Best Einhell Chainsaws

The Einhell chainsaw brand is one of the most affordable on the market and has an extensive catalog made up of several very interesting models.And you can find a wide variety of electric chainsaws , battery, gasoline and telescopic models.

In addition, they stand out for their great value for money and for offering very good performance over the years.In this guide, you have at your disposal an analysis of the performance and strengths of each Einhell chainsaw so that you can find the tool that best suits your needs.

1. Einhell Power X – Best Einhell Chainsaws

Einhell Power X

This first model is one of the best of the brand and is that this chainsaw is powerful, has a very simple handling and is perfect for sawing firewood, felling small trees, cutting and other similar tasks.

The most outstanding features of the Einhell Power X electric chainsaw are its 2200 W power, a 15 m / s cutting speed and a 40 cm long bar . In addition, the weight of the tool is 5.6 kg and the oil tank has a capacity of 150 ml.

It should also be noted that both the bar and the chain are from the Oregon brand, which means a great quality in the cut . To guarantee safety, the tool has a recoil protector with an immediate mechanical brake and a safety pin for the chain.

As for the rest of the equipment, the chainsaw has a soft start, the lubrication of the chain is automatic and the tensioning of the chain and the change of the same can be carried out without using any type of tool . Finally, it also has metal gear with very long service life, a metal claw stop and an ergonomic handle so that the user can work comfortably. In short, the best electric Einhell chainsaw you can find.

  • Economic price – It is the best electric chainsaw that the brand has thanks to its value for money.

  • Very versatile – This is a perfect tool for sawing wood, felling small trees, and limbing.
  • Good power – It has a power of 2200W, a chain speed of 15 m / s and a bar that is 40cm long.
  • Great equipment – The chain and bar are from the Oregon brand, it has an immediate mechanical brake, automatic chain lubrication, side chain tensioning, ergonomic handle, and metal claw stop.

  • Corded – A nearby electrical outlet and/or extension cord are required.

2. Einhell GE-GS 18 Li Solo

Einhell GE-GS 18 Li Solo

The second model is also an electric chainsaw, in this case somewhat less powerful than the first and therefore a little lighter, which allows greater maneuverability when cutting firewood and doing delimbing tasks or felling small trees.

Among the most relevant technical data of the Einhell 2040 electric chainsaw are its power of 2000 W, a cutting speed of 13.5 m / s and a bar with a length of 40 cm . In addition, the weight of the tool is 5.45 kg and the oil tank capacity is 160 ml.

It is important to note that the bar and chain are from the Oregon brand and therefore are of high quality and ensure an excellent cut . It is also equipped with a recoil protector with an immediate mechanical brake to ensure user safety.

Of the rest of the equipment, something fundamental is that the lubrication of the chain is automatic and has a sight glass to control the oil level . As for the tank, it has a large opening and a quick closure to avoid spillage. A couple of interesting details are that the power cord is shielded to alleviate the strain on the cord and it also has a safety pin . Finally, the built-in gear is made of robust metal and gives the tool a long useful life.

  • Powerful and easy to use – It is one of the best electric chainsaws and has good power and maneuverability.

  • Multi-purpose chainsaw – It is recommended for cutting firewood and small delimbing and felling of small diameter trees.
  • Good performance – It has a power of 2000W, a cutting speed of 13.5 m / s and a 40 cm long bar.
  • It has great equipment – Oregon brand chain and bar, tool-free chain tensioning, ergonomic handle, automatic chain lubrication, immediate chain brake, safety bolt and metal claw stop.

  • Intermediate Model – Has lower power and cutting speed than 2240.

3. Einhell GE-LC Power X

Einhell GE-LC Power X

After seeing a couple of electric models it is the turn of this powerful gasoline chainsaw that has been designed for cutting firewood and thinning, felling, and limbing trees. It is a very versatile and handy machine to carry out a wide variety of tasks.

The most relevant technical specifications of this chainsaw are its engine that offers a displacement of 41 ccs, a power of 1.7 hp, and its 35 cm long bar. In addition, it only has a weight of 5.5 kg and a capacity of the fuel and oil tanks of 260 and 210 ml respectively.

Undoubtedly, the Einhell gasoline chainsaw GC-PC has a fast and effortless starting system, digital ignition, and thanks to its crankshaft with bearings on both sides, vibrations are very low. As is customary for the brand, we must highlight its Oregon chain and bar, which are synonymous with quality in the cut.

In addition, this Einhell brand chainsaw is very safe since the chain can be tensioned and replaced without having to use tools and it has a chain brake capable of stopping it in a matter of milliseconds . Finally, its large and strong metal tip damper provides secure guidance while felling or cutting to size and is very useful as a pivot point when cutting flat logs.

  • For all kinds of tasks – This is a powerful and versatile gasoline chainsaw.

  • Much more powerful – It has a displacement of 41cc, a power of 1.7cv and a 35 cm long bar.
  • Oregon Components – The bar and chain are Oregon brand which guarantees very good cuts.
  • Very complete – It is equipped with an anti-vibration system, automatic chain lubrication, anti-return protection and immediate chain brake, digital ignition and quick start system.

  • Higher maintenance – It is louder than electric or battery models and has more maintenance in addition to the cost of fuel.

4. Einhell GE-LC Power X

Einhell GE-LC Power X

This Einhell chainsaw is perfect for cutting the highest branches of trees in a much more comfortable and fast way from the ground . With this tool you can easily prune the trees and fruit trees of your property.

Among the most notable technical data of this tool are its lightness , since it does not weigh four kilos, a cutting speed of 3.76 m / s and a bar with a length of 20 cm .

The telescopic handle can be adjusted to the required height between 880mm and 1840mm and the upper part rotates 90º and is essential for effortless cutting. It is also essential that both the motor head and main handle can be tilted in 7 and 4 positions respectively to fit the best position.

The Einhell GC-CL 18 Li T telescopic chainsaw is equipped with an Oregon brand bar and chain, has automatic chain lubrication and it is possible to tension and change the chain without having to use any type of tool. As a final note, this Einhell pruning chainsaw includes both the necessary 18V battery and charger. In the event that you already have them, you can also buy only the chainsaw.

  • Perfect for pruning – It is one of the best telescopic chainsaws in the range.

  • Rotating head – It has a 90º rotating auxiliary part, the motor head and the handle can be tilted and it has 7 and 4 different positions respectively.
  • Extendable and Handy – The length of the bar is 183 to 277 cm and it weighs 3.96 kg for easy handling.
  • With battery and charger – The pack includes the telescopic chainsaw together with an 18V lithium battery and a charger.

  • Specific use – It is exclusively for pruning work so it is not a good option for other tasks.

Best Einhell Chainsaw – Buying Guide

The Einhell chainsaw catalog has a wide variety of tools of all kinds with very good ratings. Whether you are looking for an electric chainsaw, gasoline, battery, or telescopic one, the brand has a model for you.

Below we have compiled a series of recommendations to make the search process as simple as possible .


The Einhell brand is one of the best for private users looking for a tool to help them with cutting tasks on their farm, orchard or garden. And it stands out for its cheap prices together with a very good quality of all its chainsaws.

Another aspect to highlight is that they have very good models both in the gasoline chainsaw categories, as well as in the electric ones, with battery and they even have two very good telescopic tools .

The main recommendations when buying a chainsaw are quite obvious . First of all, you must collect as much information as possible about various models that you find interesting.

Once this is done, compare the performance and technical data of each one . Check the opinions and reviews that there may be and see the evaluation that other users make of it.

When you are decided, check the prices in different stores both physical and online and be on the lookout for a good deal .

Take advantage of the offers to buy an Einhell chainsaw at the best price!
It is important that you look often in different stores to find a good deal to buy your cheapest Einhell chainsaw and in this way save some money.

In stores like Amazon, there are often offers on Einhell chainsaws and many other brands. They are promotions until certain units are sold out or for a few hours.

How much are Einhell chainsaws priced?

This is a fairly general question as it depends a lot on the type of chainsaw. You also have to bear in mind that the price of an Einhell chainsaw may vary from one store to another, either due to the distributor’s country, shipping costs, or any promotion that may exist.

Anyway, reviewing the brand’s catalog, the prices of Einhell chainsaws can range from just eighty euros to more than triple in some of the more expensive battery-powered models that include both the batteries and the charger.

Einhell Chainsaws: Opinions of Other Buyers

In addition to collecting all the possible information and knowing all the characteristics of the models that most attract your attention, it is important to know the opinions of the Einhell chainsaws that other users have left.

On platforms like Amazon, you can find a large number of comments and ratings of the brand’s most outstanding chainsaws. It is very possible that you will find some type of information that you had overlooked and you will get a much more complete opinion of the Einhell chainsaw that you want.

And finally, a different alternative is to try to find a used Einhell chainsaw that is in good condition . It is best to look in physical stores that sell spare parts or second-hand machines.

You can also take a look at a website dedicated to the sale of articles and tools in case they have an Einhell chainsaw for sale that may be worth it.

Generally, it will always be better to buy new Einhell chainsaws to be able to have a guarantee and not have problems if you have to replace a part or process a return.

Spare parts for Einhell chainsaws

One of the things that must be taken into account when buying a chainsaw is how easy it is to find spare parts and pieces for your model.

In this case, it is very easy to find spare parts for Einhell chainsaws and it is that in many of their models they incorporate both bars and chains of the Oregon brand .

If you are going to take apart your Einhell chainsaw to replace any part, make sure you have the manual or user guide that comes with the chainsaw nearby as it will help you. In any case, it is also recommended that you take a look at the official website of the brand.

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