Best Garland Chainsaws

The best Garland Chainsaws brand has become a good choice for all users, tools offer excellent value for money, and turn them can perform most of the tasks of the home for good get results and get good performance. These equipment have high-quality materials in their manufacture, they have gasoline and electric engines which have great power, even so, what really stands out about these chainsaws are their protection systems for the user and without a doubt that they are available to quite accessible prices.

The Garland chainsaw brand is one of the most prominent brands in the market and has several high-quality gasoline models .

In addition, unlike other brands, it also has several electric saws and pruning tools specially designed for this type of work. Therefore, if you are looking for a chainsaw with good performance and at an attractive price , Garland is an option to consider.

To help you have as much information as possible, in this guide you have available an analysis with the main characteristics and technical data of the best models . The goal is for you to find the Garland chainsaw that best suits what you are looking for.

1. Garland 40G-0111 – Best Garland Chainsaws

Garland 40G

The Garland chainsaw model 40G-0111 has an excellent two-stroke gasoline engine that has a great power of 3000 W ideal to obtain the best pruning results in just a few seconds, its chain has automatic lubrication in such a way that allows prolonging the useful life of the equipment and at the same time avoid having to carry out this task, it incorporates an easy starting system.

which makes sure to work the first time to avoid any effort, the engine has a displacement of 59 cc of two times making it clear that it is a high-end chainsaw.

In addition, this Garland chainsaw has a sword made of resistant materials which have a length of 50 centimeters, ideal for cutting large branches and for long-range feeling, it has a chain brake as a safety measure to provide the greatest protection to the user, As well as it also includes an anti-vibration system to obtain greater comfort while working.

The best thing about this chainsaw is that although it has great power, it only has an approximate weight of 5.8 kilograms, so it offers good maneuverability. Good chainsaw, meets expectations very well, thanks to the fact that it has a large sword allow it to have a good reach, even much greater than traditional saws that are made for gardening, its engine has great power, it is undoubtedly a fairly complete tool, very good buy, 100% recommended.

  • It has a gasoline engine with a power of 3000 W.

  • It has a chain brake as a safety measure.

  • His sword has a length of 50 cm .

  • It has automatic chain lubrication.

  • It has a weight of 5.8 kg .

  • It offers great maneuverability and a good reach.

  • It incorporates an anti vibration system.

  • 2-stroke engine with 59 cc displacement .

  • It has a simple starting system.

  • For some users, a chainsaw can be a bit uncomfortable.

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2. Garland 40G-0117

Garland 40G-0117

This Garland brand chainsaw model 40G-0117 has a two-stroke gasoline engine with a displacement of 45 cc and great power of 1700 W with which allows you to achieve optimal results, it has a chain of 72 links with a thickness of 0.058 that guarantee to be able to cut branches and trunks quickly.

it has an anti-vibration system that makes sure to completely reduce the annoying vibrations that the chainsaw produces while it is being used, in such a way that the user has greater comfort.

The Garland 40G-0117 chainsaw has an excellent bar that has a length of 45 centimeters that makes it the perfect tool for pruning and gardening thanks to its reach.

it also has an immediate chain brake when you feel movements in a kickback to provide greater protection to the user, as well as incorporates the automatic greasing function that ensures constant lubrication of the chain to provide long life to the equipment, best of all, this chainsaw has an easy start to avoid the effort.

It meets expectations, it is a chainsaw that is made with high-quality materials, it has a great power in its engine that allows you to achieve good results, its chain has a perfect size to carry out pruning work, in addition to having systems of user protection, fully recommended, it is a wise purchase.

  • It has a gasoline engine with 1700 W power.

  • His sword has a length of 45 cm.

  • It has an immediate chain brake.

  • It has an anti vibration system .

  • It has a weight of 5.3 kg .

  • 72 link chain.

  • It has automatic greasing for the chain.

  • It incorporates a simple starter to avoid effort.

  • Ideal for cutting branches, thanks to its reach.

  • It can be a bit heavy.

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3. Garland 40EL-0038

Garland 40EL-0038

The Garland 40EL-0038 chainsaw has a two-stroke electric motor with a 37 cc displacement which provides an excellent power of 2000 W that allows you to achieve good performance, it has an automatic lubrication system.

which is responsible for lubricating its bar and its chain constantly, in such a way that it guarantees a long useful life to the equipment, it has a chain brake that is activated when the chainsaw detects the recoil to avoid any accident that the user may suffer.

This chainsaw has a bar that has a length of 40 centimeters that makes it an ideal tool for chopping branches and for gardening, it also incorporates an anti-vibration system to avoid fatigue to the user while they are working, in such a way that You can have greater comfort.

As well as this Garland chainsaw has a Primer primer, which is responsible for pumping fuel to the carburetor to provide a better cold start, best of all, this machine has fairly lightweight, offering good maneuverability.

Good power, it is a high-quality chainsaw that allows performing different tasks, its two-stroke engine ensures optimal pruning results, it has an excellent weight that provides good maneuverability, it includes several systems that guarantee the safety of the user allowing to work in total peace of mind, it is a successful purchase.

  • Its engine is electric with a power of 2000 W .

  • It has a chain brake.

  • His sword has a length of 40 cm .

  • It has an approximate weight of 1 kg.

  • It has an anti-vibration system .

  • It has a primer.

  • It incorporates an automatic greasing system.

  • It is not a powerful chainsaw.

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4. Garland 40g-0100

_Garland 40g-0

The Garland chainsaw model 40g-0100 has a two-stroke gasoline engine that has a displacement of 37.2 cc and excellent power of 1500 W that will allow you to achieve the best results at home or giving it a professional use, its

The engine has a simple ignition system which is called primer in such a way that it favors the cold start of the chainsaw, it has a 57-link chain with an automatic braking system to ensure the protection of the user against any inconvenience during its operation. use.

This excellent chainsaw has a bar made of high-quality resistant materials that provide durability and long life, with a length of 35 centimeters that make it an ideal tool for all types of woodcuts, in addition, its oil pump is automatic.

in such a way that it provides constant lubrication to the chain and its bar, the best of all is that this machine offers great maneuverability thanks to its weight of only 4.2 kilograms, that is why it is considered as one of the best chainsaws of the Garland brand.

Excellent chainsaw, it is a machine that allows you to work calmly without much noise and with great power, it is designed to provide the greatest comfort to the user while it is being used, it has a high power motor and a good size bar that come together to perform the tasks perfectly, without a doubt a good purchase, 100% recommended.

  • It has a gasoline engine with a power of 1500 W .

  • It has an automatic oil pump.

  • His sword has a length of 35 cm .

  • It has a weight of 4.2 kg.

  • It has a simple starting system .

  • Incorporates primer primer device.

  • It has an automatic brake system.

  • It is a chainsaw with a compact design.

  • It is a bit awkward for some users.

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Our opinion on Garland brand chainsaws

The chainsaws of Garland brand has become one of the tools great choice for all users because their machines are manufactured with high-quality materials and have great power in their engines, they are ideal for gardening, of pruning and those professional tasks or simply to use it at home, also with them you can perform tasks of limbing, pruning and cutting those small logs to obtain firewood for when winter approaches, that is why having a chainsaw of this Brand is undoubtedly essential, either to give it a professional use or simply to use it at home, the best of all is that they have an anti-vibration system and a chain brake, to provide greater protection to the user.

However, it is not an easy task to choose a Garland chainsaw , since currently there is a wide variety of tools that offer the best performance and without a doubt each of them are high-end, it is for this reason that we have developed this guide, which contains the best chainsaws of this excellent brand today and thus you will have an idea of ​​which one to choose so that you have the most successful purchase possible.

What to look for when buying a Garland chainsaw

Garland is considered one of the best chainsaw brands today, that is why if you are looking for a model, you must take into account certain aspects that will help you have a successful purchase.

Your engine

The chainsaw Garland have a special feature, as most of its engines are 2 – stroke , so that fuel consumption is much lower, so it offers the possibility to work for periods of time longer and can reduce the gas emission.

Manufacturing materials

These chainsaws have affordable prices and even so they guarantee that their materials are of high performance and that at the same time they have a great value for money, which is why they stand out in the market. In addition to offering a guarantee.

Chainsaw Weight

The weight of the chainsaw is always an aspect to consider, since the lighter it is, the more comfortable it will be to use , most of the Garland brand chainsaws have completely lightweight, so that if you have little or a lot of experience in chainsaws, the ideal is that you acquire a light and compact tool, which offers great maneuverability.

Sword Length

This is another important aspect, the length of the bar is determined by the size of the trees to be cut, or the use that you are going to give it, in the case of chainsaws of this brand your bar can vary between 30 cm to 50 cm Acquiring a tool with a long sword guarantees the possibility of cutting large trees, although at the same time it is a bit more uncomfortable to use, while short bars do not work for large trees, however they weigh much less and are can handle easily.

Garland Chainsaw – Buying Guide

Currently the Garland chainsaw catalog has just over a dozen tools designed to meet the highest expectations.

So that you can choose the most appropriate one, below you have a series of recommendations that you should take into account when choosing a good model.

Discover all types of Garland chainsaws

Garland offers a few chainsaws for all types of jobs and conditions . They are equipped with the highest security measures and the new models are increasingly powerful, light and manageable.

Most of these models are gasoline or electric and some Garland battery chainsaw and some other type of telescopic tool are missing that could also be interesting.

It is important to note that there are some models such as the Garland Dakota 45 chainsaw, the Dakota 40 or the Arizona 54 gasoline chainsaw that the brand has stopped manufacturing in favor of other new tools. The same goes for the Garland Forest 38 chainsaw or the Bulk 42 which had such good opinions.


The recommendations for making a good purchase are quite generic. The first step is to inform yourself as much as possible and gather as much information as you can about the models that interest you.

Once this is done, compare the performance and technical data of each one. Read the comments and reviews of other users and check the ratings of the tools.

Finally, look at several stores, both physical and online, to find the best price and try to take advantage of an offer.

How much are Garland chainsaws priced?

The first thing you have to be clear about is that the price of a Garland chainsaw usually changes from one store to another due to shipping costs, dealer location or promotions that may exist.

In addition, depending on the type of chainsaw you want to buy, it will also be different since a gasoline model does not cost the same as a battery one.

Looking at the brand’s catalog you will see that the prices of Garland chainsaws can range from just 100 euros to about 350 euros for the most expensive models .

Take advantage of the offers to buy a Garland chainsaw at the best price!
It is important that you try to find a good deal to buy a cheap Garland chainsaw and thus save a little money.

In the event that you are not in a hurry and you can search calmly, from time to time there are usually promotions and discounts in stores like Amazon. Also, you can always wait for the sales to take advantage of the Garland chainsaw deals that come out.

Garland Chainsaws: Opinions of Other Buyers

Which is better, a Garland or Alpina chainsaw? Will I be right with this model? It is normal to have doubts and to make a good selection it is important to have as much information as possible .

In general, the opinions of Garland chainsaws are good as you can see in the comments and ratings made by other users on Amazon .

It is highly recommended that you read them and ask the sellers any questions if you cannot find the answer.

So that you have an opinion of the Garland chainsaw more trained, it is highly recommended that you watch some of the videos that the brand has uploaded to its YouTube channel.

Garland Chainsaw Parts

In principle, you should not have problems finding chains, bars and all kinds of spare parts for Garland chainsaws since they are sold in the vast majority of stores in the sector.

If in doubt, the first thing you should consult is the manual and the specifications before cutting your Garland chainsaw apart. You can also contact them from the Garland brand website or their technical service to answer your questions.

Garland Chainsaw Chains

Do you need a chain for your Garland chainsaw? The brand has original spare parts for all its models and therefore you should only consult the product sheet carefully to choose the correct spare part.

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