp and its 25 cm long bar, makes it the ideal candidate . It has a CDI digital ignition system, gasoline primer and ES-Start easy start system.

The Echo CS 2511 TES chainsaw comes equipped with a spring-loaded anti-vibration system, retractable clamping ring, automatic return choke, and a professional, adjustable , clutch-actuated grease pump .

Also noteworthy is its design that facilitates pruning between branches and that it has great maneuverability due to its ergonomic handlebar and that the control knobs are grouped together. Finally, this chainsaw is equipped with a G-Force air filter, a double anchor inertia chain brake, a side chain tensioner, and a sheath for the bar is also included in the pack.

  • One of the lightest – It is one of the lightest pruning chainsaws on the market.

  • Professional pruning chainsaw – It is a professional Echo chainsaw and stands out for its great maneuverability and has an ergonomic handlebar and grouped control knobs.

  • 2T Engine – It has a 25cm3 2T engine, 1.51hp power and a 25cm long bar.

  • Good equipment – Equipped with CDI digital ignition system, ES-Start easy start, anti-vibration, clamping ring, ergonomic handlebar, chain brake, side tensioner, sword holster, etc.

  • Specific for pruning – It is specially designed for pruning tasks. There are other more powerful chainsaws with a larger bar for other types of work.

Best Echo Chainsaw – Buying Guide

The Echo chainsaw catalog is quite extensive and offers tools of all kinds. For this reason, it is important that you are clear about the aspects that you should take into account when comparing various models.


Among the most interesting recommendations, the first thing that you have to be clear about is the use that you are going to give the chainsaw . And it is that a specific model for pruning has nothing to do with other much more powerful chainsaws with long blades.

In addition, depending on your tastes and possibilities, you can also think about purchasing an electric chainsaw or one that goes with batteries . Although in the case of the Echo brand the most prominent models are gasoline, it is an option that is always there.

It is also useful to know the opinions of other users by reading their comments and evaluations both on the official website and on online sales pages such as Amazon and the like.

How much are Echo chainsaws priced?

Due to the variety of Echo chainsaws , their prices have a very wide range . You also have to bear in mind that the price of an Echo chainsaw may vary depending on the online store, the distributors or the shipping costs.

The cheapest chainsaws are multipurpose and some electric model from 200 euros and as often happens, the most expensive are forestry that can reach 1000 euros.

Take advantage of the offers to buy an Echo chainsaw at the best price!
A good opportunity to save some money and buy a cheap Echo chainsaw is to wait for a promotion or discount to come out .

And in case you are not in a hurry, you can always wait for the sales period. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on the best deals on Echo chainsaws on Amazon!

Echo Chainsaws: Opinions of Other Buyers
Which one do I go for, an Echo or Stihl Chainsaw? Most people doubt which model to choose and for this reason it is important that you read and inform yourself about each of the brands and their chainsaws.

In addition to the guides themselves, the comments and reviews left by other people who have already bought your chainsaw are very useful . One of the best tips is that you do not hesitate to consult them and ask the seller any questions you have.

Types of Echo chainsaws

The Echo brand has a wide variety of chainsaws, among which its pruning and multi-purpose models stand out, ideal for any job and designed for individuals and professionals.

In addition, they have several forestries, height, electric, and battery tools although they are not among the most demanded. In case you are looking for a forestry Echo chainsaw, the most valued models are CS 365, CS 390, CS 501, and CS 620.

Top sales: discover the best-selling Echo chainsaws

To give you an idea, these are the models that the Echo brand sells the most. And it is that in many occasions this type of rankings are very useful both to know new chainsaws of the brand and to take into account the opinions of other people.

Before finishing, an alternative option is to look for a used Echo chainsaw on second-hand sites such as Milanuncios or similar websites. Although it’s often tricky, you may find a used Echo chainsaw worth your while.

However, it is usually best to buy new Echo chainsaws so that you can secure any fixes during the warranty period or return it if you are not satisfied with the product. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a look at the brand’s own official website .

Echo Chainsaw Parts

Do you need a bar or chain for your Echo chainsaw? In addition to being able to buy from their website, you can also find a multitude of spare parts for Echo chainsaws from other compatible brands.

Bars and chains for Echo chainsaws
Here are some examples of spare parts that can be used with the models seen above.

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